Infestation (2009) Film Explained

 At the beginning of the film, we see a character named "Cooper." Who enters his office while talking with someone through a call. When he was conversing with his boss in a meeting. Then a high frequency noise is heard there. Consequently, all people lose their conscious. Afterwards, it is seen that a giant bug is sucking the blood of "Cooper". And he is also entrapped in a spider web. He observes, coming into the senses that his boss and whole staff are also entrapped in a web. And a giant bug attacks him with it. He fights with it with his full strength. And he makes it flee from there. After this, he lifts his boss and one of his companions, But his boss runs outside to rescue her daughter. "Cooper" stops her hardly, And he goes outside to rescue her daughter named "Sara", putting his life at risk. Who was also entrapped in cocoon in a car. As he lifts "Sara", she sprays the pepper spray in Cooper's eyes in fear. At the same time, Sara's mother or Cooper's head comes outside. And a big fly like creature flies , grabbing her from there. Being afraid, "Sara"  screams loudly. So many bugs begin to attack them. So they run to building to hide themselves. Here "Sara" and "Cooper" understand that these bugs attack on the high frequency sound. Now "Sara" starts to lift the other people in the building. And a man attacks her as she lifts him. Then a giant bug appears there at the same time and catches Cooper's foot. That man knows ,seeing them, That these are the giant bugs which are attacking them not the human beings, And he immediately leaves "Sara". They also give the support to the other people there. Where they were planning to go outside, observing the circumstances. One of the boys had a truck who says that, I will leave by truck. But "Sara" does not like this plan. Because truck had a great sound. And those giant bugs could attack them through this. But that boy does not agree with them and they all come out of the building. Afterwards, he drives away, lifting a boy and girl in his truck. When that boy drives his truck forward, Then those giant bugs attack him  , hearing the noise . They are died here. And those bugs also attack a police officer, leaving him dead. All those people decide to go back into the building after being scared. Returning back, a man named "Albert"  becomes the victim of a big fly like creature . That big fly like creature stings his body. But "Albert" is survived here. They all enter the building . And they move to the building of roof to know the circumstances. Where glimpse an appearing red gas. Then they see to the opposite direction of the building. Where many giant fly like creatures were flying in their opposite side. They suggest that they should move to the military airbase for their security. "Cooper" tells that my father's house is also nearby the military airbase. There will be availed all facilities as safe shelter. But "Leechee" had to research on those bugs here. So venom of  them was required to "Leechee". For this purpose, they all trap a bug into a room. Then they gradually open the door. For this, it spreads its leg  out to go outside. They immediately locks the door. Now its leg is entrapped in that door. So they succeed to take its venom through its body part. Then they all are seen seated  at a place. They were discussing about it. There was nothing in their memory about it except they heard the high frequency noise. After this, they all lost their consciousness. They were also astonished on this why they are trapping them in the webs. "Sara" tells that they are entrapping the human beings in the webs, So their blood and body may be refreshened. And they may use it for a long time. After this, they all go for sleeping. In the next scene , it is seen that the bug was making a loud noise, They had locked bug into a room. "Albert" soon arrives there, He kills that bug. Here "Leechee" exposes to them that, This bug was not making a noise for no cause. It was rather signalling its group. As a result, they will have to leave this location. "Leechee" herself refuses to leave from here , Because she was also researching on these bugs. Moreover, she also wanted to supports all people here. Afterwards, other people also leave this place  along with "Sara" and "Cooper". First of all, they move to Albert's house. Where they witness that Albert's wife was no more. "Albert" was very dejected on it but he controls his feelings. And he moves outside along with others, holding a gun. "Sara" thinks that it is a wrong decision to bring that gun outside. Because many bugs could detect them with the gun sound. "Albert" says on it that I have taken it for the critical situation. Then they move to the house of that girl who was accompanying Sara' s group. Reaching to her house, that girl notices that her sister is also trapped in the web. She begins to lift her sister. At the same time, her brother appears from the entrance. He had transformed into a monster bug. So that boy attacks everyone. First of all, that boy  victimizes his unconscious sister. After this, he moves to his another sister. Where that girl was very grieved , witnessing his brother. So she stops  "Albert " and "Cooper" to kill him. But he wounds both of them . So "Albert" reluctantly kills him. Afterwards, they both plan to stay at that girl's house at night. Here that girl proposes the marriage to "Cooper" but he rejects her. Now "Albert " is seen who had been injured by that bug. Now he was gradually transforming into that monster. So he requests to his companion , Don't kill me if I transform into a monster! Because I want to live my life. The dawn breaks, And they all start their traveling again. Next morning, they come out of his house. "Sara" declares to "Cooper" that I want to go to that place, From where that red gas was releasing. She says that I think my