Blade 1+2+3 (2004) Film Explained

 Today the movie series I will explain is named Blade. I will explain its three parts. So at the start of part 1 of the film we see an injured girl. It seems like she is bitten by an animal. She delivers a baby there and he dies immediately. Then the scene shifts to the present. We see a vampire girl, she takes a normal boy to a vampire club. All vampires were about to suck that boy's blood. Meanwhile, a man named Blade comes there. He is the main character of this movie. He was half-human and half-vampire. But he has control over him and he hunts the vampires. Because he knows that Vampires do wrong tasks. And they shouldn't do this and he comes here for Vampire hunting. For this, he takes out his sword. After it, he takes out his gun and kills them one by one. One of the vampires named Quinn and was annoyed by Blade, he was moving forward to kill him. Meanwhile, Blade burns him. The police come there and they take Quinn, his body's blood sample was taken. A lady doctor comes to know that this blood is changed. It is not the blood of a normal human. She doesn't believe this, so she goes to see his dead body but there Quinn revived he bites a neck of a boy who was standing there. He also bites the neck of that lady doctor. Here is the entry of Blade again, He comes to take Quinn to finish him but the security stops him. When Blade sees the injured doctor he takes her to his companion. The injured lady doctor was bitten by that vampire. Blade's companion injects her an injection. It was made of garlic serum. So that girl will not turn into a vampire. It was their good trick. Blade also injects that serum in him. So that he can control himself. Because they think the garlic serum neutralizer the nature of vampires. It means it keeps them in control. On the other side, a meeting of vampires was going on. Their leader was scolding a vampire named Frost. Because it was wrong to suck the blood of humans in front of all. Frost used to do this. But he doesn't listen to him and leaves. Because it was going in his mind that he will rule vampires, and will do something from which he can rule on humans. Will become huge from them all. On another side, the lady doctor who was injected the injection, she comes to her senses. Blade's companion tells her, you have to take care of yourself. Otherwise, vampires will caught you. Because they have seen you and he also gives her garlic spray. Now Blade drops her. On another side, we see Frost he was recording the old vampire language. To become powerful. As I told you he wants to rule all. This was a method because none decode this language till today. Frost believes that he will do this. Then the vampire leader comes there. He forbids Frost and slaps him. But Frost sees him angrily that he goes from there being scared. Even he was the leader of the vampires. Don't know what was in Frost's eyes? A police officer come to the lady doctor, she was scared. Blade also comes there and he holds that officer. Because he has recognized that man  by his tattoo. That he is a companion of Frost. Bade was about to shoot him, That lady doctor stops his hand due to which that man escapes. Blade scolds her so she comes and sits in his car. That I don't know what's your problem with vampires? I even don't know how to face them. I will sit here with you because I am safe here. Now they keep an eye on him, he goes to the vampire club taking blood. Blade also follows him. He asks him about the secret door and then leave him. But Blade was in hurry. Because he has to see the further problems, now that man tells this to Frost. He comes in anger. He bites on that man's neck and sucks his blood, he kills him. The surprising thing was that Frost has decode that language. None has done this before. It means Frost's dream was now about to complete. On another side, we see Blade and that lady doctor, They have arrives the Vampire's library through the secret door. There they see a fat man. He was looking like some other creature. They torture him and burn his body. It means that a lady doctor throws the UV light on him. So that he will tell everything. Because he was the creature who helped Frost. To decode that language. Now that creature tells them, a time will come when after sacrificing 12 vampires, A God vampire will come, he will be powerful that you can't think to defeat him. Now they move from there, Frost sends his companions behind them. They were the vampires. They soon approach Blade and that lady doctor. But Blade was also talking with his friend. He calls him there immediately. He comes there and he saves therm while shooting them all. Now they return to their headquarters. The lady doctor asks about Blade from his friend. Her tells her I know Blade when he was a kid of 13 years. He comes to me then he was half-human and half-vampire. Because when he was about to born his mother was bitten by a vampire., Then I observed that the blood thirst is increasing in him. I start giving him that garlic serum. It showed a good effect. Now he is in control and then the lady doctor goes to Blade, and says that I know, your companion has told me everything. Blade says that yes, It is true and good also, because I will surely catch that vampire. The vampire who has done this to my mother. I will take revenge on him. On the other side, we see Frost who gathered all the vampire community. He says to them to bring the leader out in the sunlight. Because the vampires