Cockneys vs Zombies (2012) Film Explained

 So the film starts and we see some workers they were working at a place. Then they find an old tunnel there but its door was closed. From its opening, and they all think maybe there is some old treasure is hidden in it. They open it and go inside. But they get shocked after seeing inside. There were many old skulls. Now two workers move forward, Then a zombie comes there that was living here for many years. The shocking thing was that he was alive. He attacks a worker and kills that worker. He bites at his neck. When the other worker goes to rescue him he bites on his face. And he peels off his skin. Due to it, he also dies. With it, we see two brothers one is named Andy. Those brothers were thieves. There was a man who helps them. He saves them from the police. Then we have shown an old man the house in which they are living is given by the government. But some people wanted to occupy it. They want to make another building in place of that house. Then we see that Andy and his brother come to that house. The old man was none other than the grandfather of Andy. Then they have dinner. Coming out, Andy and his brother remembers their childhood. How their parents shoot themselves in front of their sons, Just because they use to fight every day. Now again we see the scene of the construction site. When the dead bodies of the dead workers and there some parts found outside. That place was sealed. The police also arrive there and now the scene again shifts to Andy and his brother, they were preparing to rob the bank. They go to pick a man in the van. The man knew about the security of the bank and was about to help them. But he was not mentally okay. After it, they go to pick a girl named Katy. Now a total of 5 people moves to rob a bank. Then the special man of Andy's team gives them their weapons and he has a huge gun. They arrive bank. They get up like the construction workers. So that nobody can suspect them and then they go to the bank manager. To scare her directly and asks her for money. The bank manager becomes suspicious and she rings alarms secretly. She doesn't make them feel that she has called the police. The bank manager starts talking to them meanwhile, a man among them stands up with his gun. The man who had a huge gun, he says to the bank manager don't waste our time. He asks her to open the locker. She points a gun at her and being scared the bank manager opens the locker. Seeing a lot of money in front of them they become happy. They immediately fill up their bags. Now when they happily coming out of the bank that we have done our task easier. There were the police outside and they get nervous seeing the police. the police ask them to surrender. Then the man with a huge gun comes into anger. Actually, he was so aggressive you may call him the angry bird. Taking out his gun, he starts shooting at the police. The others say that because of him our lives will be in danger. They return to the bank. Now they were thinking about how they will go out of the bank? With it, we see that old home Andy's grandfather lives there. The zombies attack there. Because everyone was enjoying there while dancing none knows it before. As the zombies come inside, Andy's grandfather kills a zombie. On the other side, Andy and his team come out of the bank. They hold two innocent people with them so that the police will not shoot at them. But as they come out they didn't find the police anywhere. And then they see the zombies, those zombies have killed the police. Now all were turning into zombies. They place the robbed money in their van. They lift up a wounded girl also. But the wounded lady they lift soon turned into a zombie. They push her down from the van and then that angry man leaves smoke in the van. They feel difficulty breathing and the zombies also spread destruction in the outer world. On the other side, the zombies surround the old home. Andy's grandfather tries to escape from there with his companions. But he couldn't do this, Andy and his companions reach there. Their residence place but as they were taking off they see a zombie is moving towards them, That angry man shoots at his legs. And he shoots at the different parts of his body due to it, that zombie comes into anger. He bites at the hand of that man. Meanwhile, the innocent lady whom they bring with them from the bank, she tells her colleague whom zombie bites turn into a zombie. Hearing it, they all get scared. Then Katy shoots that zombie with a gun and kills him. But the jaw of the zombie was still on that man's hand, It was looking dreadful. Meanwhile, a lady was coming there with her baby, but that angry man comes to know that she is a zombie. He immediately shoots at her head. When he holds her baby, he sees that he is also a zombie. He throws him at a far distance. They all come to know that zombie virus is spreading speedily in the whole of the city. And we have to move from here as soon as possible. Andy and his brother plan to go to the old home, but the angry man snatches the key of the car from them. He was thinking maybe they want to keep all the robbed money. After it, the two people who made him hostage, he takes them with him. But on the way, a zombie comes in front of that angry man. He detaches his neck and seeing it, the people with him get scared. Now we see the scene of the old house, where an old man was sleeping in the garden in sunlight. He was enjoying his life. But a zombie was having lunch behind him, Andy's grandfather sees it. He calls his friend that get up there is a zombie behind you. But when that old man wakes up he asks Andy's grandfather that why you wake me? Meanwhile, the zombie who was having lunch behind, they hear their voice and moves forward. He was about to hold that old man. Meanwhile, Andy's grandfather comes out and takes him inside in a wheelchair. Then we see that the condition of that angry man was getting worse. The two imprisoned men were saying that release us, so that we can take you to the hospital. But that man makes them quiet. Meanwhile, that man becomes a zombie. He was about to attack them. Then the others also arrive there. When they