Desierto_ (2015) Film Explained

 The film begins with a truck driving through the desert. There are Mexican foreign workers in it. They had their own life and ambitions. There is a man named "Moises" among  them. "Moises" had a teddy bear of his son in his hand. Which was turned on at any time. But "Moises" did not know how this teddy bear may be turned off. Then a man says to him, sitting beside him. Press its tummy then it will be turned off. "Moises" does the same. He presses that teddy bear's tummy. It is turned off. These Mexican migrant workers wanted to cross the US border unlawfully. So that they may survive , going there. They can better their lives. But their truck is broken down before reaching the border. Then driver asks them, Is there anyone among you who can repair the truck? Is there any mechanic? Then "Moises" raises his hand saying, Yeah! I am mechanic. Then "Moises"  begins to examine the truck. Then truck tells, This truck's engine has gone out of order! So we cannot repair the truck. All migrant workers had no other choice except going on foot. So all workers begin to walk to the border of US on foot. There were set the razor wires. They reach in US across the border, crossing these wires. On the other side, a truck is seen in the same area. There was a man named "Sam" inside who was taking alcoholic drink. "Sam" also had a dog, and the two were good friends. "Sam" had come to chase for a rabbit for lunch. So he fires his rifle to hunt the rabbit. All Mexican migrants begin to run to save their lives, hearing the firing. Because they know that they have come here unlawfully. There was a scorching heat in the whole desert. After a time, they begin to feel thirst. Being exhausted, they begin to have rest, sitting at a place. After a time, they move ahead towards their destination. Then "Sam" is shown who is stopped by US military officer. Police officer asks "Sam" , Have you strayed? "Sam" replies, No! I am here to hunt the rabbit. And I don't think so that I need the authorization of anyone to hunt the rabbit! Police officer says to him, No! There is not such a matter. You should keep away from the border! "Sam" says to the police officer, I have heard a news that, Mexican migrants intrude in USA unlawfully , passing this way. Police officer says to him, I did not hear such a news! Afterwards, police officer leaves from there. And "Sam" also moves ahead to hunt a rabbit. He finds a handkerchief there. And he lets it be sniffed by his dog. And he orders his dog, Quick! Find out! Hearing it, that dog runs towards that direction. Where Mexican migrants are advancing to USA while crossing the border. Because that handkerchief belonged to one of the migrants. "Sam" also follows his dog. He observes that a few Mexican migrants have entered USA unlawfully . There were not all migrants but five were hidden somewhere. They also call other migrants and ask  to stop. But they don't stop. Because they had knowledge that there is threat in this area. So they wanted to move from there as soon as possible. But five hidden migrants glimpse "Sam". They hide themselves , observing "Sam. As he is American! They see "Sam" taking a rifle from his vehicle. "Sam" starts to kill them one by one. He killed one of the migrants, targeting him, He kills all the migrants who are present there. Even they are running to and fro to save themselves. But they were alone in that vast desert. Where could they go if they escaped. "Sam" killed everone all of a sudden. Here it is revealed that "Sam" is not stable minded person but a psychotic. He is mentally unstable so he killed a number of the people, doing so. He is contended after killing them. He thinks, he did the best. After it, he orders his dog to get in the car. Because he wanted to leave that place now. However, the dog refuses to board the vehicle. It just stands there. It is barking, looking towards the mountains. "Sam" gets understanding that all Mexicans are not dead, observing it. A few of them have still remained alive. They are the companions of those people who are hidden here. He examines through his rifle telescopic sight. And he actually casts a glance at some people. He moves towards that direction where he had seen the people. He chases them. At first, he sends his dog after them. When those five migrants sense that someone is chasing them, They also begin to run. But that dog catches one of the five migrants. And it kills him at the spot. It runs after the 4 survivors after killing him. All migrants climb up the tree , taking its support before that dog reached to them. So the dog cannot get access to them. At the same time, "Sam" also reached there. He climbs up the tree, taking his rifle. All 4 survivors are running to rescue themselves. While that dog chases them from another route. Then those 4 survivors reach at that place of which ending was a ditch. There was big rock across the ditch. It means they had to move from one rock to that rock while jumping. So they begin to jump one by one. But the last one survivor is scared among them. He was not getting courage to cross it. But there was a death behind him. If he does not jump then that dog will kill him, coming from backside. So he jumps there, plucking up his courage. He is not accurately jumps so nearly to fall down. Coming there, "Moises" rescues him before his falling. He catches his hand firmly. "Moises" attempts his best to pull him upward. Then "Sam" approaches there who is witnessing everything. "Sam" targets them with his rifle. He fires his gun on that man who is swinging. Then he falls down. Later , he also fires his rifle on "Moises". But "Moises" is survived, getting no bullet shot. "Moises" escapes from there, taking his two companions. But "Sam" and his dog pursue them. They are still chasing them. That dog is smartest one, It used to follow each order of "Sam". So dog could sense where they used to escape. As they have gone there. It itself used to go there , accompanying "Sam". Three survivors try to escape from