I Know + I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1+2) Film Explained

 Today I will explain two different parts of a film. The first part is that ''I Know What You Did Last Summer''. At the beginning of the film, we see a group of teenagers. They all were friends who were returning from a party. They had a good day. One of the boys was driving the car and the other was doing mischievous acts. The drink drops from his hand. It falls on the driver boy. He loses his balance and then a boy comes in front of the car and they hit him. It was a bad accident. When they get off the car and see, the man whom they hit was dead. They get worried. That now what will we do, their intention wasn't this. But that man was dead. They plan to hide the dead body of that man. One of the girls name Julie and one more friend of Julie comes there. He asks her the reason to stop here? She tells that one of our friend's conditions is worse so we stop here for some fresh air. Hearing it, Julie's friend leaves from there. After it, we are shown that they have thrown that man's dead body in the sea. They say to each other that the happening will stay here. None will talk about this after leaving here. One year passed this incident. They returned and now we see Julie. On vacations, she goes to her home. There she receives a letter that was for her. When Julie opened the letter, there was a note inside. It was written inside that ''I know what you did last summer''. It was a mysterious message. Because they promised each other that what happened one year before the last summer will not remember again. Julie becomes worried and she goes to her other female friend. She was a storekeeper. Julie tells her friend everything. Then they go to their one more friend. Their friend who was with them the last summer. He asks Julie that like we promised I didn't tell this anyone but your best friend is disappeared after the incident. Julie tells that yes after that incident we break up. I didn't talk to him till today and I even don't know where is he. They say that maybe he leaked this. Or maybe he is teasing us. Then they leave from there. Now, the friend to whom they came discovers a photograph in his locker. it was written a caption on it that ''I know''. But the surprising thing is that how this picture and caption reach here. He couldn't understand that who has done this? As he comes out he sees that someone is taking his car. He starts following the car. So that he can see that who is taking his car. And can stop his car. Meanwhile, the man in the car hits him. He becomes injured and couldn't follow him. Because he was going speedily. The next day, we see that the injured boy is in the hospital. A group of his friends come to him and asks him about the night. Do you remember who hit you at night? He says that no I couldn't see anyone's face. Then his friends return. When the shopkeeper girl was going inside her house a man comes behind her. He was looking like a shadow. He also has a dagger in his hand he comes and hides in a cupboard. The girl doesn't know this. Nothing happened at night but when the girl wakes up in the morning. She feels like her hair is cut. When she sees in the mirror it was written ''Soon'' on the mirror. She feels it creepy. She breaks the mirror. That who can come to my house and she tells Julie about it. Julie was coming to her home as Julie sits in her car she feels like there is someone else in her car. When she gets off the car ad sees the backside of her car, there was a dead body. There were many insects on it also many crabs. She couldn't understand that who left this man inside my car after killing him. She gets scared and from here the scene changes. We see the female friend of Julie who was performing. Her injured friend was also seeing her. But then Julie's friend sees that there is someone behind her friend. He was none other than that shadow man. He stabs his dagger in that boy. Seeing it, the girl starts screaming. She says stay away, I want to go to save my friend. she moves the people standing there meanwhile, the police officer also comes there. He asks her that tell me why are you shouting? Julie's friend tells him that see upside, someone had killed my friend. The police officer goes upstairs but he couldn't find any boy there. There wasn't any blood. This thing left everyone astonished. Julie's friend was scared and she couldn't understand that what did happen? The police officer says her not to scared I have a car let me drop her at home. Julie's friend sits in it and when they move forward they see a car. Its bonnet was open. The shadow man was there but when the police officer sees that he needs help. He gets off the car but before the girl stops him that shadow man also kills the police officer with his dagger. Now that shadow man was coming towards Julie's friend. But she gathered her powers and breaks the mirror of the car, comes out of it. Then she goes to the store where she works. She calls her friend Julie from there. But then the girl hears a voice like there is someone in her store. She was right the shadow man comes inside and he has killed her colleague badly. Now the shadow man was moving towards Julie's friend. The shadow man throws that girl but the girl didn't lose courage. Julie's friend jumps from the window. She sees that the shadow man is standing in front of her before her. He cuts this girl's neck with his dagger. On another side, we see Julie she was with her old friend. To ask about this incident. And to know that he knows about the shadow man or not. When she sees that her friend is fine and nothing has happened