I Am Mother (2019) Film Explained

 The film which is going to be explained is science fiction. Where a girl's relationship to the robots has been displayed. It has been shown how robots see the world. A technological robot appears at the start of the film. In the film, it's referred to as "Mother Robot." She had placed an embryo in a glass jar. And that mother robot used to take care of it very much. There was a time duration for it. After this embryo had grown into a baby. Then it is seen that time had completed. And that baby was a lovely female baby. She has been called  daughter in this movie. That mother robot was very happy from her. She feeds her food and also talks. And she used to tell the story of the surroundings. She used to read the books for her telling that human beings have eradicated. They become the victim of an infection. That girl was youngest but most brilliant. Now this lovely little girl had grown up to 7 to 8 years old. One day , she asks her mother, Mother! Who were all human beings? Where did they disappear? So her mother says , Mother says, My daughter! An infection ended the life of all human beings as I told you. While some human beings became the victims of the war. It means , humans used to fight with one another. In this way, they were died. While some of them fell ill, Afterwards, all died. There is no one on the Earth now. Even it is barren because they destroyed all the lands during the war. That mother robot says to her daughter, The outside air is also contaminated. My daughter! This is the cause that I don't allow you to go outside. Mother daughter used to talk  affectionately with her daughter. That daughter also used to respect her more even though she was a little girl. Otherwise, mother robot used to teach her way of talking, eating and etiquette. In the same way , as a perfect mother teaches her children. The daughter was also growing perfectly, having good health and height. She was also learning all ethics and code of conduct. She was also very brilliant. Mother robot also used to take her class. And she used to take her IQ test after a few days. How much is she learning? After this, daughter asks that mother robot. How was I born? If all human beings were died. How did I survive alone? Then mother robot reveals to her, You did not survive! I myself have created you! I had your embryo through which I created you while growing it. A lovely daughter! She also demonstrates  her the other embryos. She tells, they will also grow in this laboratory exactly like you! They will also stay here. In this way, time continues to pass. This conversation goes on between mother and daughter. And mother does not let her daughter sense the outside World. Then it is seen, that daughter has grown up to 18 years old. Daughter is reading something, lying down there. Then the light of that laboratory is gone. The daughter takes it awkward because it never happened before. She checks , standing up. She notices that a few wires of the lab system have been damaged. And she glimpses a rat about which she had no knowledge. Because she  never had a look of any species of outside World. In spite of this, she begins to fix the wires, locking the rat in a place. Because she had the knowledge to set the deformity of the laboratory. How does its power set activated. At that time, mother robot was being charged. So the daughter herself fixes all wires of light. Due to this , it is restored. Then she begins to watch that rat carefully. Then mother robot arrives there. She says to her, from where did this rat come? From where have you caught this rat? Then daughter reveals the whole story to her. Mother robot says, Its arrival is not good here! And it burns it in furnace along with that glass jar. Daughter feels pain because of this.. She says, It was alive! Mother robot says, everything is perished outside! And humans are infected. What do you think that animals had been saved from this infection? The outside thing should not come inside. And I did for you betterment! But the daughter does not feel good on this. She thinks that there is surely something in outside World! So the rat appeared here. When mother robot is on charging at night. Then the daughter wears her  protective suit and thinks, That I will go to view the outside world. Mother robot will not know about it. As the daughter unlocks the door of her laboratory, Then there is a lady before her. That lady was not in good condition. She was looking feeble. She requests the daughter, Help me! Daughter examines her , going near her. Daughter also makes her wear the protective suit. Meanwhile, mother robot is fully charged. She asks the daughter when she notices the opened door of laboratory. She starts to call her. When the daughter comes before her, Then she asks, For which cause did you go outside? Why is this door open? So the daughter keeps silent before her. And she reveals nothing about that lady. Mother robot says, I will send you outside when the right time will come. Never ever open this door now! Otherwise, the outside infection will spread inside. Now it is the time of your IQ test! And she goes to take her test. As mother robot, leaves, handing over her daughter a device, Taking the chance of it, daughter comes to the same place, Where that wounded lady was present! She gives her water to drink. And the daughter says to this lady, You may stay here! I arrange medicine