I, Frankenstein (2014) Film Explained

 So the film starts from the year 1795, there we see a doctor, Dr. Frankenstein. He rejoins the parts of a dead body and revives it. But he doesn't know that after reviving it will become the worst monster. Soon the doctor realizes it, he thinks he will throw it into the stream. So that it will be removed for always. And the doctor does the same. He wrapped that dead body and throw it into the stream. But how would he know that he will be saved? Because it wasn't any dead body but a monster. When that monster was free from that wrap, he feels anger for the doctor. Who the hell is he to throw me like this? He has forgotten that the doctor makes him alive. He thinks he will take his revenge after killing the doctor's wife. Then the monster leaves from here. Dr. Frankenstein goes behind him. The weather was cold there. The doctor couldn't bear this. While following the monster he dies there. Here the monster buried the dr.Frankenstein with his father. There he finds a book. From which he comes to know how to revive the devil? Hmmm... I am feeling scared just thinking about it. As the monster leaves from there, three devils come in front of him. They say we are here to take you to our king. But the monster doesn't let this happen so he stops them. The devils attack him. Here the fight begins. It means a huge fight that devil comes on the monster and presses his neck. The monster picks a sharp thing nearby. He hits the devil with it and after this, the two creatures revive there. The creatures come there. They defeat all the devils after it, the devils return to hell. They come to know that these creatures were actually human because now they were in their real getup. A boy and a girl. They go to the grave of the Dr.Frankenstein. They see the book in which there was written about devils. They also come to know that the devils come to this world because of the doctor Dr. Frankenstein. This girl and boy were members of the Gargoyles team. In the next scene, we see that the devil comes to senses. He sees that he is tied. Then the queen of the Gargoyles come in from of him. The queen says to him that from now your name is Adam. Do you know what happened many thousand years ago? There was a fight happened between the devil and God. Many monsters got power from Devils. Those monsters now want to finish the world and humans as well. That's why the angels also want you to fight with those monsters. I know only you have the ability to defeat the monsters. I request you to join my team. But Adam refuses. I don't have spare time when he leaves someone stops him. He says that before leaving take some weapons with you. It will help you to defeat monsters. So Adam took those weapons. He starts spending his life alone somewhere. Because he wasn't interested to fight with someone. He doesn't interact with the devil or any monster. Because he was not a devil. Many years passed, the whole of the world is changed. Then he comes to know that there are some devils in this world. They are chasing him. One day, a demon was chasing Adam and today Adam loses his patience. He attacks him in return. There are two devils among them Adam hits one, and the other runs. Adam was also about to chase him. Meanwhile, Gargoyles come in the form of a bird and takes Adam to the castle. On the other side, we see the demon who ran. He goes to his king. He tells him that Adam has returned. Here we see that the king of the devil was living in a camouflage. It means the people around them don't know what is it? He was running a huge business was also running some projects. They were doing the same experiments done by Dr.Frankenstein. How to revive a dead person? Then he orders his all demons that now because Adam has returned, So attack Gargoyles and hold Adam. Because I want to know all the secrets from him. That how to revive the dead? Because he knew everything. Now we see that demons were ready in large number. They attack Gargoyles. The queen of Gargoyles also comes to know this. That a lot of demons are coming towards them so they attack each other. In this, both bear a lot of loss. But Demons were in a large number that Gargoyles were not competing with them. The demons were continously attacking them. Due to it, the boy and the girl were also killed whom we saw at the start of the movie. Who found the book from the grave of Dr. and this was a great loss of Gargoyles. Now because Adam was also a part of Gargoyles, he also fights with all demons. On the other side, the demons hold the queen of the Gargoyles. Adam asks the demon while going near him what is your purpose? What do you want to do? What are the intentions of your king? The demon tells Adam that we wanted you. Adam kills him. He turns into fire, ashes, and then finishes. When the special man of the queen comes to know they have taken the queen. Adam is also not finding. He starts seeing that book and he reaches a theater with the book. There he traps the queen. Adam was also hiding there. The special man of the queen gives Frankenstein's book to Devil. He takes it and leaves. Then Adam comes out and attacks all the demons. He was beating them while jumping. The devil gives that book to his king. The king gives it to a girl who was leading that project. Read this book and understand how to revive dead? Adam reaches a place there he comes to know the mission of the devil's king. He hanged many dead bodies at a place. He was planing to revive them. Do