to him. She thinks that he is the shadow man. I left him and to take revenge for it he is scaring us all. He is mad even he is also doing murders. She runs from there but her friend says that don't be scared of me. I am not the shadow man meanwhile, someone comes and attacks her friend's face. Due to it, he loses his senses. Then that man goes to Julie and says that I will save your life sit in the boat. Julie was scared and she has no other option. She sits in the boat. Meanwhile, the shadow man again takes out his dagger. Julie's friend also comes to his senses. He comes towards them to kill the shadow man. To save his friend Julie. But the shadow man hits on the face of Julie's friend and he falls down. While saving her life Julie goes to the backside of the ship. There she sees the dead body of her friend whose car was stolen. She gets scared here and says that how will I save my life? I am not understanding and the Shadow man also arrives there. Before that man attacks or kills Julie his hand was stuck in the rope. It was a good thing. Because the rope in which his hand was stuck can be pulled and Julie's friend does the same. He starts pulling the rope due to it, the hand of Shadow man was cut. From here, we are shown the scene after one year. Julie waas escaped and she was going to take a shower. She sees that there was written I know on the glass in front of her. With this, Part 1 ends here. From here, part 2 starts. Its name is ''I Still Know What You Did Last Summer'' It means that the shadow man still knows that what had they done last summer. Now he will tease them like this. In the kast scene of part 1, we saw that Julie has seen ''I know'' written on the glass. In fact, that was just her dream. After that incident, Julie sees dreadful dreams. It was because of her fear. Like this when Julie was in her classroom she sees a dream. She becomes frightened but there was her classmate. He says to her that everything will be alright. Now in part 1, the old friend of Julie who saved her life was named Ray. He is the main character of this movie. We will call him by his name. Now when Ray sees that Julie is with her new friend he asks her that can we become friends again? We will go for an outing then you will feel good. Julie says that no I can never feel good while going on an outing. Because I can't forget that incident of the last summer. Ray asks her to think but she says that I have thought. You can go. Ray goes from there rudely. Julie goes to her home from there. There she hears a voice and she gets scared. That was none other than Julie's friend. She was her classmate and she tells Julie that tonight is a party. We will enjoy it, will you come? Julie says that you know that I don't like to go out. Julie's friend tells her that tonight the boy is also coming who likes you. He was the classmate of Julie who encourages Julie. That everything will be alright when Julie hears this she agrees. At night, they all go to the party. One of the female friends of Julie was also at the party. With her friend. Then their class fellow also arrives there who likes Julie. The four enjoy a lot. After some time, Julie feels weird thoughts. Like that shadow man is still alive. And he will surely kill Julie someday. She instantly comes to her home from there. And she sleeps because she wants to escape from everything. So that she will never face the shadow man again. The next morning, when she wakes up she sees that her friend was sitting there. Then they receive a call and they were told that you received tickets for tourism. These are for 4 people. Hearing it, they become happy. Julie's friend says that one is my friend and both are we and who will be the fourth? Whom will you take with you? Julie says that obviously Ray, he is so good but I never go with him. He always makes me agree to go out. When I will call you today, he will become happy. As Julie calls Ray, he says that now you want to go out. He says sorry I am busy but I will think. He said this unwillingly. He likes Julie and can't refuse her. He refused because today he will come to a purpose, Julie. After it, Ray goes to Julie's home with his friend. Then they see that there is a man who got in the accident on the road. Ray gets off the car and goes near him, he asks him that are you fine? He was a mysterious man he instantly sits in his car. He was about to harm Ray but then Ray jumps on the other side. Due to it, he fell down and he gets injured. On the other side, we see that the shadow man comes and kills Ray's friend with his dagger who was sitting in the car. On the other hand, we see that Julie and her friend were talking. Julie says that Ray is not coming then her friend says that now the boy will go with us, the boy who likes Julie. They do their packings and they move for their trip. As they reach there, the people there were talking to each other that they are the last visitors here. After that, no tourists will come here. Now they go to the hotel from there at first, they go swimming. Later, they go to take the keys to their rooms. After getting the keys the manager says to them alright, so you are the people who got the keys to these rooms. They ask that is there any special in these rooms? The manager says that yes these are the special rooms of our hotel. Then they go to their rooms. But before this, the caretaker of the hotel comes there. He tells them the tourists come here in a season and after it, none come here. Today is the last fine day of the weather, from tomorrow there will be a dangerous storm. It is better for you to leave this hotel and this place as soon as possible. But