Cook Up a Storm (2017) Film Explained

 A Chinese chef  "Gao" is seen as the film starts. He used to cook the delicious dishes. He has a small restaurant but he keeps it neat and clean. And he takes much interest in his profession. But there was a bad thing that happened with "Gao" in the past. His father left him in the care of a chef so that he would learn to cook. "Gao" had aspired to be a great chef one day. And he will get everything which he was unable to achieve in his childhood. Gao's father was a great chef. Now he had become an expert or master chef now. But his son "Gao" used to detest his father. Because he had passed his childhood without his father. He also used to miss him but his father never felt it. On the other side, Gao's father was also happy that the people did not know that he has a son. And this fact used to make "Gao" more sad. Now the story turns and a young, talented and charming chef comes on the scene. He used to cook for the aristocratic families. His name is "Paul". He has a dream to build a restaurant in his country for his father. So he returns to his own country while leaving foreign and other faculties. He goes to the fish dealer and says, going there, Show me a big fish! But fish dealer forbids him. As "Gao" comes to buy the big fish from him then that man sells it to him. "Paul" becomes furious, noticing it. And he stares at "Gao" with anger. As he feels envy thinking why did he sell him this fish. Fish dealer divides the fish into two parts, noticing both of them angry. So the dispute may not start between them. In spite of this, both continue to stare at each other angrily. Now Paul's marvelous and amazing restaurant is seen. Its inauguration is held today. Which is build very neat and clean, chill and stylish restaurant. It is adorned very appropriately. Paul's new restaurant is exactly in front of Gao's restaurant. Noticing it, Gao's friends are worried. Because this restaurant was going to attract the customer towards it. It was going to take their customers. And it happens what was considered threat. All customers move to the new restaurant for checking dishes' tastes. So Gao's friends offer the discount to support him. Which also appeals to customers. And they again direct themselves towards Gao's restaurant. "Paul's friend has become aggressive in this matter." Coming there, they argue angrily with Them. What exactly is your issue? You do not have the courage to see us at our best. Then both rivals decide that there may not be a cooking competition. And it may observe that whom taste is superior than other chef. Now both are demanded to partake in the cooking competition forcefully. At first, they are not agreeing. But they recognize , looking at each other. They had met at that fish market. So they get ready for the cooking competition. Now the table is set and a big fish is placed on it. Which had been cut by both of them.  First of all, "Paul" cuts the fish. And he begins to extract its fish bones quickly and easily. Everyone likes his method. Now he throws fish to "Gao". "Gao" also cuts the fish very skillfully. When he shows its skin to others, It means there is not little fish meat with it. So all compliment him. It means both are equally appreciated. There is also a chairman. Who tells them about a " International Chef challenge competition". I think , you both have to participate in it. Now both had to prove it  who is the superior chef between them. So both get ready. Now "Paul" tells social  media that I used to cook in France. I realized, coming to China that people still use the traditional ways for cooking. It is obvious that he was conveying it to "Gao" in a hidden way. Hearing it, "Gao" becomes more angry. There all know that they will face each other in competition there at first. They will be able to reach the final competition if they win it. Otherwise, they will also get the opportunity to meet the master chef. And that master chef was not anyone else but the father of "Gao". Paul's friend comes to Gao's restaurant and invites him and his friend to his restaurant. You all may dine in our restaurant.Now "Gao" and his friends go to Paul's restaurant, But "Paul" does not serve them meal but his same friend. That meal was appearing as fried egg and a plant. But its taste was unique. "Gao" thinks after tasting that Paul's cooking is very different. He directly moves to restaurant's kitchen and says "Paul" furiously, What do you want to prove showing your tasty meal? That you are master chef! "Paul" remains silent and asks him to cook meat, Let's check who can cook the meat more tasty! "Gao" welcomes the challenge. "Gao" cooks meat skillfully. It is looking very tasty. Now "Paul" tells him, "I show you how to cook this dish using the same method." "Paul" begins, and he cooks the same dish in record