Coma (2019) Film Explained

A boy named "Viktor" is shown as the film starts. Who wakes up but a strange thing occurs here, That he is not getting ability to remember anything after waking up. He is also unable to remember who made his room messy. Why did he do? There are some drawn sketches on the board before him. It is seeming as it is the model of a city. But nothing is in his memory even about it. Then his room ceiling begins to turn into black colour. The whole model of his room starts to change. He is confused. And he comes out of this place. But he observes , coming outside, All things have been changed. Nothing is like in its real form as it should be. The buildings of that place are flying in the air as gravitational force has ended. Then some of the people begin to pass beside him. They were also looking mysterious. Some have no head , others have no arm while some people's body were drilled. But they were walking properly. "Viktor" is not understanding anything. Before concluding something, a black monstrous creature appears before him. It is nearly to kill "Viktor". Then three persons appear and rescue him. There are two men and a girl. They save "Viktor" but that black monstrous creature is still after them. They are continuously running. And they reach a place while running. Where the stairway ends. There is no way to walk further. Then "Viktor" is afraid thinking how he will go ahead. Then those three persons suggest him to jump from here. There will be no any harm. But "Viktor" is frightening and he does not act upon it. One of them pushes "Viktor" so he falls into the market. He reaches there while sliding and those three people also come after him. Now the strange thing is  that black monstrous creature had also reached here after them. "Viktor" is not understanding why it is after them. That black monstrous creature was going to kill them. Then one of those three persons sacrifices his life. Now a boy and a girl are survived among them. They are still with "Viktor". Now "Viktor" is walking along with that girl. Then he asks that girl, Who are you? What am I doing in this World? Which place is this about which I never heard or saw till now. That  girl whose name is "Fly" tells "Viktor", This is the World when the people enter when they are in coma. You are eventually in coma state. This is the World where all people's memories exist. "Viktor" asks her, Why is this World so mysterious? "Fly" tells him, It is not compulsory that people's memory may be remembered. Some people begin to forget in the state of  coma. They hallucinate. This World is the blend of  those unconscious thoughts. So it looks like this. Then "Fly" also shows him her house which is in the air. That was an awkward building. Then they reach Fly's house while travelling in an old bus. Where "Viktor" asks from her about that black monstrous creature. Then "Fly" tells him the most astonishing fact. That a person appears in the black monstrous creature who dies in the state of coma . "Viktor" feels astonishment , hearing this fact. "Fly" says to him, Enough! Come, I show you your room. Now they move to the new room of "Viktor". She also tells him that your seen dreams in the state of coma will be turned into the reality here. "Viktor" dreams that he has faced the car accident. He notices that there is the same car in his room as he wakes up. And he is also lying wounded in that car. Then Fly's that partner comes there, Who has rescued the life of "Viktor". He says, witnessing "Viktor", Wow! Your house is very attractive  which is situated here. I am realizing seeing you that you may possess multi powers. Come, I reveal you how these may be utilized practically. For this purpose, every person has to appear in  some trials. Then a robotic machine appears there which falls down "Viktor" , torturing it. It begins to tease him. In spite of it, "Viktor" is unable to remember his abilities. That man asks "Viktor", When you were in conscious before the state of coma, What job were you used to do? "Viktor" tells him, I was an architect! Next day, there are many people along with "Viktor". And they are going for a mission. "Viktor" has to grab the weapons from some of the people here. So they reach that place. But those people  start to attack them, possessing these weapons. They start to fire at them. "Viktor" and his companions get access to those weapons in some way, Then three black monstrous creatures appear before it, Which have been named "Reaper" in this movie. These "Reapers" had appeared to stop them . A man is leaving, taking the explosive from there. That black monstrous appears after him. Before it arrives to him, That man falls down who was leaving, taking the explosives. Then "Viktor" touches his fingers on his head. He attempts to remember something. As being architect, he gains the ability, That he may make any structure. So he creates a structure there, using his mind. And that man is protected from falling. So they immediately return to their home. "Reapers" are not able to capture them. All compliments "Viktor" reaching at home saying,You did a good job! Then an agent comes there and says to "Viktor", I liked your work! Do you know? The structure of this city where we are living is connected with the memories of those place. But we never encountered a man, Who can make a new structure , using his mental abilities. Why may you not make a new city for us? In which you will take care of everything as an architect. Be careful! That city should be like this where that black monstrous creature may not come there. "Viktor" assures, Why not! I will attempt utmost. They begin to move to that place as the new day arrives. Where they had to build a new city. But "Reapers" appear there before they start their work there. Those "Reapers" begin to attack them. All are surprised too much. How did "Reapers" track that we were coming towards this place? We came here carefully! Then Fly's companion appears there. He takes a tracking device from Viktor's body. He says that "Reapers" reaches here while tracing this device. All