Jurassic World (2015) Film Explained

 The giant eggs are shown as the film starts. These eggs belong to dinosaur. One of the dinosaur's babies is trying to be hatched. Then a kid comes on the scene. He was keenly interested to see the variety of dinosaurs. That kid has also an elder brother and their interests were same. Those kids' parents send them to their aunt to spend the vacation. Their aunt was the manager of a park named "Jurassic_World". Those kids' aunt name is " Claire". She is very busy at that day. So she sends her worker to pick those kids up. Those kids are excited when they meet their aunt " Claire". " Claire" hands over them an entrance pass. So they may enjoy and not wait. Then a geneticist is shown. They have introduced a new  strong dinosaur through the transgene. And these gene changes belonged to "Indominus Rex" and "Velociraptor." And both of these dinosaurs are extremely dangerous and powerful. And their created dinosaur was most threatening than those two dinosaurs. And they have named "Rex" to this new dinosaur. Their purpose was to get the success after this. This "Jurassic_World" will be famous in the whole World and the people will visit here. As a result, they get much financial profit. After this, the owner of "Jurassic_World" comes on the scene. And their character name is Mr "Simon Masrani". "Claire" accompanies them to show them the new dinosaur "Rex". They are left astonished, seeing "Rex" dinosaur. Because the glass was scratched by "Rex". Because it had attempted to escape from here. They say to make the strict security of park that ex-worker "Owen" should be hired in their group. They also ask "Claire" that "Owen" should show the enclosure of "Rex". He was saying it because "Owen" had much information about dinosaur. And he is taming the four raptors in the current time. Raptors are also the specie of dinosaur.  He has named one of the raptors "Blue". Which was his most loving. Then the owner of Jurassic_World moves to "Owen". And he suggests "Owen" to join their Jurassic_World's team. That security head also says to "Owen" that we want to use your raptors in the battle. Because these raptors can help out the people in the war. But "Owen " directly rejects this request. Then a boy is fallen into the enclosure of raptors. Raptors are nearly to kill that boy while attacking. Then "Owen" appears to rescue him. He had a trust on it, That hisraptors will not attack him. So "Owen" comes out of the enclosure of the raptors , rescuing that boy. On the other side,  The kids are shown who are enjoying in the park. They are excited, witnessing the dinosaur of water. Afterwards, "Claire" is seen who comes to "Owen". Here it is known that "Claire" and "Owen" had some feelings for each other. "Claire" informs "Owen" about that dangerous dinosaur "Rex". So "Owen" goes along with "Claire" to have a look of "Rex". Reaching near its enclosure, they find that "Rex" is not present there. There were the marks of Rex's claws on the wall. They understand, seeing it that "Rex" has tried to escape from here. And it has really escaped. So "Claire" immediately  moves to the control room. Because a tracker had been fixed with "Rex". And she can trace it through the tracker. "Claire" contacts control room's members. An she asks about "Rex" from them. Control room workers tells "Claire after tracking "Rex" that, "Rex" is in its enclosure. They also inform "Claire" along with it, That "Owen" and some workers have entered the enclosure of "Rex". "Claire" is very afraid, hearing it. So she says to the workers of the control room, Bring them out soon! When "Owen" and his worker know about it that, "Rex" is there so they begin to flee. But "Rex" also appears there, hearing their voice. One of the workers remove the barrier of the enclosure in confusion after being panicked. That worker runs from there, doing so. "Owen" is also running from there while saving his life. But "Rex" is also run after him outside , breaking everything. "Rex" catches that worker who had removed the barrier of enclosure. And it victimizes him. On the other side, "Owen" is seen who is hidden under the car. "Owen" sprinkles the fuel on him so "Rex" may not sense the smell of his flesh. And it also happens the same as "Rex"leaves that place. Then "Owen" enters the control room safe and sound. Then "Owen" asks "Claire", Where has " Rex" gone? "Claire" tells him that it has escaped from here. And "Rex" has run to the forest. And our strong team has departed to capture him, They catch "Rex" with the help of that tracker which was fixed in his body. "Rex" was intelligent and also sharp So it had thrown its tracker, removing it. All are left astonished , seeing this action of "Rex". Is there any other animal that is as intelligent and as sharp as this one? Then "Rex" appears from among the bushes, having been watching them for quite some time. Team members  try to capture "Rex" but it victimizes them one by one. "Owen" says to them, seeing it, Close the park soon! Because "Rex" is most powerful and threatening! "Claire" makes the Northern sector of the park to save the lives of the people. Northern sector is the place where "Rex" was present. Afterwards, Claire's nephews are shown who were enjoying in the park. They are looking at the dinosaurs , sitting in the gyrosphere. Then "Claire" contacts her nephews. Those kids tell her that we are in the northern sector of the park. "Claire" says to the, Come out of this place as soon as possible! But the call is disconnected because of the signal issue. Those kids know that the park rides have been banned there. But they still wanted to enjoy more. But the younger kid does not take this news seriously. And he moves the gyrosphere in that area which was prohibited. There were also dinosaurs but they were not dangerous. Then "Rex" appears there and it ends all the dinosaurs. Those kids are frightened, witnessing it. Then "Rex" also attacks