The Howl’s (2015) Film Explained

 The train ticket collector named Joe is shown as the movie starts.He was looking worried at that time.He expected to be promoted so it is the cause behind his worry.But he does not get promotion.Rather, one of his colleagues gets promoted. .Joe does not get promoted because he was not as expert in taking fine from passengers,As his colleague. Because his colleague was rigid by nature.And he had no difficulty to receive fine from passengers.Then there is girl named Ellen who is train tea-trolley girl.And Joe used to like her. But he never shared his feelings with her.Joe had to do a night shift tonight.Because his colleague was on leave for a cause.

Joe collects the passengers' ticket as the train starts its journey.There was a rude girl among the passengers whose behavior was not acceptable with Joe.Joe moves to take the ticket from another girl but she has no ticket.And Joe asks her to pay the fine.But that girl says, I had brought the ticket as per routine.And my ticket has lost somewhere. Then Joe says, You will have to pay fine at any rate!It is according to the travelling rules and you connote violate the rule.Joe holds his seat after collecting the tickets of all passengers.It was raining outside. Joe falls asleep while sitting on his seat.Train is halted. Train driver tells ,it has halted because there has been something wrong with the train.Coming outside the train, driver notices,That a deer is dead after being crushed under the train.

And it is the cause of the breaking down of a train.Driver tries to get the deer out from railway line.Then he senses someone's presence behind the bushes.When driver turns himself to check,Then bushes were swaying fastly. Then driver is attacked by a horrific animal.That animal's figure was revealing that it is not exactly an animal.But a "werewolf" which is half man and half wolf.It means , he was such a human being who has converted into a wolf.On the other side, Joe thinks in the train that diver had gone outside, a long time ago.And he still has not returned back.

Joe tries his best to explain to all passengers that train is out of order.And drive has not come back yet. Hearing him, all say that we should also go outside!One of the men says, It is quite possible that we may get connected with the network at a little distance.And we may call help for us. But Joe forbids them to do as such.Because it was perilous and his job may be at risk due to this.All passengers getting together force Joe to go outside.At last , he agrees with them.And he accompanies them without caring of his job.He opens the lock using his key.All passengers begin to come outside one by one as the train door opens.And they were gradually moving forward.Going at a distance, Joe discovers the dead body of driver.Driver's body had been mutilated. And his all intestines were appearing out.Joe and Ellen are frightened ,seeing it.And they understand that there is any horrible animal in the forest,Which has committed all this. And both flee from there.And they both ask all other passengers to board the train.They say, This place is not secure for them.But it is a perilous area. 

Then the howling of wolves is heard.And that "Werewolf" was moving towards them hurriedly while howling.The rest of passengers board the train one by one. But a lady's leg was still outside.Then Werewolf also reaches there. And it slams down that lady, lifting up.Anyhow, those passengers are able to bring inside that lady successfully.But she was injured badly because she has been bitten by "Werewolf".They immediately bandage her wound.All are afraid, witnessing her such condition.Joe contacts for help but gets no response.There was a self-centered boy.He tells everyone, There is a very dangerous animal outside. And we can also face them.And a lady bitten by "werewolf" says, It is not an animal,Because its figure is not like animals.But his figure is like the human beings.

 But all were not trusting her,Because they were thinking as this lady is in shock,  witnessing "Werewolf".So she is stating as such because of it.And they hear the sounds of someone on the opposite direction of train.And they understand instantly that "Werewolf" has entered the train cabin.Joe and 2 boys with him who proceed for checking,They come to know , this sound is coming from the lavatory.And there was a passenger in the lavatory.And the  lady's wound was getting worst who had been bitten by wolf.After a time, one of the  passengers' phone rings.And she was female passenger whose phone was ringing.Picking up the call, That girl begins to tell that we have caught in troubleAnd circumstances are unfavorable.Meanwhile, "Werewolf" brings that girl with him and puts her dead, breaking the train window.Being frightened , all take their seats.

