Gladiator(2000) explained

It is shown at the start of the film that, Two opponent armies are battling with each other while confronting."Roman" army is at one side while the other party is the Germanic traders.The General of the Roman army is "Maximus".He is the protagonist of the movie. The nation of "Maximus" loves him a lot.And they can sacrifice their lives on his order. There is held a great fight between two opponent armies.Roman gets victory in this war. Roman king calls "Maximus" to him after getting victory.King had a great affections for "Maximus".And "Maximus" used to respect him in return.

Roman were victorious in this war. In spite of it, king was not satisfied.Because that king continued to battle for 16 years in his 20 years ruling time.Now king wants to bring peace and harmony in the Rome.Because that king had grown very old.So king will have to entrust his all responsibilities of kingdom to someone.And king wanted that "Maximus" may handle the kingdom after him.But "Maximus" wanted to return his home. Because he had not been visited his house for last two and half years.King says to "Maximus", I want that you may own the king seat after me!It means that you may take the responsibility of my ancestry.But "Maximus" clearly declines for it clearly.It is known here that king has a son and a daughter.And king's son name is "Commodus" who was an evil man.Because he is stone hearted and king also knows it, That he does not deserve to get the hold of the kingdom.So he wanted to make "Maximus" eligible for the kingdom.In spite of it, "Maximus" rejects it. King says to him, May you be not a warrior!You may be my son! You will have to wipe out the corruption from Rome."Maximus" asks, What will be the matter with your son "Commodus".King says that he is my son and he cannot violate my command."Maximus" says , Kindly give me the time for deliberation!King says on it, Okay! You have the time till the tomorrow night.Afterwards, "Maximus" leaves that place. He comes to his camp, leaving that place.He says to his servant there, We may not ever return back!"Maximus" wanted to return his house. 

He could also go.It was possible for him. But he says due to this as he had also decided that, So he will handle the kingdom of Rome.After this , it is seen that king's son "Commodus" comes to him.Where the king tells him that I am entrusting the responsibilities of kingdom to "Maximus".Hearing it, his son "Commodus" speaks out that, Once I had received your letter in which you had jotted down four characteristics that, These traits were justice, discipline, tolerance and intelligence.And I had understood, reading them that i have not such qualities.But I have one trait as I have many big dreams.And I want to get something big in my life.And it has also become the aim of my life now. Saying it, "Commodus" becomes sentimental.In spite of it, he kills his father the king. Because he wanted to rule over the kingdom of Rome at any cost.Now the king was died so "Maximus" comes to his camp."Commodus" says that he is died because of the heart attack according to the doctor.When "Maximus" examines his dead body,Then he comes to know that king did not die , facing the heart attack, He has rather been killed. "Commodus" says to "Maximus" , I need you!It is good for you to become my partner.Because he knew that nation will be ready to sacrifice their life on his single order.But "Maximus" leaves without uttering a word.Maximus's one of the servants says to him that you will have to agree with "Commodus"."Maximus" says to him, What are you saying? I had to agree with the point!King has been killed. Call all advsiros as soon as possible!Meanwhile, Commodus' men reach there. And they tell "Maximus", We have been ordered to kill you, hearing it, "Maximus" knows that he cannot take any step.Nothing is in his control! He says to those people, okay! Promise me!That you will not harm my family. But that man threatens that no one will survive from your family.

Then he hits the head of "Maximus" with full force.After this, he loses his consciousness. Then they bring him into a forest far away.So they may kill him. They are about to kill "Maximus", "Maximus" fights with them and puts all into death.Now he wanted to go to his house so he may rescue his family.But the trouble was this, his house was at a large distance from there.Moreover, "Maximus" is wounded and also tired.Somehow, he reaches his home. Going there, he observes that "Commodus" has put his family dead."