there, holding the rocks. Whereas, "Sam" and his dog are also chasing them through the support of the rocks. Then "Sam" reaches at that spot where three of them are present. But "Sam" is able to witness one among three of them. That man falls down as "Sam" begins to fire his rifle on that man. And there is a dog of "Sam" downward. And that dog assaults that man. Then "Sam" also approaches there. "Sam" puts him into death after firing his rifle. Now only two survivors had left. Who were hidden at the same place. One is "Moises" while other companion is a girl along with him. Both had hidden behind the rocks to rescue themselves. It is the cause that "Sam" cannot glimpse them. Then Moises's son teddy bear begins to play. Then "Moises" hurriedly turns it off, taking out from his bag. "Sam" and dog greatly suspect that there is surely someone else. But they leave from there , not finding them. There is  accompanied girl of "Moises" whose name is "Adela". "Adela" and "Moises" both go ahead, leaving that place. The night was about to fall. So both take a rest, sitting at a place. "Adela" tells "Moises ", I never wanted to leave my country! My parents used to think as my land is not secure from me. They wished that I may move to the USA forever to spend my lively life. So they sent me to USA  along with a man. She tells that man has also died with whom I came here. "Moises" tells her, My family resides in "USA". My family is still waiting for me till today. He reveals that they actually  used to reside in USA unlawfully. A headlight of someone's car was damaged  on a day by me. As a result, I was captured by the Police. Then it was decided that, I will be deport the prison of "Mexico". My younger son came to meet with me when I had been sent. The teddy bear  that he was holding, it was actually given to him at that time  by his son. And I promised my son that I will retreat. After this, I will return him this teddy bear. After this, I was deported to "Mexico". Now I want to return back to my family, And I also want to return the teddy bear to my son. Now "Sam" is seen who was sitting in the desert to pass the night , lighting the campfire. There is a scorching heat in that desert at the noon. So "Sam" decides that he will leave from here in the coming day. Because he was not plucking up the courage to bear this heat. When "Sam" is trying to leave that place. Then "Adela" notices him. And she informs about it to "Moises ". That the killer of our group is here. "Sam" is about to move from there. His dog is sleeping. Waking up suddenly, he begins to run that direction, Where "Moises" and "Adela" were present. "Sam" also goes after it, holding his rifle. Reaching there, they find the teddy bear of "Moises". It was playing the music and the voice of the king. "Sam" comes to know that both survivors have surely  played a trick to befool him. then "Sam" looks at his truck. He observes that both survivors are running towards his truck. "Sam" starts to fire his rifle of them at a distance. But the targets are missed. They are saved. Now Sam's dog is running towards the truck. Reaching to the truck, "Moises " tries to open it up. Before the dog may reach to him, They both get in the truck while opening its door. "Moises" starts the truck and they both drive away. "Moises" says , We will escape. No one can seize us. At last , Adela receives the last gun shot. Due to this, truck loses its control. The truck is crashed and remains in upside down  position. But "Moises " does not get any harm during this accident and he is survived. "Moises" takes "Adela" near a tree. And he makes her sit on the tree there. He has also brought a medical kit with him. When he opens the medical kit, Then he finds a rifle from there. He says to "Adela", I am going, leaving you alone there. Because you are wounded. And you cannot walk. "Adela " requests him, Don't went, leaving me here. Then this man will take my life. "Moises| says, He will take the lives of both if I stay here! He tells, I have a family, a son and I need to return to him. "Moises" takes that gun and goes away while leaving "Adela". On the other side, It is seen that "Sam" also reaches there. But he finds none between them. Now he moves to that place where "Adela" was . He notices the light flare gun before he reaches "Adela". "Moises" had discharged the flames through it, Because he know that "Sam"and his dog will com to her. "Sam" says, Leave that girl! Because she will not survive for a long time. And go to that place where that man is present. Sam's dog carries it out and starts to run to the place of "Moises " . "Moises " hides himself iin the plants. He fires his gun on his dog as it comes to him. Consequently, that dog is injured. "Moises" goes from there. Coming there, "Sam" observes that his closest dog is taking his last breath. So "Sam" has to take its life. "Sam" becomes aggressive due to this. Then "Sam" follows "Moises". He glimpses that he is going , passing the mountain. "Sam" begins to target him. He stands on the big rock. There was "Moises " who was also hidden there. But "Sam" cannot  observe it. Taking the chance, "Moises"  falls down from the mountain along with "Sam". Both are wounded while falling down. But "Sam" was in critical condition. And his rifle is also far from him. But "Moises"  already possesses his rifle as he moves to take it back. "Moises"  points him with his rifle. "Moises"  says to him, You killed my group members wildly! "Sam" apologizes him and requests him, Let me go! Then "Moises"  begins to leave from there without killing him. "Sam" asks his support. But "Moises"  overlooks him. Then he moves to "Adela" whose condition is also critical. "Moises"  accompanies her and he consoles him, Don't lose your hope! We will go from here after a time. And he leaves, putting "Adela" on his shoulder. He glimpses the car lights after walking a distance. Then they reach their terminus. The movie also end on this scene. Thanks for watching.

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