An old man among those passengers instructs them, How will werewolf be coped.And how will it be faced? They hold the placed Axes.Using the heavy things of train, they seal the train's windows and doors.That lady has started acting mysteriously.Her husband takes water for her saying thanks to Joe.Then that lady vomits blood. And her teeth also dropped down as she vomits.That self-centred boy says, She is infected now because "werewolf has bitten her.And she will also be transformed into "Werewolf" after a time.They say, it is not as such!Being unwell, she is facing it.Suddenly Joe notices that a passenger is missing from there.He was the same who was in lavatory and he is also in the lavatory at this time.Going near the lavatory, Joe asks him to come out as soon as possible.Because "Werewolf " was exactly on the top of the train.Then that man in the lavatory does no get water while washing his hands.Suddenly, "Werewolf enters the train and it kills that man

Joe had come to rescue that man who is dead now.So Joe begins to move to other people while saving his life.But the door was locked. Here for the first time,Joe glimpses that "Werewolf" which was very horrific.He loses his sense, seeing him. And he is disturbed. "Werewolf" is nearly to attack Joe,All passengers save him while opening the door.And they immediately close the train door.Being sturdy, that "Werewolf" comes inside.Getting together, they all kill that horrific "Werewolf".They observe a worn ring in the hand of "Werewolf".They get an idea that this "werewolf" was human being before.And he turned into "werewolf" because of any reason.It means, he became " Werewolf" due to the  biting of any "werewolf".Then that self-centred reminds to all that "werewolf" had also bitten that lady.It means, she will also be transformed into the "werewolf.So we should put her end.Because she is infected. Then "werewolf" comes into life again.It begins to howl loudly.

 Joe who was wrathful kills "Werewolf", attacking its head.Hearing the howling, that lady starts acting mysteriously.Then a forest scene is shown.It is known,  there are many other same "werewolves" in the forest.That self-centred boy begins to kill that lady.Then all fastened him setting him aside.They also fasten that lady along with him.So she may not harm them after transforming into "werewolf".There is a boy who is mechanic. He says while talking about to start the train,There is oil leakage in the train so it has stopped.He says, I will go to repair that oil leakage with my friend.Train has repaired for a journey if the light is turned into green here.That mechanic and his friend go outside to repair the train.Finding the place of oil leakage, mechanic begins to repair it.That mechanic's friend hears the voice of someone in the forest.And that voice was indicating as someone is in disaster and asking for help.And that boy alone moves to that forest to help. That boy observes, Coming at a distance,On the tree, there was a dead body of a boy who had received a call.

And he was being eaten by "Werewolf".Then he begins to escape from there.And he is surrounded by "Werewolves".Killing it disastrously, they eat  him. Two "Werewolves" come near the train at that place,Where that mechanic was repairing the train.These "werewolves" peep under the train.And that mechanic folds his legs upward. He is out of sight because of this.Joe and Ellen notice in the train that green light has turned on.They quickly start the train and begin to leave from there.But they are unaware that mechanic is under the train.And that lady had transformed into the "werewolf" to the backbone.As being a "werewolf", that lady kills her husband at the first and eat him.

Then a girl who was without ticket goes at a place and stands while feeling fear.And a "werewolf" also catches him , coming from backside.And that self-centred boy leaves her in the hand of "werewolves" instead of helping her.Because he was not going to be impacted with the life or death of anyone.Now that wolf lady was about to attack that self-centred after her husband.But Joe saves his life coming from backside after killing that lady.There is again oil leakage of train by mechanic. 

It was mistakenly and train is halted.Ellen asks self-centred boy about that lady,who was thrown before werewolves by him.And he tells that she had become the victim of "Werewolf".Now Joe had rescued that self-centred boy.But he leaves creating havoc for them.Joe and Ellen are surrounded by "werewolves".At the exact time, mechanic burns the "werewolves" , using the fuel of the train.He rescues Joe and Ellen.Here both are saved but mechanic becomes the victim of "werewolves".Here Joe expresses his heart feeling to Ellen telling he is in love with her cordially.

He asks Ellen to flee from here.Being worried, Ellen was not ready to go after leaving Joe in this trouble.But she still leaves from there. Then "Werewolves" attack Joe.Ellen observes a badge of Joe's name , reaching  the station.Contrarily, that self-centred boy thinks as he is safe from those "werewolves".But he was wrong because "werewolves had arrived from the surroundings.Joe was one of them who had transformed into a werewolf.They all "werewolves" kill that self-centred boy after being a unit.And the movie completes with the death of him.

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