Maximus" is grieved on it.Then he buries his family members and himself loses his senses.Then some people appear there and take "Maximus" with them , making him captive.Actually, they were those people who used to sell animals and human beings after making them captive.And they sell "Maximus" to a man. This man is a gladiator.Who teaches the people swordsmanship. And he makes them skillful in it.So they may fight. Actually, a game used to be held there, Where the swordsmen fight and kill one another.And the spectators are seated in their surroundings.Now "Maximus" does not want to be the part of this game. But what did he do? He was compelled.Because he will put into death if he does not fight.So he has to fight. He is befriended with two persons here.And they both fight with "Maximus" , being united. When their first fight is held, So the rival team kills everyone. In the end, these three survivors are left.It means "Maximus" and his those two friends! On the other side, it is shown that, "Commodus" has become the king of Rome. But he has no care of his subject.When his advisors tell him that a disease has become viral in our nation, We should do something for them. So he does not care on them at all.And he rather says to them for diverting their attention of the people that, I will organize the games. The matter of the fact is this, "Commodus" is not liked by anyone.Neither his subjects nor his advisors!"Commodus" feels very ill on it. But he himself was the responsible for this.Neither he was a good man nor he was getting ability to be a good king.And the games have been banned by his father many years ago which he was wanting to organize.

Because they were not entertaining games buy the bloody one.Being the soft hearted king, he did not want to continue any bloody game.And it is the same game of which a big part is in the "Maximus".It is clear that it was bloody game. "Maximus" who had won many games.So he had become so renowned due to this. Then that man is shown to whom "Maximus" serves.He knows that the royal games have been announced.So he calls "Maximus" to him. He also tells him that royal games have been announced.We will all go there. You cannot imagine it that, What a big deal to fight in the royal battlefield. And it will be a great event.50 thousands people will watch your game there.They will compliment you as you win .You will feel exactly like this as you are the king of that battlefield.Then "Maximus" asks him, Were you also swordsman?He says on it, Yeah! Once I used to be a swordsman!"Maximus" asks him, How did you get freedom?Hearing it, "Maximus" shows him a wooden sword.He tells , this sword had awarded to me by the king.It was just my freedom! People used to like me very much.Not for this that I used to kill the people instantly. But I had a trick to win the heart of the people.Hearing it, "Maximus" expresses that I also want to go before the king.He says on it, Alright! But you will have to learn how to win the heart of the people."Maximus" says, I will do as such! And I will also win the heart of the people.After this, all those people reach Rome on that location where this game was going to be held.It was a big Colosseum. where more than 50 thousands people were seated.Then it is seen that "Commodus" has become the king but, He is still worried because his people had no affections for him.His sister and nephew used to live with him. Commodus' sister used to be afraid from him.Because her son is heir of this kingdom so she has a fear, As my brother may not kill him. As he had killed his father.