see the dangerous condition of that man, Andy's brother shoots at his head. But there was an aluminum plate in that man's head. Due to which the bullets don't affect him. Then they put a bomb in his mouth. There was a huge blast because of it. Here that angry man dies. Then among those hostage boys, a boy holds a gun. He asks them to hands up. It's enough, you can't imprison me anymore. But some zombies start following him. Andy and his team say that look behind, there are zombies behind you. But he doesn't this that maybe they are trying to distract me. The three zombies attack him. They bite at his neck. During this, that man fires a bullet which shoots at the team member of Andy. The team member who will save them from security. He dies here. They think they have to escape from here as soon as possible. Because there are a large number of zombies. They have broken the door. Soon they move to their car. But they remember that angry man has snatched the keys of the car, Andy goes to take the keys from him. A zombie wakes up there and she was about to attack him. His brother comes and saves him. When they reach near the car they see that Katy has started the car before. Well, they hurriedly move from there so that no zombie can follow them. The girl whom they made hostage they say that we can drop you home if you want. We have to stay safe. Now we see the scene of the old home, where all the old people were planning, that how can they escape from there. Because the zombies were coming here. But there is a problem there was no way to go out from here. The old lady says that we have to stop and wait here. Maybe someone will come to help us. Andy's grandfather says that none will come, are you understanding? We have to help ourselves. On the other side, Andy and his team go to drop that girl at her home. But when they see inside going her home, her all family members turned into zombies. Seeing it, that girl feels sad. She says to them that I will go with you to the place where you are going. It means that old home. But before they move from there they see a weird thing on the other side of the wall. That there are two groups of zombies. One is team blue, the other was reed and they begin to fight. They were also shocked that why are they fighting. Then they avail the chance because the zombies were fighting. They escape from there. They sit in the car, none is understanding that what to do next? If a zombie will come in front of them how to fight with him? Because they have no weapons. That can kill zombies. Then Katy gives them the idea to go to the place where that angry man has stored his weapons. They move there and they get shocked after seeing the weapon collection of that man. They choose their weapoon as they like. Now they, move to the old home in the car. They think that how they will rescue those old people in this small car. For this, they need a huge vehicle. They take the double-decker bus of that angry man. They put weapons inside and move from there. They reach the old home. They see that the zombies were ruling there now because they have closed the old home from inside. They think that they will go inside from the upside. The hostage girl starts distracting the zombies. She makes them follow her. So that they can go inside the house easily. When they were going inside the house they find many zombies on their way. Katy kills them one by one. As they go upside and open the door there was Andy's grandfather. There was a knife in his hand. He was about to attack them. While thinking that maybe they are zomb ies. When he sees that his grandchildren are there he becomes happy. His grandchildren show him the weapons. They ask him to shoot the zombies. Others were also given those guns. Now Andy's brother blasts some zombies with bomb. But after it, some zombies were left. After it, Andy kills two zombies while stating a sword in them. The third zombie was on the other side of the wall. He was also killed with this sword, 3 were hunted with one arrow. Then we see one more zombie who bites at the fioor of Andy's grandfather. But the grandfather hits him with his foot. Here we come to know that this was his fake foot. That's why zombie infection will not affect him. Here an old man sees a nurse. She was his caretaker. She has also turned into a zombie. The old man shoots him after saying sorry. Now all, the zombies were killed there. They all were feeling light. They move from there. They keep on shooting all the zombies in their way. Because they were together and they all weapons. That's why it is said ''Unity is strength''. They all come out of the house. Then we see the girl who was distracting the zombies, she comes there with a double-decker bus. They all sit inside the bus while shooting the zombies. Finally, they have arrives there safely. The girl tells Andy's grandfather, that your grandchildren have robbed the bank. Their grandfather scolds both of them. And he says this time, I am forgiving you. Because you have saved other's life. But if you will do this again I will not spare you. Hearing it, they all smile. After it, they move by bus. All zombies were seeing them. But then suddenly the bus shows an error, the zombies start moving towards them. They were scaring them. Coming out of the bus they shoot zombies. They see a boat and they all sit in the boat. They notice that the boat was chained with a steel thick chain. Andy's grandfather immediately goes there to open the chain. His grandsons call him that grandfather don't go there, there are a lot of zombies. But to save others if their grandfather has to sacrifice his life, he will. With it, many zombies come and surround him. Andy, his brother, and Katy get scared. But then they see grandfather is shooting them in a cool way. He saves his life. Seeing him, they courageously shoot those zombies and killing them. And meanwhile, all the zombies were killed here. It wouldn't be possible without the grandfather. Now they went into the boat. That we will go far from here and will live there. They were happy. They hug each other. With it, this movie ends. Thank you for watching.

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