for you! Meantime, mother robot reaches there. She comes into rage, seeing both together  in the laboratory. Going there, she catches that lady and begins to pain her while injuring her. Then daughter says to mother robot immediately, Don't do as such! You told that outside World is infected but she is not! She has weakened because of the starvation. Serve her some vegetables and crops which you are growing outside. As you serve me water and food! She is also a human like me. We should help her. Mother robot says, Alright! I will also cure her! She may not be infected but I will do just for you my daughter! But that lady clears, No! I will not get treatment! I am perfect and not infected. Exactly, she had no mark on her body which indicated that she is infected. She was communicating consciously and her mind was also working perfectly. Being astonished, the daughter says to her mother robot, She is alright! Where are the symptoms of infection? What does this infection affect? Daughter says, As this lady has approached in our laboratory. There may be human in the outside World. And they may need our assistance! Then mother robot says, No!Those were humans who had anticipated that this World is nearly to meet its end. And the human beings themselves will not remain alive in this World. It is possible that she had hidden herself somewhere. And she may have arrived here. Mother robot says to her daughter, Go! And serve her food and ask her, Is there any survivor outside? What is the condition of the outside World? Because you are also a human being like her. And you  can converse with each other friendly. She is frightening from me! When daughter reaches  that lady, She says , Go Away! You people have targeted me! I am wounded. Then daughter says, Come! I take you bullet out of your body! Kindly trust us! We will not harm you. That lady agrees. Then she is operated in which that bullet is taken out of her body. That lady begins to talk with the daughter after being recovered. She tells her, You cannot rely on a robot! Outside World's robots attacked us while cheating and killed everyone. We are only a few survivors. Beware! you are living with a robot here, You are not secure here for a long time. Accompany me! We will live outside and restore the condition of the world. She becomes sentimental. Daughter goes to the mother robot while believing in that lady's story. Mother robot says, I have already heard your conversation! Then mother robot convinces her saying, You have been living with me for many years, And I have kept you with great affections. I am like you mother. And you will go against me for the sake of another lady. Then daughter is compelled to  agree with the mother robot. Then mother robot tells daughter that you have scored well in the psychological test. My daughter is smart! There is surprise for you. Then she takes her to the embryolab fertility place. There were embryos . She says, Select your sibling! Daughter is overjoyed when she hears it. She was the only person on the planet. Mother! she exclaims. I'm going to go with the brother. She selects a glass tube from the pile. At night, when the mother robot is being charged, Then various questions begin to rise again in daughter's mind, She begins to think herself, Why  am I only one here? Why has mother robot kept safe all other embryos? She goes to hidden lab where the whole data was saved. She knows many shocking facts , going there. That three more babies had been created before daughter by mother robot. But they fail in IQ test taken by her. Neither they get the good marks like the daughter. So mother killed all three of them. Being shocked, she begins to move ahead. Then she sees a jaw of someone. Picking it up, she knows that it was the real jaw of a kid. It means that mother robot had really ended them. And their parts of body were lying there. Observing it, daughter is badly hurt. She says, this mother robot fostered me so she may use my brilliance. She was also growing me up . Growing up, I may be the partner of her in advancing technology. Otherwise, human beings are valueless for her. As she turned against that lady. Thinking it, she begins to weep. She is saddened and moves to that lady. Now that lady suggests her, We may flee! But the daughter says, No! My brother is going to come into this World and I have to see him. And I cannot go, leaving that little human in the supervision of the robots. Their whole conversation is heard by the mother robot. She says to the daughter, Oh! These are the tricks of yours. She locks the daughter into a room after capturing. Afterwards she torments and wounds that lady , catching  her. Daughter comes out of the room , damaging the door in some way. Then she moves to rescue that lady. But that lady captures the daughter. She threatens mother robot, I will kill the daughter if you don't allow to leave from here. Here the mother robot is very scared. Because she did not expect such action from anyone. And mother robot has to unlock the doors . Now it is observed that, Lady and daughter had gone outside World. Everything had been destroyed. Smoke was rising. There were ashes everywhere on the ground. There was no meadow nor any specie of animals. But there was the greenery and the field outside the laboratory from whee they had come out. Which were being taken care by the robots. It means ,  these robots were just continuing the growth of  