can't survive in the sunlight. They leave him there and move. The sun rays were affecting the leader of the vampires. He burns badly and dies. Now Frost's purpose was completed. He was the new leader of the vampire community. Then we see Blade and the lady doctor together, the lady doctor says that see what kind of Acid I found, she mixes it with the blood of the vampires. There was a blast. They become happy that It can work against vampires. Blade says to her that I am going to bring that garlic serum when Blade goes out. He meets Frost. You will be thinking that Frost came out even he is a Vampire why the sunlight doesn't affect him? Because he is very clever. He came out while putting the sunblock out. Here Frost blackmails Blade. Leave the getup of humans. You are a vampire and you can't change this fact. You have to come into our community. But Blade will not get agree so Frost goes to the headquarter, there were the companions of the lady doctor and the lady doctor. Frost beats that man and he was about to die. Then he takes that lady doctor with him. When Blade comes to the headquarter he sees there is none except for his wounded friend. He was feeling pain. He was suffering from a lot of pain that there is nothing left except committing suicide. That man asks Blade about his gun. At first, Blade doesn't give him but when he sees that he will feel more pain being alive. He turns to the other side while giving him his gun. Here we hear a voice from which we come to know that man killed himself. After it, Blade becomes sad. Because this man was a good friend of Blade. He was also like a family member to him. Here Blade receives a video message. That was from Frost's side and he calls him to meet. Blade also moves there because he wants to take revenge on Frost. When he goes there the companion of Frost starts firing him. Frost forbids them while saying that I want Blade alive. Because Frost wants to sacrifice him. So that God Vampire could come. The question is why Blade? Because Blade was so powerful. He can also come out in the daylight. Here while chasing Frost, Blade goes to a room. There he finds a lady who was laying. He stares at her. He comes to know she is none other than his mother. Even he didn't saw his mother, he calls her mother but that lady doesn't respond. Like she doesn't miss her son. Meanwhile, Frost comes there and he weirdly says to Blade, What are you seeing?? yes, I am that vampire who bites your mother. She didn't die but she was working for me. You think you are her son and for you, she will leave me. No this will not happen. She has no love in her heart for you. Then Frost holds Blade and that lady doctor. He locks Blade in a coffin due to it, he starts bleeding. Because he was injured. He was taken to the vampire temple there were 12 vampires to be sacrificed. Blade's blood falls on the forehead of the other vampires while traveling from Blade's place. One drop of his blood falls on Frost's head. After it, there was loud thunder. It falls on that temple. After it, the soul of those 12 vampires comes in Frost. He becomes more powerful and Frost's eyes were red here. On the other side, we see that lady doctor, she was thrown in a ditch and it was a deep place. There was her colleague who has become a vampire. He was about to attack her meanwhile, that lady doctor kills him and comes out. She comes to Blade and tries to save him but he is very weak. Here the lady doctor without caring about her life makes him suck her blood. After it, he becomes more powerful and strong. Then Blade's mother comes there who has become a bad vampire. Here Blade has understood that she is a bad lady. He kills her while biting on her neck. After it, Blade kills Quinn. Now he was behind Frost. Blade cuts Frost's hand. Also divides his body into two pieces. But it wasn't affecting Frost. Because he was so strong that none could kill him. Then Blade hits an idea about the acid the lady doctor showed him. Blade injects that acid into Frost. Due to it, he was blown. and he was blasted. Now Blade and that lady doctor come out of that vampire. Here Blade part 1 ends. Now I will explain Blade part 2. So at the start of the movie, we come to know that a new creature came after vampires. The creature was known as Reapers. That creature had the ability, they suck the blood of vampires as well as humans. They were strong. Vampires were also scared of reapers now. On another side, we see Blade who wasn't scared of Vampires. He competes with them. Then he asks a man where is my companion? the companion who is shown dead in Part 1. He has shot himself. But it was not like this, Vampires took him from there. Blade goes there and rescues him. He has also become a vampire. Blade injects a serum in him. Due to it, he turns into a normal human and seeing it, Blade feels happy. We also come to know when Blade feels his companion is dead, he hired a new boy. He helps him. To help with Vampires but when his old companion returns, he doesn't like that boy because he took his work. Then we see that they are working while sitting at a place. It means these two companions of Blade. Meanwhile, two vampires come there who have covered themselves. To protect from the UV rays. Blade's companion attacks them. But it doesn't affect them. They hit him. Blade comes there and he fights with them. They remove their masks and say we are not here to fight. We come here to solve the matter. Our leader has send us. He was