Dredd (2012) Film Explained

 The movie starts with the sight of USA state. Where the fear rules everywhere completely. Because something happened there which took the life of millions of people. It was the cause that it called "Cursed Earth". And the "Cursed Earth" site had been sealed. There had been built a wall on its boundary. The people used to reside in its opposite side. Many big buildings have been erected in the populated area. Because many old buildings had been destroyed. And the inhabitants are living as it is . But a problem arises due to this, As the crime level is so increased. For this purpose, Force organization is formed. And the workers are called "Judge" here. The leading character of this movie is a male  judge named "Judge Dredd". Further, "Judge Dredd" comes on the scene who is running after the three criminals. His personality has been shown strong. Criminals' vehicle faces an accident while his chasing. The two criminals are killed at the spot. One of the criminals flee from there but "Judge Dredd". had to search for him. At last, he searches for that criminal. He witnesses that criminal has pointed a gun on a girl. So "Dredd" may let him go. Contrarily, "Dredd" fires his gun on his face. That criminal is turned into worst condition , receiving a gunshot on his face. So all three criminals ended here. Then "Dredd" receives a call by his chief. Who calls him to headquarter. Reaching the headquarter, he comes to know that a new judge has been recruited in their team. Who was rejected at the first by police but now she has been recruited after the checking of her capabilities. Here her skills are tested. So she has a complete knowledge about "Dredd". This question is also posed on her, How many people are before you? It is being thought which type of the question this is. That girl is blind . In spite of this, she answers correctly. It means , her senses were strongest. But "Dredd" is not satisfied with it. That a blind girl may be recruited in his team. He says to the chief, I object  to it!  The chief says to him, You are allowed to test her, taking with you if you wish. Now "Dredd" accompanies that girl in order to take her test. And he explains to her, Look! I will not let you hire if you don't follow me! Then a tower is seen where 75000 people used to reside there. But that tower was occupied by the criminals who were drug dealers. And their head was a lady named "Madeline". She used to deal the drug in the whole building. And her drug was so popular. Ans she used to run her evil  business through it. And she could not tolerate it that, Any other drug dealer may compete  with her. One day, three of men are brought before her. Who were attempting to deal their drug in that tower. And it was the biggest mistake of their life. Because Madeline's men had caught them. Do you know, What punishment is given to them by "Madeline". She injects her dangerous dug in their body. Because their body was not habitual to bear such drug. They feel awkward she pushes them from the tower. Consequently, they die. "Dredd" and that new employee receive this news. So they visit here for the investigation. All tell them,   this group is very threatening. But "Dredd" says, No! I will surely capture them! The guard of that tower starts to tell him, You have no knowledge about "Madeline". Then listen from me! "Madeline" was an ordinary drug dealer. But her client injured her face badly. She killed him. Then she begins to dominate other drug dealers. Now she is reputed drug dealer and also threatening. So all residents of building feel scared from her now. "Dredd" does not feel fear in spite of this. And he plans that he will surely capture her. As he goes upstairs of the tower so he may know about the criminals. He witnesses  many people there who are taking the drug. Then some people begin to attack "Dredd" and that girl. The new judge' name is "Anderson" who is with "Dredd". They face them together. "Anderson" also calls for the ambulance because of the wounded people there. "Dredd" soon captures that man who is special attendant of "Madeline". And who has killed those three criminals. And they take with them, capturing him. They wanted to ask why do you all act like this. But "Madeline" gets this news. She is worried that her special attendant is in the custody of "Dredd". He may not reveal about my secrets ! But How did she know? That "Dredd" had already known about her. "Madeline" seals the whole tower for her protection. So "Dredd" may not leave, taking her special attendant. "Madeline" announces strangely that two judges are in our tower at this time. I order to all , Kill them! And bring their dead bodies to me. Remember! This building will not be opened until they are killed here. But the residents of the tower wanted to keep from this matter away. So they hide themselves, going into their rooms. And "Dredd" and "Anderson" are continuously attempting as they may contact with the headquarter in any way. But their contact is not made possible because of the sealed building. Then some men of "Madeline" reach there who begin to fire their guns on "Dredd" and "Anderson". Being wise, "Anderson" also starts to fire her gun on them in return. While "Dredd" takes them into such a room which was filled with gas. And he kills them there. Now "Dredd" says to "Anderson", We have no more weapons that we waste our gun bullets without any cause. So use it  after a thought! When "Dredd" and "Anderson" reach a tower floor with the special attendant of "Madeline", Then they let the apartment of a lady open. And they hide, going inside. That lady says to them after being afraid, Don't kill anyone here! I will assist you in this return. So you may go out from here. Then "Dredd" says, Okay! We don't kill anyone. "Dredd" and "Anderson" move to the upper floor by elevator. But "Madeline" comes to know their location. So she bound them there , setting the 2 rods on that floor. So she begins to activate her gun so she may fire it on both of them. But the residents of the floor begin to fear and hide. And they were also fearing accurately. Because many residents become the victim because of the firing of Madeline's