their surroundings. So the lab created human may survive here. As other embryos had to grow here. So they were teaching them according to their strategy. Now that lady and daughter reach a place while walking. It is not a mine but a little cabin where that lady had stored some edible things. Daughter asks her, What is this? You had told that you live in a mine. Where are the other people? That lady reveals that I told a lie to you! Yeah! We used to live in the mine and other survivors were also there. But they all met their end because of the lack of the food. It was me who survived there . So I shifted here  while eating some leftover food. Daughter slaps that lady's face and asks, Why did you tell a lie to me? I have come here on your suggestion, leaving my brother there. So the daughter returns to that laboratory back from there. There were number of the security robots out of that laboratory. As the daughter appears there then they begin to throw  red laser light on her . They were just detecting her. They let her come after recognizing as she is daughter. Going inside, daughter holds an axe. Thinking it , mother robot may show her anger on her and tries to kill. So she may defend herself. There is mother robot before her when she goes. And there is a little baby in her lap. This child was the brother of daughter. Mother robot says to her  , Look at your brother, dropping the axe. It means , mother robot's behavior was relaxed here. Observing it, daughter's fear is also reduced. Mother robot says to the daughter, The time has come that I reveal the truth to you! Hold your brother! Listen! I am the leader of all robots. I run them. Actually, it was my plan to eradicate the whole humanity of outside World. Because human beings had lost their understanding power. They were battling as they had destroyed the world. The World may be devastated if it continued for more years. And we robots did not sustain. They were cutting the trees, Human beings are worst even they devastated the nature. But my purpose was this, nature should not be harmed. So I myself eliminated the whole humanity. So our planet may remain safe. But I saved some of the embryos before it. I brought them in the laboratory with safety. But she was searching for the chief  of the human beings before it. Whose IQ must be highest. He should know what is required to do. How to spend the life. At last , I got you. So I had planned that as you grow 18 years old, Then we will grow these remaining embryos one by one. You will be the chief of all human beings. So I taught and trained you perfectly so you may teach them as being mother. You may tell them code of conduct and the way of living. You may train them in this laboratory. As these all human beings grow up, And they may develop. At that time, we have fixed the outside World. So a new generation may survive outside the World again. And they may take care of the world unlike the previous generation. Daughter asks, Why did you kill those three kids? Mother robot replies, I had to do it! When I tested their IQ, I did not consider it acceptable. That they may teach other human beings something. What was the benefit of my all planning. But I did not take such a step after you. Because I took your IQ acceptable that you may teach the human beings. I will not end any human being after you. Because you will be the chief of them to teach. The daughter says to mother robot, I don't know what your plan was. But no one is equal to you in cruelty. Who took the lives of the human beings. And you killed the number of the kids only to check the IQ. You deserve death! Mother robot says, Okay! damage me. But listen to me before it! A lady who arrived here, She came here on my order. I had asked her to show the outside world to my daughter. So she may generate in her mind that there is outside World. What is happening in actuality. And she took you with her. And I had to conduct your final test  that I had to give your brother. Meanwhile, I had to check you, sending you outside, Either you have affections for humans or not! I felt that affection in you what I could not develop in me. You returned back for your brother without caring your life. And you passed your test. It depends on you either you damage me or not. Because I had been brought into being only for this purpose. And my whole planning remained successful today. I taught you everything what have to to do after choosing you as a chief. Now these are all embryos. You will foster them while growing them up. I have no purpose to live here so you may damage me. Being sad, the daughter fires a gun on the mother robot. Because she was really purposeless now. Then she goes to that laboratory where all embryos had been placed. She knew that she had to grow these embryos. Afterwards, she will be the mother of all of them. Daughter begins to love her brother., She says, watching to those embryos. Yeah! I am mother. In the end, it is seen that a robot comes to that lady. It says to her, You performed a good job which was assigned to you. Your task is now accomplished. It then fires a rifle at it. Daughter was being a nice girl and caring for all of the embryos in the lab as they were being grown up. As they get older, she may be able to introduce them to the outside world. And they may survive into a new creation. And the movie completes on this scene.

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