on that kid's gyrosphere. But that gyrosphere was very solid. So it is not damaged for sometime. But that gyrosphere is damaged. And both kids fall down. Both kids reach the falling water  while running. "Rex" also comes after them.Before it victimizes them, Both kids jump into the water showing their intelligence. Seeing it, "Rex" moves away. And both kids are survived. "Claire" comes to "Owen" and says that kids are in northern sector. Then "Owen" goes with "Claire" in order to save kids' lives. They find the dead bodies of the dinosaurs on the way. And they were killed by "Rex". "Claire" is grieved, witnessing all dead dinosaurs. Then she leaves that place to rescue the kids. Then they move to that area of the forest where kid's gyrosphere was lying. They notice that gyrosphere is in very bad condition. It was completely damaged. Seeing it, "Jurassic_World" is very frightened. Then "Owen" observes the footprints of the kids. Noticing it, "Owen" says to "Claire" that your nephews are very wise and brilliant. They will have to take actions wisely so they have rescued. They reach the falling stream while chasing the footprints of the kids. "Owen" says to "Claire" , We should return as kids surely will be saved. Because it is not out of risk, moving forward. But "Claire" does not agree with him. She wanted to move ahead to rescue her nephews. Then Claire's nephews are seen who had approached in an old garage of the woods. They drive away after repairing a car. When "Claire" and "Owen" hear the sound of car driving, Then they also approach there. They come to know, coming there that kids have escaped from here with safety. "Rex" appears there as they were thinking to move away while repairing the car. Which attacks them. Security Head says to Mr  "Masrani ", That we should use the raptors of "Owen" in order to capture "Rex". But they did not want to free the raptors in the park. Because they prove a threat for the people. So they themselves go to catch "Rex". They notice that "Rex" is chasing "Claire". So they attack "Rex" with their machine guns. But it is missed. "Rex" breaks the cage of the raptors. One of a  the raptors is crashed with the helicopter of Mr  "  Masrani ". It also causes the crash of their helicopter. And they die , due to this. "Claire" receives her co-worker's call. She tells her, That we have searched out the kids through the security cameras. The kids are in our custody and they are safe and sound. "Claire" says to her, I am coming to you to pick them up! Take care of them till that time. And "Claire" goes to pick them up along with "Owen". Contrarily, reptiles are seen. Which attack the people coming in the population. Claire's co-worker comes on the scene who is recusing both of kids. But one  of the raptors flies away, taking Claire's co-worker. And the water dinosaur engulfs that raptor and Claire's co-worker. Meanwhile, "Claire' and "Owen" also reach there. They all four begin to move away together. Then security head is seen who goes for Owen's raptors  after the death of Mr . "Masrani ". He fixes a device on raptors. So he may keep an eye on him, Then "Owen" comes to know that his raptors are being brought into the work so he becomes aggressive. He asks about his raptors while going to meet security head. Both argue . "Owen" has to agree with security head, having no plan. They all plan to capture "Rex" . "Owen" makes his raptores smell "Rex". And he frees them from the cage. Those raptors run to the forest. And they find "Rex" there. And "Owen" also reaches there with his full team. Here the astonishing fact is revealed as that "Raptor" and "Rex" begin to talk with each other. "Owen" understands here that "Rex" is surely a raptor . So they are communicating the each other. They attack "Rex" and they wound "Rex" with an explosive bomb. But "Rex" has lured the raptors while  talking with them. Now those raptors support "Rex". They attack the team. "Claire" is very afraid, sitting in a car. But a team member asks her to escape from here. So "Clair" moves while driving her car speedily. Then "Owen" also approaches there and asks "Claire" Follow me! Then they reach the control room safe and sound. Security head reveals that I want to take the support of these four raptors in the battle to help the people. But a raptore attacks the security head, reaching there. And it eats its flesh after killing him brutally. "Claire" and "Owen" come outside, taking all three kids. Where all remaining raptors surround them. "Owen" talks with his loving Blue raptor and he also removes the device fixed on its head. Now they all three raptors restore their normal condition. Then "Rex" also appears there. Being restored, raptors attack "Rex". But "Rex" kills them one by one as being strongest. Claire's younger nephew says that same strong dinosaur  is required if they have to rescue their lives. "Claire" hits upon a plan, hearing it. So she calls the most threatening dinosaur named " T-Rex dinosaur". "Claire" makes it chase her , showing the flare light. And it brings "T-Rex" to "Rex" while making it chase. Where the two dangerous dinosaurs as "Rex" and "T-Rex" confront each other. There is a great fight between both dinosaurs. "Rex" wounds "T-Rex" as being stronger. Then "Blue raptor" of "Owen" reaches there which attacks "Rex". Wounded "T-Rex" also attacks "Rex" , getting a chance. There is great fight among three. Then water dinosaur catches "Rex" with its sharp teeth. And it drags it into the water with it. And it kills it, dragging there. Now "Rex" had finished. And "T-Rex" Was also injured badly. So it moves away. "Owen" gesticulates "Blue raptor" and it also moves away. Then Claire's sister arrives there to take her kids. She gratifies "Claire"  as she rescued her kids. And "Owen" also did the same. There were also other people wounded by raptors. This movie completes on this scene.

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