Don’t Breathe (2016) Film Explained

 The film starts showing the three friends. One Of the boys' name is "Alex". And he is also the leading character of this movie. These three friends plan to rob in any house. The house with the high security not an ordinary one. But "Alex" does not care about it. Because he has the house key because of his father. Because his father is in security services. Then these three friends return back after robbing some valuable things. But they don't get much money when they go for bargaining. It is clear that these things are stolen. So three of them are disappointed due to this. But Alex's male friend says to all, There is no need to be worried! I have one more plan. He tells them about such a house, Where an old man lives alone . And the robbery is child's play from there. He tells them, This old man possesses 300,000$ dollars. Our life will take a new turn if we grab it. But "Alex" says, No! I am disturbed now! Can we not change our vocation? So this discussion is stopped here. When "Alex" comes to his house, He receives a  message from his female friend named "Rocky". There was stated as there is my younger sister for whom I want to do something! It is clear , this message indicated that "Alex" may get ready to rob in that old man house. Now they all three are ready to rob that old man. First of all, they keep an eye on the  house of that old man. Now they also witness the old man who is blind. He lost his eyes in a mission because of being the part of the army. But there was also problem in the robbery as there was a big dog out of that old man's house. Which was looking threatening. Obviously, the security of this house was also higher. But "Alex" has the key of this house. First of all, they knock the dog out. Then they turn off the alarm. They move to the main door happily. So they may rob the house as they go inside, opening the door. But what is it? There were multi locks were on the door. And "Alex" had only one of the keys. So they all are left shocked. Then "Rocky" says, Have patience and let me  go inside through the window. She does the same with other two. Breaking the window door, they enter. Now Alex's male friend directly moves to that old man's room. So he may also make him unconscious. And he may rob comfortably. But that old man is awakened as he enters that old man's room. He is afraid that old man may not know about my arrival. Being blind, that old man is unable to view this boy. He had only got up to turn off the television. Alex's friend completes his work for which he had come. So he returns backs after spreading the sleeping gas. They three are again united and glimpse a door. It is locked. They think 300,000$ may be behind this door. But that lock could not be broken in any way because it was too solid. Then "Alex's friend takes out of his gun while his other two friends are surprised, seeing him. Okay! We had come here for robbery! But what was the purpose to bring the  weapon with them. An evident will completely suspect us that we have come here for robbery. Or we have come here to kill this old man. Now "Alex" moves away in fury, saying it. But his friend breaks that lock while firing his gun. Then that old man arrives there whom that boy was coming after making him unconscious. But it seems that the senses of that old man were very active. And it is also correct who does not wake up with the sound of gun shot. Now the old man begins to move towards them and asks, Who are you? How did you come here? Then "Alex's friend says, I apologize, I had not to enter your house but came by mistake. Now I am going. That old man says to him, Stop! Where are you going? Will you tell me? Then Alex's friend says, Don't move ahead! I will kill you , firing the gun. He also fires gun  not with the aim to kill the old man . And the target is missed. Meanwhile, that old man reaches near him, He asks him, pressing his throat, Tell me the aim of your arrival. Here it is realized that old man is more powerful. The old man is strangling that boy and asking furiously, Tell me , where are your partners? That boy says, No! I have no companion with me. I have come here alone. Leave me! I am giving my words that I will not return back. Then old man leaves him so he sighs comfortably. But how did he know that this will be his last breath? The old man kills him while firing his own gun . "Rocky" is standing beside. She could not  do anything except astonishing. Because "Rocky" may also be ended if old man knew that she is also there. "Alex" also begins to return back, hearing the  sound of gun firing. Coming inside, he faces the same old man. But he moves aside so he may not detect him. Then he hides himself. Then he receives the message of his friend. As this old man has killed our companion. "Alex" gets worried. And he begins to ask him, Where are you? I am also in the same house. "Rocky" tells "Alex" that I am in a small secret place. Then the old man appears there. There is also a safe. It was the cause this place was considered secret. And there will be the same saved money in the safe.That old man opens the safe , using a code. After checking, he is satisfied and leaves. Now Alex's friend "Rocky" had witnessed the code which was 2978. Meanwhile,"Alex" is also reached here. They unlock that safe. They check that there is only 100,000$ instead of 300,000$. But this amount of money is also enough for them. Then they start to leave , grabbing this money. Old man reenters the same room before they left the room. Who wanted to hide their friend's dead body. Then old man hears the sound of the footsteps of  "Alex". So he points his gun towards it as there may be someone. So "Alex" and "Rocky" think as they will neither move nor breathe. Because they can lose their life if they made a little movement. It is the cause that the title of this movie is "Don't Breathe". After a time, the old man thinks that there is fault with sense of hearing. He is engaged in his work again. And he takes away the dead body. At the same