firing on us that's why we wanted to take our revenge. They say to Blade that you also knew how badly reapers are spreading and attacking us. You also know this they also suck the blood of vampires as well as humans. Blade was really in angry on those reapers. He goes with them on their base. There he meets with the superior of the vampires. The girl who came to Blade was his daughter. Blade also sees a lawyer who was a human but works for them. There Blade was provided 4 vampires. They will remove those reapers with you. But Blade feels that those vampires are not so good. Because they were not strong like him. Then a vampire comes there and talks strangely. He says to Blade that you are not strong. They are just pretending to make you happy and Blade put a small device behind his head. That will be explode. He says to the other vampires that same will happen to you if you will not obey me. Hearing him, Vampires go to him with the vampire club. The Reapers were about to attack that place. All vampires take their position to kill the Reapers. But then a dangerous reaper comes there. He holds the daughter of the superior. Blade hits him with the silver blade. But the strange thing is that it doesn't affect him. Then a reaper bites a vampire among them. He changes into reaper. It means the reapers are so strong. On the other side, the junior companion of Blade was in the car. Meanwhile, the reaper comes inside while breaking the mirror of that van. That boy hurriedly turns on the UV light of his car. Due to which the reaper burns and dies. On the other side, Blade tells those vampires that it is the way to kill the Reapers. Attack them with UV light. They throw light on Reapers after breaking the mirror there, they begin to die one by one. Here the companions of Blade come. They tell them there is a reaper who becomes weak, They take him to this place and postmortem him. They come to know their weak point is in their heart. If we throw UV light where they can die immediately. Then Blade and his companions made a weapon. From which Uv rays can be thrown, a strong ray of UV light that Reapers will die immediately. The next day, Blade moves with his companions in search of the Reapers. Then we see the reapers kill badly the companion of Superior's daughter. Coming there, Blade saves Superior's daughter. They were in a tunnel. There were many other reapers. Here Blade asks them to turn on the UV lights, as the light turns on all the reapers die one by one. During this, the superior's daughter gets faint. Blade makes her suck his blood. After it, she comes to her senses and then the lawyer of the vampires comes. He makes Blade faint after giving him a shock. Now we see that Blade comes to his senses. His old companion was in front of him. He tells Blade that the reapers are the invention of Superior. He failed in an experiment and it reacted on him. Here the superior of the vampires want to get Blade's blood. So that the new species he has made while transferring Blade's blood, will make them better. The daughter of the superior also comes to know that it was the failed experiment of her father. It was done on none other than her brother it means the son of that superior. Hearing it, that girl becomes aggressive and leaves. Now Blade and his companion were at the place there was the vampire who was saying ill to that vampire. He was saying to him that You are not strong, Blade was noticing the device in his head it means the silver wasn't exploded yet. He asks his new companion, here he comes to know his companion was a deceiver. He knowingly made the silver blade that will not explode. Till when he himself explodes it. He was supporting the vampires. He also has that tattoo. Hearing it,  Blade comes in anger. Blade uses his powers, and that silver blade explodes. Due to it, that deceiver companion also dies. Here Blade also gets faint. The soldiers of the vampires take him to a place. There they were taking out his blood. The reaper also comes there who was the son of the superior. The companion of the Blade while escaping comes to them, While killing the people around he pushes Blade into a blood pool. So that he will drink blood and become strong. It happens the same, Blade becomes strong. He kills all the vampires also divides that Vampire into two pieces who teased him. Then we see that the vampire's superior was trying to escape from here. But his daughter has closed all the gates. Because she was aggressive with her father on this act. Meanwhile, the reaper, the brother of that girl comes there. He kills his father means the superior and his sister comes in front of him and says, Bite me. He bites his sister. It seems like he has lost his senses also, Blade comes there. He tries to kill that Reaper. But being strong, The reaper beats him more than him. He also breaks his sword but Blade doesn't lose courage. He attacks the reaper with the broken sword. That sword stabs in his heart. Because it was the weak point of the reapers. Due to it, he starts burning. Soon he turns into ashes. Here he is finished. Then he goes to Superior's daughter she was feeling pain. But she says to Blade, My last wish is to see the sun from my eyes. Blade takes her outside and in a few seconds, that girl turns into ashes and flew away. Part 2 of this movie series end here Now I will explain part 3. So at the start of this movie, we see some vampires they were searching for someone in a desert. But then someone comes into