Then Commodus' sister meet those people who used to think the betterment of this nation.It means that who were the advisors of her father.His sister says, "Commodus" will have to die! Otherwise, he can become a danger for my son and the people.But they forbid to kill him. They say , until people have the affections for "Commodus".It indicates that there were still such people who used to agree with "Commodus".They used to like him. They say, it is not the right time!The time is not far when all people will detest "Commodus".Then we will attack. And it will be the exact time to kill "Commodus".At last, that day arrives when the tournament was going to be held."Maximus" had come in the splendid big place of Rome with his two friends.There was a crowd in their surroundings.And their opposition has a bulk of jewelry with whom they had to confront.They have ranged weapon.And there were big nails on their jewelry so "Maximus" and his people may not come to it.This fight was one sided. There is only death.But "Maximus" and his people are the slaves. It is also shown here, That king, his sister and nephew were also watching this combat.But they cannot recognize the "Maximus". Because he had masked his face.Afterwards, combat starts. "Maximus" is guiding his people in this contest.He is teaching them, What to do and how to do, He drops their jewelry with the help of his people.And he also kills their many of people. Whereas , his own people also meet their end.And the people were encouraging in all surroundings.Because he had won this one sided combat.Observing it, "Commodus" says that we want to meet this warrior.Let's see ! Who is he? So he himself comes to meet "Maximus"."Commodus" says to him, Wow! What a value you have!I never witnessed a swordsman like you till today! Now unmask yourself immediately.Tell me your name! "Maximus" says on it,I am gladiator!Saying it, he begins to move. "Commodus" gets angry on this.He says to him, How dare you to turn you back towards me!Hurry up! take off your helmet and tell me your name.Then "Maximus" takes off his mask. And he says, Look! It is me.My name is "Maximus". I am the loyal of the good and the virtuous king.Whose wife was burnt alive. His son was murdered.Look! I will surely take the revenge. No matter what happens.Then commodus' swordsmen surround them.But all the spectators there begin to sloganize, Let live!It means that let them go. So "Commodus" has to leave them.Because it is playground. "Commodus" cannot kill them there.Then they move to their places. Now Commodus' sister had come to know that, "Maximus" is alive. So she moves to meet him at night."Maximus" is got furious when she goes to him.He asks that what was the guilt of my family members that they were bunt alive.Commodus' sister says on it, I know nothing about it!"Maximus" says to her, have you any regret of your father's death who had been murdered.She replies that I have been living under the shadows of terror and fear.I could not weep at the death of my father.I have still this fear. My son is heir of this kingdom. I am afraid from this that my brother may not kill my son.Commodus' sister wants that "Maximus" may bring the peace in the Rome.She tells that I know about a commander whom my father used to like.She also tells that there are many enemies of my brother who wished the peace in Rome.And I can also make you meet one of such a men."Maximus" says on it, I am not former independent "Maximus" now.I am a slave. I have no surety of life when I lose my breaths.I may be ended in the battle of tomorrow. Then commodus' sister requests, Accept my help! "Maximus" says on it, Okay!I accept your help. And the help is this, Never come here again!Being disappointed, she leaves from there. On the other side, it is seen that, "Commodus" was very worried , seeing "Maximus".

Because he had been told that "Maximus" has been killed.And he puts all those people into death who have spread this news.Then "Commodus" plans for one more time to kill "Maximus".He arranges a fight of "Maximus" with his strongest warrior who never faced defeat.He also releases the tigers in the surroundings.A moment also reaches during the fight when a tiger is about to kill "Maximus".But "Maximus" kills it. And the warrior is very dangerous and strongest.He fights with "Maximus" but "Maximus" is able to deafeat him.Now he is lying wounded on the floor before "Maximus".Now "Maximus" has the weapon . He can also kill him if he wants.And all the spectators are sloganize there. Kill him!Then "Commodus" also points out to kill him.But "Maximus" does not kill him but leaves.And all spectators are impressed from "Maximus" due to this.There is one voice is echoing in the battlefield, Sympathetic "Maximus"! Sympathetic "Maximus"! "Commodus" becomes envious for this.Maximus's old servant comes there when he is going from there."Maximus" asks him, Where is my army! That man tells, It is in Austria."Maximus" says to him, Inform them that I am alive! And they may come to meet me.After this, "Maximus" proceeds from there.Because he himself is a slave and he could not converses with him for a long time.But there was still one slogan was echoing, Sympathetic "Maximus"!The nation of that kingdom cannot recognize "Maximus" because he was the commander of Spain army.It is used to fight for Rome. And the nation was thinking as "Maximus" has died.As it has been told that Maximus' army used to like him too much.They can sacrifice their life on his one command.One day Maximus' old servant comes to meet him. And "Maximus" orders him that, Go and meet commodus' sister! Convey to him that a man with whom you wanted to arrange my meeting, I am ready to meet him! Then Maximus's servant does the same.Now "Maximus" , Commodus' sister and some other people meet.And they decide that they send "Maximus" out of this kingdom.after this, "Maximus" will go to Austria. There is his loyal team of fifty thousands soldiers.Then "Maximus" will bring them into Rome.And he will get the power of this kingdom.Then he will leave from here forever, entrusting that power to the deserved man.Now their complete plan was ready . But "Coomodus" had suspicion on his sister , "Maximus" and other people.As they are planning for something. So he threatens to his sister.I will kill your son if you don't reveal the whole fact to me!Now his sister has to tell the whole fact reluctantly.Now "Commodus" had also known their overall planing."Commodus" sends his men to that location to kill "Maximus" where he was present.But Maximus' partners help him.Consequently, "Maximus' two friends and some people are died.But "Maximus" is succeeded to escape from there.According to plan, "Maximus" goes to that location where his gladiator's dress had been placed.Then he goes to the place of his horse after wearing that suit.He notices , reaching there as his one of the servants has been hanged there.And he is surrounded by Commodus' men.They make "Maximus" captive. On the other side, it is seen that Commodus is threatening his sister.That your son will remain with me! If you played any trick, Then I will put him into death. I will also kill him in case you tried to commit suicide.Now you will like me as I have been caring for you for many years.And you will give the royal blood in form of heir of this kingdom .Here it is revealed that "Commodus" had build an illegal relationship with his sister.Because he needed a child from her who will become the king of Rome in future.In the battlefielfd, there is echoing the slogans of "Maximus".But "Maximus" is now captive here."Commodus" begins to feel jealousy, noticing much affection of the nation towards "Maximus".He begins to feel irritation because he wanted all for himself.After this, he goes to "Maximus". He says that your story is excellent.At first , you were a commander then became a slave and gladiator.