you know why he wants Adam? because he wants to enter Adam's soul in them. Adam was there meanwhile, he sees the girl who was having Frankenstein's book. While breaking the roof glass Adam goes to that girl and asks her to return the book. Then the security comes there. The king of the demons also arrives there. Who was a huge businessman in front of everyone. He goes to Adam and says that I am a businessman will you support me? Adam sees into his eyes and says that you are a demon, not a businessman. With this, he escapes from there. He has also taken that book from here. Now the demons discuss that maybe Adam couldn't read that book. Only this girl can understand that book on it, she has researched for many years. Adam will surely come to that girl, to know about that book. They ask that girl to go home and she leaves. But she doesn't know that her boss is actually the king of Demons. She thinks that he is a scientist, who is researching on this project that how the dead can revive? And he wants to take help from this book. She goes to her home. Meanwhile, Adam meets her and he tells her the truth about her boss. He also tells her about Gargoyles. Hearing it, that girl remains shocked. That girl says to Adam don't talk this rubbish, I don't believe you. You can leave. But then the special companion of that demon's king arrives there. It comes in the devil's face. He starts fighting with Adam. That girl sees their real getup. Why won't she believe now? That special man of the devil snatches that book from Adam. He says to him that do you know why we need your soul? You have no soul, What will we transfer in those dead bodies? But leave it, now I got that book. I don't even need you. I am going to kill you. The girl stops him and says that stop, we will need him. The assistant of the devil was listening to that girl, getting a chance Adam takes out his knife, He kills him with the knife. After it, he leaves with that girl. They stay in a building, the girl sews the wounds of Adam and they talk to each other. Adam sleeps but that girl doesn't sleep. She reads that book the whole night. In the morning, the girl asks Adam that who are you? Adam tells her that I was dead but Dr.Frankenstein revived me. When he feels that I am a monster and will harm him he tried to destroy me but I didn't destroyed. I return and took my revenge and nothing else. Then the girl receives a call that was a trap. She was called and imprisoned in that office. On the other side, Adam tells everything to Gargoyles. He says to them that I have the book, I will give you the book but you have to save that girl in return. The girl who is imprisoned by the demons. She even doesn't know that her boss is the king of the demons. The queen says that okay Adam, but here she was lying. She asks her special man that when we have the book then what to do with Adam? Adam is dangerous for us. You will kill him. That man goes to Adam's room to take that book. The assistant of Gargoyle's queen turns into the creature. His wings come out. He throws Adam from the building. He takes the book from him. But Adam also kills him and again sends him to hell. Because he wasn't a good man. With it, Adam burns the book of Dr.Frankenstein, to sort out this matter. Now when Adam goes to save that girl he sees that dagger which he gave her before leaving. He comes to know that Demons imprisoned her. She couldn't release herself yet and then the king of the demons kills a man. He says to that girl that you have done much research now revive this man. That girl doesn't want to do this because she knew there truth of demons and their king. But she was forced to do this and then she revives him. Meanwhile, all the dead bodies also becoming revive. Gargoyles also come to know this. The queen of Gargoyles follows Adam with her companions. But Adam knew it, and he goes in the direction of Demons and his king. The queen of Gargoyles come to know that he is going there so that we follow him. And we will gather at a place so that he can easily kill us. Demons also know this. Then a huge and dreadful demon comes out among them. He was about to attack Gargoyles. Gargoyles team kills him. After it, Adam immediately goes to the king of the demons. On the other side, the queen goes to the side with her companions where the dead bodies were reviving. They all were revived and they attack Gargoyles. But Gargoyles while fighting and beating them, they finish many flying vessels. Then we see Adam who was in front of the demon's king and was there to kill him. But the king of demons lifts him up while lifting him from the neck. The demon's king starts possessing him. It doesn't affect Adam. Because he was so strong. Adam immediately makes a mark on the chest of the demon's king. With it, he was imprisoned in the hell for always and his castle also start falling off, His army, his companions, his creature, and everything made by him. With that building, Adam and that girl also going inside it. Then the Gargoyles queen comes there while flying as a creature. She saves them. She says to Adam while smiling that I wanted to take revenge on you. But You killed my one more companion, but I forgive you, live your life happily and Adam also feels bad. That he didn't obey his palace queen and he thinks that he will save this world from every evil thing including Devils, evil souls. With it, this movie ends here. Thank you for watching.

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