mother will also be there. "Cooper" explains to her, What do you think that your mother will be alive there? Because there is no any chance to survive there. So it will useless for you to visit there. He also says that they should accompany "Cooper" to his father's house. Meanwhile, many fly like creatures are seen, flying towards them. "Sara" was frightened , observing the flies. Because these were the same flies which had taken away to her mother. She catches the hand of "Cooper" in fear. Consequently, other girl is envied. Because "cooper" had rejected his proposal. Then she begins to shout loudly so the fly like creatures may arrive there. "Cooper" and all other people make her understand, That girl does not agree with them. So "Albert" has to fire his gun on her reluctantly in this situation. A fly attacks a "Cooper", hearing the sound of gun. And other fly like creatures take "Sara" from there while avoiding "Cooper". "Cooper" does not get courage to rescue her. Later, he immediately moves to his father's house. There his father was searching for his pet animal and calling him with loud voice. "Cooper" relaxes him and requests  to accompany him to rescue "Sara". But his father refuses it. Afterwards, it is seen that, "Albert" who was attacked by the fly like creature, He had also transformed into monster. So his companion kills him unwillingly. They had used the gun to shoot "Albert" so many fly like creatures appear there. They all move to the cellar to rescue themselves. Now "Sara" comes on the scene who was in the nest of bugs. And she finds many people entrapped in the cocoon. She is scared , seeing it. Actually, those bugs had trapped those people in cocoon, So that their queen easily  eat them. And "Sara" starts to search for his mother in fear. Next morning, "Cooper" again tries to convince his father. Then he alone moves to that hive when he declines. Where he is arrested by the police officer. Thinking he is also infected. And he is going to transform into a mutant . As "Albert" had transformed. Police officers seize Cooper's partners and father along with him to imprison them. "Cooper" says to them, You are taking us very wrong! We are not infected. You can touch us if you want. There they also observe that Cooper's father is also infected. Meanwhile, Cooper's father grabs a police officer there. And he asks to release "Cooper", And a person who was in the prison  with "Cooper", He is also unexpectedly transformed into a mutant. He kills one of the local cops. Getting a chance, Cooper's father also victimizes other police officers. They find some bicycles , coming outside. Through which they reach  the hive. Cooper's father ties "Cooper" up and knocks his partner out, reaching that hive. Because they did not want that "Cooper" may go into a danger. "Sara" wounds Cooper's father as he steps in the bug nest. Then he tells her that I am the father of "Cooper"! And I have come here to rescue you! "Sara" is relaxed, hearing it. And she embraces him. She also tells him that, That she remained unsuccessful to search for her mother here. After this, she accompanies Cooper's father to kill that bug queen. Because she had witnessed bug queen shorty before. They don't find bug queen, going there. Suddenly, that bug queen attacks them from their upside. It is seen that Cooper's partner had also restored his consciousness. He also frees "Cooper" and they both together move into the hive. Now "Cooper" prohibits his partner to go inside in depth area. But he enters it because of having hearing disorder. So "Cooper" has also to come after him. They fall on an egg, going inside. And they also hear the sound of bug with it. He had understood through this voice that his father is also here. So he moves ahead in search of his father. Here Cooper's father was firing his gun on that bug queen. That bug queen was going to attack him that "Cooper" attacks it , appearing from backside. But it gets no harm due to this firing. Now it releases a loudest sound now. As it had been seen at the start of the movie. So everyone will have to block their ears due to this. Cooper's other partner is not affected by it because he had hearing disorder. Moreover, he had no his hearing amplifier. He immediately stuffs bug queen's mouth with bomb belonged to Cooper's father, lifting it. So that bug queen is kept quiet for a while. Now Cooper's father could not stand up because of being wounded badly. So he asks "Cooper" to leave this place. Now Cooper's father gives "Cooper" the remote of that explosive, Which has been put into the mouth of that bug queen. And he also instructs him, Press its button, going outside. Now we will meet outside. Now Cooper;'s father had also transformed into monster bug. He is afraid all of a sudden. Coming at a distance, he uses that remote so bomb may be blasted. He continues to press the button. But no blast occurs. As he observes the remote that he comes to know that there is no battery in it. Now "Cooper" instantly  starts to search for battery there. But he finds nothing. Suddenly, he hits upon an idea. He reminds that there is a torch in his hand, He immediately fixes the battery in remote , taking from it. And he presses that button and bug queen is blasted with it. And the whole hive had also ended after burning. And "Cooper" had lost his senses due to this blast. "Sara" and his other partner take him outside. He glimpses "Sara" along with him, coming into senses. He tells them that I dreamt of the bugs and also killed their bug queen. "Sara" tells him that you had done it in reality. Then three of them are seen working together to free the people from the cocoon. Meantime, they witness something coming at a distance. Witnessing it, they had left shocked and worried. But it is not shown what it was. The movie completes on this scene.

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