gun. Fortunately, "Dredd" and "Anderson" are saved Because they are skillful. Then "Dredd" notices a vent where the light was entering. He goes outside to contact with the headquarter after firing his gun. "Madeline" was feeling pleasure inside thinking that "Dredd" had been victimized by this firing. And he had met his end. But she finds no dead body of "Dredd" and "Anderson" after checking. Then she knows that they are hidden somewhere as being alive. "Dredd" also comes inside. And he knows that "Madeline" is not after them without any cause. Her special attendant is with me. There is surely something that she is trying to keep secret. Which I don't know! Then he interrogates that special attendant in fury. Tell me what is that fact you are hiding from me? But that man does not reveal a single fact. But "Anderson" reads that man's mind , using her capabilities. She comes to know that, "Madeline" prepares the drug in a large commercial quantity in the whole tower. So it is not a easy task to stop her. Then two more judges reach there because of the call of "Dredd". And they threaten to "Madeline" loudly, Remove the steal boundary around the tower! "Madeline" says to a man forcefully to convey that there is a problem  so it cannot be carried out. Now "Dredd" and "Anderson" are moving to the elevator, taking the special attendant of "Madeline", So they may go far from here. Then two more men approach there, Whom " Dredd" makes them unconscious , giving them electric shock. Getting the advantage of it, Madeline's special attendant takes "Anderson" somewhere pointing a gun on him. Then "Dredd" says loudly, That's enough! "Madeline" is an evil woman. And she is great drug dealer. Her catastrophe has approached. I will sentence her death after arresting. Remember! I will kill him if someone tried to interrupt. But "Madeline" sends her men there while tracking "Dredd". Who begin to fire their guns on "Dredd". But Dredd's life is saved because he is hidden. It is incredible what is done by "Madeline". She calls four judges who were in her companionship. And they were deceiving the the force of metropolis. They demand to "Madeline". You will award us 1 crore if we kill "Dredd". So "Madeline" agrees because it was not a big deal for her because she used to earn a lot. Now all those four judges say to the arrived two judges, Go! There is no work of yours here! They all   four enter the tower. There is also a lady among them. She stops near "Madeline" so no one may attack her. While other three judges go inside. One of the men among them say to "Dredd". I have come here to rescue you! But "Dredd" has detected that they are in companionship of "Madeline". That man also begins to attack "Dredd" immediately. He keeps his hand on his neck but "Dredd" instantly pushes him and kills. On the other side, that special attendant of "Madeline" is seen who had gone , grabbing "Anderson", When he is going to kill her, taking her gun. Then the best system of that gun shows its work. There was only Madeline's  fingerprint sensor which does not recognize his fingerprint . So his hand is exploded due to this touch. And "Anderson" kicks him then kills. Meanwhile, "Dredd" kills one of the two remaining judges. It was the last bullet in his gun. Now the last remaining judge who had the companionship with "Madeline". He begins to chase "Dredd". Because he had known that "Dredd" is not armed now. Contrarily, the same female judge comes to "Anderson". Ans she says the same sentence, Don't worry! I have come here to rescue you. But "Anderson" was gifted to read the mind. So she reads her mind., She knows that she is deceptive. So she also kills her. That fourth male judge has also reached  "Dredd". So " Dredd" hides behind a wall, witnessing him. So that judge targets him with his gun which strikes his stomach. "Dredd" says to him after being wounded, Don't move towards me now! So that judge starts to make fun at him saying,  Are you feeling fear from me now! First of all, you were showing yourself so powerful.  Are these weapons  your powers? But "Anderson" approaches from the backside before that judge targets "Dredd"  more. And she ends that leading judge. Being victimized at his back, his blood is wasted too much. And he falls to die. Now "Anderson" and "Dredd"  load the bullets in their gun. And they begin to move ahead. Where they confront the same person. Who was being used to announce something forcefully by "Madeline". When the actions were being taken  That man requests , Don't kill me! I am not an evil man! "Anderson" reads his mind to detect it. She comes to know that he is really not an evil man. "Madeline" forces him to participate in evil doing and to support her. So "Anderson" lets him go! Now "Anderson" and "Dredd" directly move to "Madeline". Where her many men  attempt to  fire their gun and stop them. But " Dredd" easily defeats them. At last, "Madeline" is standing in front of him. She says to them, You came! I knew that I will be arrested one day! What is bad if you save me! "Dredd" is going to fire his gun on her, Then "Madeline" says ,No! You cannot kill me. What do you think that I am here without any arrangement? Remember! There are many weapons on this tower floor. This floor is full of explosives. This whole tower will be exploded if you fired your gun on me. In which, you, "Anderson" and all the innocent residents will also become the victim. So sad! "Dredd" tells, I am not afraid from your threats. Your tower floor is at the top while the residents live at the bottom. In this way, he fires his gun on "Madeline" and he pushes her from the tower while giving her own drug. "Madeline" begins to witness the things slower because of taking drug. It was the impact of that drug. Her death time is also shown in snail's pace. She is died after striking with the ground. In the end of the movie, it is shown that "Dredd" says to chief, That "Anderson" will be a perfect judge. And she has passed her test so she is best to get the seat of judge. And "Dredd" also tells "Anderson" about it, going there. And they begin to control the the crimes of city together. The movie completes on this scene.

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