the desert and starts sucking their blood. And starts finishing them. Now we see Blade and he still does vampire hunting. And he kills the vampires with his silver sword. Then one more man comes in front of Blade. His teeth were like vampires so Blade also kills him with this weapon. But it doesn't affect him. Here it reveals that man wasn't a vampire. Who was he in real? Here that man removes his fake teeth. Those were looking like vampires. Here he trapped Blade. To distract him and after it, that man was killed. It was done so that Blade will trap and the police will arrest him. He kill a human instead for a vampire. Like this vampires will be spared. It means this was the planning of the vampires. Now Blade goes to his companion. He gives him one more serum and this will be effective for you. It means it will enhance your strength while decreasing your bloodthirst. It is prepared by a special man. We will know it later. Blade's companion warns him that be careful, you may come in police's vision. And vampires will rule the whole world. In the next scene, we see a girl. She was the girl who brought this thing in the desert. For the first time, we see the face of this thing. He is a vampire. But the first vampire of the world and the other vampires are made of his blood. He was sleeping in the desert and that girl wakes him up. He revives after sucking the blood of the vampires. That girl says to this senior vampoire that there is a boy named Blade. He is creating problems for all the vampires. If we will not have the blood we will be finished soon. That's why to do something soon. Then we some news reporters and police officers. They were talking about Blade who is a psycho killer. He enjoys to kill others. Or maybe he feels hallucinations that vampires are around him. He always kills him. When Blade's companion goes to takes the newspaper to see the news about him. He sees that someone is spying him. Then we see a girl on a deserted railway station. She has her baby and she is waiting for the train. Some vampires come there and they snatch her baby. They come to know that it is a doll not a baby. The girl comes in her real getup. She is a vampire hunter. Here she kills all the vampires one by one. She fights with them. She kicks them and hurts them with her laser gun. On another side, we see Blade and his companion in their secret place. The police arrive there. They start firing on him. Meanwhile, this companion of Blade was killed. But before dying he has put the whole lab on fire. To avoid the leakage of their Data. That's why he scarificed his life, Blade feels bad. He was depressed and getting a chance from it, the police catch him. He was taken to a place. A doctor says to him that you are mad. That's why you will be in our custody. He injects a weird serum in him due to it, Blade feels weak. Here we come to know that Doctors work for vampires. Because there was the same tattoo on his body. The girl who free that senior vampire comes there and she was about to kill Blade. Then two people come there. A girl named Abigail and a boy named Hannibal king. They come there they were also vampires. They know the good fighting skills. Hannibal king immediately injects a serum in Blade. Due to it, his powers return. Now Hannibal king kills all vampires with Agibail. He comes out from there. After some time, Blade also comes out with his silver sword from the headquarters of the police. The police were again about to hold them. But then a car comes there, it was the car of the companion of Hannibal and Agibail. It escapes them from here. When they come to their place, Blade comes to know that Abigail is the daughter of none other than his old companion. Blade loves her. Hannibal king tells them he worked for Vampires before. One day Abigail releases him and till then he is with her. They say that we are working against vampires alone. Why don't we get together? Because now Blade hasn't his companion it means the father of Abigail. So he joins their team. Here they also come to know that the senior vampire named Drake, He is not affected by sun rays, UV lights, or not even any silver blade. It is impossible to defeat him. Because of him the vampires get powers and strenght. The great thing is that he can change his getup. Then the blind girl tells them I have made a weapon. But we need Drake's blood to activate it. They go to the place where Drake was. Drake has killed a doctor there. When Drake sees that they come here to catch him. He immediately bites Hannibal king, makes him injured and jump from the window. Blade also chases him. He sees that he has snatched a baby of a lady. Lifting the baby he comes to the rooftop of a building he throws the baby and runs from there. But Blade holds him. Now Hannibal king was taken to a place, he takes rest there. Agibail and Blade go to the place where there was nutrition. It means the supplements which increased the blood quantity. They will get power after using them. There they meet the police chief who was with the vampires. There was a building and that police chief didn't tell them anything about it. Blade blackmails him. Are you telling me? or I will kill you? The police chief gets scared and opens that building with his tattoo and takes them inside. They see that there are many human bodies, with dead brains. The police chief tells them that the vampires complete their needs from these bodies.

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