time. "Gao" is not finding any difference when he sniffs it. Then he understands that his method of cooking is very progressive. Being upset, he leaves that place. Now someone says to "Gao", That his father is calling you! "Gao" moves to his father. He asks, Why did you call me now? Even though you don't accept that I am not your son. His father master chef says, I did it so the World may not say that you are my son! This is the cause that you get a chance to partake in the "International chef challenge competition. I am rather want it that you may do it yourself! "Gao" says, Father! I don't need of your help. You were not with me when I needed you. Anyhow, I will prove it that I can do it! Due to this, you left me. Now "Gao" leaves this place because he does not trust on the single word of his father. Next day, "International chef challenge competition" is held. Everything has been prepared. Participants "Gao" and "Paul" are also ready. The time starts, "Paul" is assigned a sweet dish while "Gao" cooks a chicken dish. Both make their dishes with the hard struggle. "Paul" makes his dish before the time. Afterwards, Gao's delicious dish is also cooked. He has also completed his assigned challenge on time. Judges and the spectators are very inspired. Now their dishes are tasted and they both get the same numbers. Because judge was not finding a lot of difference in their taste of dishes. It means the dishes of both were so tasty. Then a judge appears on the stage. And he says to clarify this doubt, No doubt! The taste of both participants' dish was superb. But I liked the Paul's dish presentation more than other. So "Paul" has won this competition. "Paul" is extremely excited here. "Gao" has lost the competition so he does not return his house in pessimism. And he goes to play the video games. He keeps himself engaged like this for many days. One day, the same chef comes to him , Under whose supervision he passed his childhood. And Gao's father had also left him under his care. He explains "Gao", Look ! Victory and defeat are the part of human life! If you are not won today, it does not mean that you will not able to win tomorrow, But "Gao" was not ready to return to the house. He is agreed after great explanation. That he will have to train himself for the next competition , returning to home. Being excited, "Paul " moves to his restaurant. He pleases and there are also seated his friends in front of him. His friends suggest him while talking, Paul! Why do you not give the chance to your friend? He is with you for a long time, Trust her! And you may permit her that she may represent you in international competition. She may risen the name of your restaurant. "paul" says to him, Yeah! She is my good friend , I don't deny it. But she does not know how to cook. So how can she represent my restaurant internationally? Then his friend starts to talk more. It is appearing from his conversation as, He is in planning with his friend and the lust is breeding in their heart. Then his Paul's that friend comes before him and says, placing the 2 soup cups before him, Paul! Can you tell me which soup cup has the more quantity of salt? Here "Paul" is silent. Because he has an issue of tasting. Because  his  sense of taste  could not work to sense, And it was natural. So "Paul" is grieved because of this. That his own friend betrayed him, becoming the part with his other friends. So his friend says , What happened "Paul"? What did you think that I have affections for you? It was your misunderstanding! It does not happen now a days. I only befriended you so I may take part in "International competition" while using you. It was not easy for me to partake as such! What did you give me in return even I kept your secret? Did you not offer me? Not Now! I will not keep quiet . Because I can also partake in this competition. Now one more secret is exposed here that Paul's friend was deceiving him , uniting with  his friend. Because they both were involved now. And they were playing a trick against "Paul". That they will sell Paul's restaurateur , And they will start their life with the money attained by it. But "Paul" could not let it happen. "Paul" is very dejected. And he comes out of his restaurant. The night falls and he begins to take alcohol, sitting outside. Then "Gao" also glimpses him and says , coming beside him. Why are you seated dejected? You have got victory. You should be happy. Then "Paul" says to him , Yeah! I have won but also lost many things. Anyhow, leave it! I tell you a secret. Are you looking that poster ahead? Actually there is the photo of "Gao's father and the master chef, "Paul" says, pointing his finger towards it, He is my ideal! I want to be like him! Then "Gao" smiles lightly and says, "Paul" he is my father! You think that he is gentleman and you may be like him. Then I tell you that my father is not kind hearted. "Gao" begins yo tell him his past story what he did with me. First of all, "Paul" says, You are just kidding! Stop it. But "Gao" tells him that he left me in my childhood, Because I was hindering his career.  