ask him, Did you fix this device in Viktor's body? He tells, No! Why will I fix? He raises his hands and says , pointing a man, He will be responsible! Then that man fires his gun on him. He is not survived and dies there. There is also the rule of this World that a man will be turned into a "Reaper" who meets his end in this World. Then all leave from there thinking, That he will prove dangerous for us if he is turned into "Reaper" soon. Then the rest of the people  begin to move from there. The people are wanting to go to their vehicles, So they drive to their homes from there. But "Reapers" are beside them . So "Viktor" starts to attempt, That he may make a structure, using his mind. But he is unable to do it as being wounded and exhausted. So he loses his consciousness there. When he wakes up, Then he is in the hospital of the real World. He begins to have the flashbacks of that girl "Fly. Who was the close friend in the real World. But there is nothing in their memory in the World of coma. Because there some of the memories had lost in the state of the coma. Then "Viktor" remembers that he had come in the hospital along with "Fly". But "Fly was not allowed to enter. "Viktor" had entered the hospital alone. Here he meets a man. He was the same man. Who was their leader in the World of coma. And he was the first to arrive in the coma World. He tells "Viktor" that I have conducted some experiments. And I know there is surely something in our mind , That can create something new. We can live in our wanted World if we wish. We can face it. Believe me! We can lead more happy life there. He also says something more to "Viktor", I need you! You will have to partake in my project. Do you know when we can create our new World? When we will be in coma. And I will have to set you in the state of coma! Believe me! We are going to get much benefit of it. "Viktor" says, Not at all! He points them a gun in order to threaten them. He runs outside from there. His friend "Fly" is waiting for him outside. "Fly" starts to drive the car speedily as "Viktor" quickly gets seated in the car. But their car is crashed with a truck, moving a little ahead. And they both are knocked out. It was the same sight which used to be dreamt by "Viktor". That evil man captures them, appearing there. As they are wounded badly after being knocked out. And he makes them the part of his project. He makes them in a prolonged unconscious . But that old man says to "Viktor" before it that, Look! It was necessary for me to perform it, There is no doubt that you are the best architect in this World. But you can never make a structure immediately with your thoughts. Which you will be able to make in the coma World. It was the same! It was observed how "Viktor" used to make any structure quickly only by the strength of his mind. Then he also shows that man who is the partner of "Fly" in coma World. He is crippled in the real World. But he was walking properly in the coma World. Now that man  also says to "Viktor", You will have to go to the World of coma! "Fly" and his companions need you! As the project is accomplished, You may return to this real Work. He injects something to "Viktor" with it, "Viktor" wakes up on his bed. It is the same sight seen in the beginning of the movie. Now "Viktor" had returned to the same place from where he came. He builds a very beautiful city, using his mind abilities. Where no "reaper" could enter. Then that man tells them that, You all are in the state of unconsciousness in the real world. You are so diseased that you may be died at any time. So your systems have been fixed as such that you all will be killed after a few seconds of that World. And the seconds of that World are equal to the minutes of this World. You may have only 10 to 15 minutes for survival. Afterwards, you will be ended forever here. Do you know what will happen after the death? That man enters that structure with it. Because no "Reaper" could reach there, They all were going to transform into the "reapers" here after death. It is proved here that old man had deceived them. He himself wanted to rule that place where no one may disturb him here. There are some people who begin to plan how they may kill this man. Meanwhile, there one of the friend is vanished after converting into dust. Now "Viktor" says to all of them, I am remembering something little by littel. Where is that hospital in this World where we are now. Let's go there! Now they all begin to move to that hospital. It was the best thing that hospital was in their memory. This hospital is also in the coma World. They enter the hospital. But they are not recalling that room where they are lying unconscious. Now "Viktor" tries to remember then he recalls a little structure of his room. Before it,  his one more partner is vanished after being a dust. Now only "Viktor" and "Fly" had left. They begin to step towards that room. Then that evil man and that agent appear there who begin to stop them, making their own structure. Then a "Reaper" appears there who covers that man. That "Reaper" is not anyone else but the same partner of "Fly", Who had rescued "Viktor" along with "Fly" and another man in the beginning. Here that soldier squad was died. "Viktor" and "Fly" start to step towards stretcher. Moving there, they reach that room of "Viktor". Then they wake up in their real World. It is seen in the real World that "Fly" and "Viktor" are closely befriended. "Viktor" again starts the job as an architect. But he was not earning his living soundly.  Then he receives the offer from that evil man. It means that he was alive in this World in spite of dying in the coma World. He had returned back here. Obviously, this project was made by him. So he had the knowledge of all the techniques. He says to "Viktor", You may make the structure again in the coma World, returning back there. It depends on you! "Viktor" clenches his fist. And he thinks either he should go or not. The movie completes on this scene. Thanks for watching and your time.

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