time, "Alex" and "Rocky" leave that place. Now "Alex" and "Rocky" move to the basement. So they may flee from there. While the same old man is seen on the ground floor. Who detects through the sounds of their footsteps that there is also others in his house. He becomes aggressive not finding his money in the safe. On the other side, "Alex" and "Rocky" are seen who witness a woman in the basement. This woman has been bound here by that old man. They both ask that woman , moving towards her, What are you doing here? That woman displays them a piece of newspaper where a news is printed. Actually, someone had killed the daughter of that old man while hitting his car many years ago. And she was the same woman from whom it occurred. Who has been bound in old man's basement by him. "Alex" and "Rocky" begin to take that woman after releasing her. But they find the same old man , opening the door. Who starts to fire his gun on them. And that woman is also shot by one bullet of gun. Who had been kept as a captive. When old man knows that he has targeted this innocent woman instead of "Alex" and "Rocky", He is grieved. There may be the two facts behind it, He will be thinking as he bound this woman for many years so her punishment had been over, Either he wanted to kill this woman while tormenting. "Alex" and "Rocky" escape from here. Contrarily, that old man fails their attempt of escaping when "Alex" and "Rocky" are trying to flee. He turns off the electrical power of the house and the lights are switched off . As a result, they both could not see anything. And that old man begins to search them. Here the whole game was in favour of the old man because he was aware about the each corner of his house. It was not easy for "Alex" and "Rocky"  to flee in darkness because they did not belong to this place. The old man is searching for them, holding gun. And "Rocky" is going to touch him in the darkness by mistake. Then "Alex" calls, Rocky! Hearing this voice, the old man fires his gun in that direction where the voice echoed. In this way, "Alex" had rescued the life of "Rocky", putting his life at risk. So he does not get any harm here and they try to escape from this place again. The old man reaches there where "Alex" is hidden. And the old man starts to strangle him. Actually, "Alex" is hidden behind a shelf. That he throws on that old man. Then "Alex" and "Rocky" come on the ground floor from the basement. But they notices that the same dog is seated in front of them. Then they move upstairs. That old man again appears till that time who wanted to shoot them. There is exit in that room. Meantime, that dog also comes there and attacks "Alex". Who attacks "Alex". He falls down from the window. There is ceiling skylight in downstairs room where he had fallen. So this sound reveals to the old man that this boy is here. He begins to fire his gun in that direction so the skylight's glass begins to fall down after breaking. Then "Alex" was before that old man. Getting the advantage of it, that old man kills "Alex" with the gardening tool. Now "Rocky" is seen who reaches a place passing a vent. Then the dog appears there then "Rocky" jumps at the same place , saving her life. And she falls on the skylight. She has been knocked here out. Old man treats her brutally, capturing her. He hits him. Here "Rocky" loses her consciousness. Restoring her senses, she is a captive at the same place of the basement. Where the previous woman was shown bound. She had also been bound by that old man. That old man reveals to her, I used to miss my daughter too much. I had kept that lady here because she was going to bring my daughter into life. I could get my lost daughter. But I had to kill her because all of you. I committed a blunder. Now you will have to pay for this mistake. Until my one more daughter comes into being. "Rocky" is being panicked. Then it is seen that "Alex" is alive. Actually, old man was stabbing him with shear then "Alex" had put his friend's dead body on him. But old man thought that he has stabbed the body of "Alex". He attacks the old man with a big hammer while appearing there. And he binds his hands. Then he moves upstairs, taking "Rocky". So he eventually escapes from here. That old man comes after them as they are going to escape. And he kills "Alex", firing his gun. "Rocky" is succeeded to unlock the door. And it is dawn outside. "Rocky" runs ahead. She also has the stolen money 100,000 $. She was  doing it just for her sister. And she had to reach home soon. But the dog of that old man starts chasing her. She locks the dog into a vehicle's trunk. She is nearly going ahead, Then that old man appears there again. He leaves after abducting her. Then "Rocky" hits upon an idea that why did she not turn on all the alarms set in the house? In this way, the old man will unable to detect where I am moving because of the echoing sounds everywhere. She does the same. The old man does not understand. Then she injures the old man while hitting and escapes from there. She had also not forgotten the money at this time. The police also arrive there after her escape. Now the movie proceeds to its ending. Where it is shown clearly that "Rocky" is going somewhere, taking her sister to begin a new life. Then "Rocky" watches the the house of the same old man in the news, It is being told in the news that a few robbers broke into there at night, As they injured the old man badly. Now he is restoring his consciousness. Then that old man reveals , Yeah! Two male robbers had come but I killed them! Thankfulness! Nothing has been robbed in my house. Do you know why did he fabricate this story? Because  "Rocky" may be arrested if he reveals that money has been stolen in my house. Obviously, "Rocky" revealed the whole story to police if she was captured. What has this old man been committing? He is in the pursuit to take his revenge. So the old man shows his wisdom here. The movie completes on this scene. Thanks for watching

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