Conan The Barbarian (2011) Film Explained i

 At the beginning of the movie, We've told about a magical mask. It wasn't just any ordinary mask. It was formed from the bones of many kings. Back in the era, there were magicians who practiced black magic. They put the magical powers with the help of demons in this mask. Many pure girls were sacrificed. They were sacrificed. So the devil will happy and will give more powers to the magicians. This is how the mask becomes magical. The tribe begins to occupy others who wore this mask. Convert the people into indentured servants. They were oppressing the entire world. While using this mask false. But then a tribe called the Barbarians arrived. The people of this tribe were brave and powerful. They snatch the mask from the evil tribe. They save it. So none can use it wrongly. Now this mask was divided into pieces and each piece was given to each leader. Like this, the mask was divided into many parts. Noen can search for this mask again. Or can't join it otherwise, those evil powers will return. It was predicted that a person will come who will join this mask again. He will get this mask. One more prediction was about a warrior. He will be bravest. And he will fight for his tribe. Then after some time, we see that the war is going on. During the war, a warrior lady delivers a son. The condition of the warrior lady was worse. She couldn't survive but before dying, she named her son Conan. Many years passed this incident. We see an attractive village. There was peace and the people were living together happily. There was a kind-hearted leader. In fact, the warrior lady we have seen was his wife. Her son Conan was this leader's son. Here we see Conan. He has grown elder. That leader calls a basket of eggs. He says to everyone that I am giving you a challenge. You all go to the mountains while putting an egg in your mouth. The one who will return with the egg without breaking or harming it. He will win and I will give him a reward. Conan says to his father, Can I go with them? His father says that no you are not that older yet. Conan says that let me go, please. I am your son and I know to do huge tasks. His father sends him. Now the people of this tribe move toward the mountains. Everyone is trying to cross the mountain and return. To tell the leader of the tribe while going in front of him that the egg is absolutely fine. We have also crossed the mountain and returned. They were on the mountain meanwhile a strange man comes there. He was a cannibal. He hunts humans and uses them to eat their meat. Other people of that tribe also come there. And they start attacking this tribe. But Conan defeats them all. He cuts their heads. He comes to his father while taking their heads. The leader of the tribe couldn't believe this. That his son is brave. He also teaches him sword skills and makes him able to become a good warrior. Then we see that in these days there was an attack at the village. It was done by the man who was predicted. That a man will come who will try to get the mask. That's why he attacks the village. Because he has got the other parts of the mask. He only wants the last part. For it, he holds the King. Now the man says to the King that gives me the last part of the mask. The leader says that you will say and I will give you, Never. That evil man orders his companion to kill the leader. But then Conan comes there and he cuts the nose of that man. He says that none will touch my father. The evil man who was searching for the mask was named Khalar. He has a daughter. She has the ability to feel each piece of the mask. That where is it? Khalar goes to his daughter and asks her to feel each piece of the mask. Because we have to join it. That girl searches for the pieces. On the other side, Conan and his father were tied. They couldn't do anything. Khalar had tied them like there was the molten lava upside them. If anyone of them will do a movement and leave the rope, lava will fall on them. That's why Conan has a strong grip on the rope. So that the lava couldn't fall on his father. That's why his hands were injured. When the leader sees it, to save his son he makes that lave fell on him. It means he sacrificed his life. To save his son Conan. Now Khalar was happy because he has all the pieces of the mask. Their joining was left. For it, he needs pure blood. He leaves from there but Conan was there. We see that many years have passed. Conan has grown elder. Conan has fought many times and killed many peoples. But still, he couldn't find Khalar. He was the man because of whom his father was killed. Conan wants to take revenge on him. He wants to kill him and still, he was searching for him. While walking he reaches a place. There were many slaves there, the women and slaves were oppressed there. Now Conan and his friend plan to release those slaves. And they did the same. They were successful to release the slaves. They move forward. Conan sees a man there whose nose was cut. Conan instantly recognizes that he is the man whose nose was cut by me. He comes to know that he is the companion of Khalar. He can help me to take me to Khalar. They were searching for a thief. He is with Conan. Conan also shows them that he is the companion of that thief. He also makes himself arrest. Now they walk with them. They reach their residence place. Conan kills all men there. The man with a cut nose was punishing the thief. Conan goes there and he saves the thief. Then he asks that man ''Where is Khalar?'' The man with no nose asks him that ''Who are you?'' And why are you asking about Khalar? Conan says that maybe you forgot me. I am the one who had cut your nose. Conan scares that man and he tells everything about Khalar. Then Conan arrives at a village and there he sees a girl. Her name was Tamara. She was a good and pious girl. Her blood was pure. To take her Khalar comes there. With her daughter. He attacks the villagers. But Tamara runs from there. Khalar sends his companion behinds Tamara. Conan also chases that girl. The girl was in a cart and Conan thinks that Khalar is in that cart. But when he sees there was the girl. He asks her that where is Khalar? That girl says that how would I know? I am also escaping from him. Meanwhile, the companions of Khalar come who were there to catch Tamara. But Conan takes Tamara with him while fighting with them. He was thinking that Khalar will come here while searching for her. Then I will hold him. Conan asks an injured man there about the address of Khalar. When he knows the address he sends him a message. The girl you are searching for is with me. If you want her so come to me. Khalar goes there with his daughter. He says to Conan that the money or gold you want I will give you. Conan refuses and says that I don't need money. I want your head. I want your life. Khalar says that ''Are you mad?'' Now Khalar says his daughter to teach him a lesson. And bring Tamara to me. Khalar's daughter makes something with magic. Those were mud-like devils. They go and attack Conan. Conan was defeating them while fighting. But those devils were not finishing. Canon gradually finished them. Then Khalar comes in front to fight with him directly. They fight a lot. But when Khalar's daughter sees that Canon will kill her father. She attacks Conan. Conan runs from there with Tamara. Because he was feeling weak. He escapes from there with that thief. Through the sea. They go far from there. They were on the ship and the night appears. They were resting but then there was an attack on their ship. Khalar and their companions attack them. Conan and Tamara instantly get active. They fight with them. Here Conan gets impressed by the fighting skills of Tamara. He says to her that ''Well Done, you fight so well''. Hearing it, Tamara becomes happy. Within a short time, they like each other. But the next morning, Tamara says that I have to go from here. She says goodbye to Conan and was about to leave from there. But then someone attacks her. Khalar's companion takes Tamara with them. Conan chases them. The place where Khalar has tied Tamara it was a mysterious and narrow place. Before going there, Conan goes to the man who helped him. It means that thief. He takes him with him to that place. They reach outside a tunnel. It was locked but the thief opens it. When they go inside the tunnel many dead bodies were there. And also their skeletons. Further, they see there is a huge and dangerous monster in the water. It is about to attack them. They escape from there and come out. They have killed that monster and now they were searching for Tamara. Finally, they reach the cave where Tamara's blood was throwing on that mask. To join the mask and bring the devil's powers back in the mask. Khalar has worn that mask after throwing Tamara's blood on the mask. He has become powerful. On another side, we see that Khalar's daughter was attacking Tamara. To kill her. Because now she was useless. They have made the mask fine. But then Conan arrives there and they kill Khalar's daughter. Then we see that Khalar comes there. He was standing on a wooden bridge. Meanwhile, Conan comes there and says that your removal has come. He breaks the wooden bridge and Khalar fell in the ditch. He dies. Everything was destroying and was falling. Conan saves Tamara. He takes her with him outside. Here the prediction was proved true completely. That a brave warrior will come and defeat this man. The man who will use the mask wrongly. Here, mankind will win. With it, this movie ends. Thank you for watching.

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