they take it as fun. Then we are shown a scene when Ray is sick and is in a hospital. The doctors are saying that his condition is worse. After it, they leave from there but when they return they see that Ray wasn't there. On the other side, we see Julie and her friends who were enjoying themselves in the bar. But the weird thing is that there is none except them at that place. Except for a female bartender. They start singing but then they see something written in front of them. That was ''I Still Know What You Did Last Summer''. Seeing it, Julie starts screaming. Her friends say that Julie doesn't do this here and Julie goes to her room. She finds a letter in her room in which her name was written. There was a surprise in it, at first, it seems that the circulating quotation will be written in it. But that letter was written by her classmate. He also gives her a rose. What a surprise..! Then we see Ray, who is trying to contact Julie. Even he calls at the hotel number. But none picks his call and the next day, we see that when Julie comes out after taking shower, she feels like there is someone in her cupboard. When she opened the cupboard, she discovered a dead body inside. Seeing it, she starts shouting. The staff of the hotel comes there. Her friend was also there she tells them everything as well as she calls ray again. But there was no connection. Because it was storm time. Julie asks them that we have to move from here. The staff goes from there while ignoring her. The scene shifts to the shadow man. He was killing everyone one by one with his dagger, none could save his life. We see Ray he has the ring which he has to give Julie. He buys a gun in return for the ring. Then we see Julie who is worried. That till the storm stops they have to stay in this hotel. She was continously calling Ray but we told you that there was no connection. Seeing her worried, her female friend comes to her and says that let us go out. As they go out, they see that someone had killed the manager badly. His blood is spread everywhere. With his blood on the wall it is written that ''I still know what you did last summer''. Julie shows this message to everyone and says that it is not good for us to stay here. After seeing this dead body you are supposing that we are safe here. They fo put and Julie's friend makes her understand that who is our enemy and who will kill us? Are you seeing the storm in front? There is no ship how will we go? Then Julie was silent. The two boys with them plan that as we can't go from here. But we can hold the man who is killing everyone here. We will hold and kill him. Then they all start searching for the weapons in the hotel. They were also searching for the daggers from which the others were killed. There was that caretaker and they all hold him. They ask him that where were you wandering? You know that you are the only one in the hotel who is saved still. We are suspicious that you killed others. He says that no you can suspect me but can't blame me. I will show you something he takes them to a grave. The soil was out of that grave. And Julie's name was written on it. After showing them this, the caretaker moves from there. But Julie's classmate follows him because he still suspects him. Others come inside the hotel. On the other side, we see Ray He was coming to the island with a ship. Because he has to escape Julie. He was worried that why Julie is not attending his calls. On the other side, when they go inside the hotel they see that female bartender there. But then that shadow man also comes there. He was about to attack them but they move out while saving their life. But they get astonished after seeing that what was there. The place was full of fresh dead bodies. Like they are killed just now. Before the shadow man comes and attacks them, the boy who was chasing the caretaker comes there. It means Julie's classmate. He takes them inside the hotel with him. Then Julie's female friend and the bartender go to take medicine. Then a huge secret reveals to us in the hotel. That the shadow man was none other than this class fellow of Julie. He takes Julie out with him. It was a deserted place. On the other side, we see that the caretaker meets with Julie's female friend and the bartender. The caretaker also tells them that who is that shadow man actually. He also attacked that caretaker. Then we see that Julie's classmate takes her to the graveyard. There we see a man who was shown dying at the end of part 1. His end was shown so obviously. His hand was cut and fell in the sea. Now he has placed a sharp rod instead of his hand. Those dangerous men were killing others. Here they are also about to kill Julie. Luckily, Ray also reaches there but before Ray escapes Julie they hold Ray. They were about to kill him. The man with a cut hand was about to kill Ray with his sharp rod. Meanwhile, Ray moves from there. That rod stabs the chest of the classmate of Julie and he dies here. Now the man with the cut hand was left. Julie and Ray shoot him and kill him. It means here their story end. Somehow they send the night there without any fear. Because both were killed who were killing others. The next morning, a rescue team comes to save them. Then we see the scene after some days. When Julie and Ray were together and they have a strong bond now. However, while Julie was sitting on her bed, two hands appeared from beneath the bed. They pull Julie towards them. With it, this movie ends here. The story of both parts of this movie is finished here. I hope you like the explanation. Thank you for watching.

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