I have spent my whole childhood without him. So "Paul" says, Don't be sad! What can we do now? Then "Gao" says, We can throw bottles! Then they both start to throw the empty bottles towards that poster. The feel excitement and they both befriended here. And this moment is very pleasurable. "Paul" observes that his friends are bargaining his restaurant when he returns  from here. "Paul" asks them, What is happening here? How can you do it without my permission? So his friends say to him, Tell us! To whom will you accompany to "International cooking competition". Because in this second competition, You cannot cook alone. Your partner's presence is essential. Will you accompany your friend? So "Paul" says, I am not insane! I have planned with whom I will take with me. Who is really eligible. "Paul" announces the name of "Gao" here. Hearing it, his friends are envied. One of them says, Remember "Paul" ! Your career will be dashed into dust. So "Paul" hits him on the head. And he drives them away from there. When they all leave. Then Gao's protector chef says to "Paul", "Paul"! Have you really thought that you will accompany "Gao" with you? "Paul" says, Why not! He also touches Gao's shoulder. And he says , Yeah! He is eligible. All are excited. Here the preparation of competition is started. Now it is decided between both of them  that, "Paul will teach "Gao" the new skills of his cooking , While "Gao" teaches him his traditional ways as he cooks. "Gao" says to "Paul", Don't be worried! If you have no sense of taste, I will help you to cure your sense of taste. He continues to explain him, Do it as such! "Paul" is also continued to tell him the new methods of cooking. And a good time is spent here by both of them. They daily practise of cooking while singing , dancing and talking. And they had developed a close friendship bond between each other. That day is also arrived, When the second International competition is held. They begin to cook their dish perfectly. And they prepare a perfect sweet dish in a short time period. It is very liked y the judges. They say, They have never tasted any dish as such till now! And they both win this competition. And It is rightly said, Union is strength! Now there is started the 3rd international cooking competition. And this competition was with the master chef who is Gao's father. Here "Paul" says to "Gao", I think that you can win this competition. So you may go ! "Gao" says to "Paul", You are a perfect chef! You know the modern methods so you can cook better than me. Then "Paul" says, No! it is not like this. Look! I fulfilled the dream of my father, building my restaurant. Just fulfill the dream of your father! He wanted to see you a great chef. Cook the meal , confronting him! And prove him. That you can be a very great chef! "Gao" agrees and gratifies "Paul". Now third competition is started now. On the other side, master chef also begins to cook his dish. "Gao" also starts. Before starting, a flashback plays in Gao's mind, Where his father had left him. And many kids used to threaten him, He is lost in these past memories. His father throws water on his face, coming there, And he says, Start your cooking! Then "Gao" begins to cook something. Contrarily, Gao's father master chef cooks a very delicious sweet dish. Its presentation comprises fire which is producing flower. There is a great taste of that flower. Judges love it. When there is a turn of "Gao" and he is asked to show, what he has cooked? So he moves to his father, making the noodles in a bowl. And he shows it to him. Master chef tastes it and loves those noodles. And these are the same noodles which were the cause of scolding of "Gao" by his father. That you cannot even cook the noodles. And "Gao" had cooked noodles very tasty today. That his father does not control himself for eating. And he begins to eat noodles frantically. And he says to his son while stopping, Well done my son! You cooked noodles perfectly! He becomes sentimental here. Then audience also gets the knowledge as their family name is same, And their actions are showing as they are son and father. Here Gao's dream had also been fulfilled and also of his father. On the other side, it is seen in the restaurant that "Paul" and "Gao" work together. And their spectators are more than previous time. Now more customers visit them as compared before. The people love their food. And there is hustle and bustle in their restaurant. The movie also completes on this scene.

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