The end of the excellent story should also be ended excellently.What will be the splendid for you than that you are going to confront the king."Maximus" asks him, Will you fight with me now?"Commodus" says on it, Yeah! Do you think that I am afraid of you."Maximus" says, You have been fearing for the whole life!"Commodus" says on it, The self sacrificer "Maximus" will be bold but he will surely have fear from his death."Maximus" tells that someone told me that death smiles, seeing you.So it is better for you to smile , seeing it."Commodus" says on it, Is that man smiled at his death?"Maximus" tells that you had knowledge that he was your father king!"Commodus" says that I know that you like him too much.I also like him . So we are brother regarding this relation."Commodus" embraces him, saying this. And he stabs his back with a dagger.And he says to his men, Hide his wound! And make him wear his gladiator's suit!Actually, "Commodus" wants to fight with "Maximus" for this cause, So he may defeat and kill him before the World.And "Maximus" receives those compliments which "Maximus" is receiving.Because "Maximus" is the great warrior in the eyes of the World.He also wounds him for this cause so "Maximus" may be weakened when he confronts him.And he may easily defeat him. Now "Maximus" and "Commodus" confront each other in the battlefield.And there are Commodus' men in their surroundings.Afterwards, their great fight is started . They were both putting a heavy hand on each other."Maximus" fights bravely in spite of being wounded.At the same time, Commodus' sword is fallen down from his hand."Commodus" asks his men to give him his sword. One of his advisors says to him, No! No one will hand you over the sword. Because he had also no liking for "Commodus".Because he wanted that this fight may be held with full integrity.Afterwards, "Maximus" also falls his sword down. And they begin to fight with empty hands.But "Commodus" has hidden a dagger here.Taking it out, he is going to attack "Maximus" for the last time.But "Maximus" reverses his dagger towards him with the purpose to attack.And he kills him. "Maximus" had also very injured.He orders Commodus' men to leave his people.Because I will make them the traders of Gracchus.Because Gracchus wishes the peace in this country. He says that we have to see bright dreams of Rome.Then we have to fulfill those dreams. Because it was also the dream of our king.Saying it , "Maximus " falls down. Being wounded, he is about to die.Then Commodus' sister arrives to him. "Maximus" says to her, Now no one kill your son later! After this, it is shown to us that, "Maximus" is visualizing. He imagines his wife and son.He wants to return his home. His wife and son also get the news of his victory.After this, it is known that "Maximus" has left this World forever.The nation honours "Maximus" because he had sacrificed his life for Rome.He has shown to accomplish his duty.So all were taking him away while lifting him up.At the same time, Commodus' dead body remains unnoticed in the battlefield.But no one lifts it from there.And the movie also completes on this scene.

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