Kill Bill_ Volume 2 (2004) Film Explained

 The Film starts with the flashback. When will the bride's wedding be held? Everyone has assembled in the church. The wedding ceremony had a small period of time. As a result, everyone was getting ready. "Bride," she adds. There will be a time when I will be able to go outside for a while! She begins to peep from church. Then she glimpses "Bill" there. He is playing flute. And his presence was strange here. Because "Bill" and "Bride" had an affair before it. Today was Bride's wedding day. What is "Bill" doing here? "Bride" begins to talk with him, going near him. Then she says to him, Come! I introduce you to my future husband! He brings "Bill" inside the church. And she says to her future husband, "Bill" is my father! Because "Bill" was a middle aged man. They converse with one another. And Bride's future husband does  not feel any suspicion. He is very excited with "Bride". Now the wedding ceremony is going to start. Then a squad arrives there wearing black suits. They were the same people about whom it was told in part I. They were the same assassination squad who had attempted to kill "Bride" while firing. The squad included 3 females and 1 male. "Bill" is also tormenting "Bride" in the church before their arrival. He straightly fires the gun on Bride's head  saying, you were going to leave me! And the repeated lines which were also spoken in part I, You are also looking pretty  soaked in blood. Don't be afraid from me! I cannot leave you even though you are looking as such. Nor I will ever leave you! But "Bride" was survived. Now she had decided after being in coma for 4 years. That she will kill everyone who targeted her on that day. And she had already killed Japanese and African women. Now it was the turn of other three squad members. "Bill was also the part of it. The boy except "Bill" in the squad was  sibling of "Bill". Their  both relationship was also not satisfactory . But he had used him to kill "Bride". Now the scene turns to the current time, leaving flashbacks. "Bill" goes to his same brother and says, "Bride" has returned after being recovered. Be careful! And he also asks him about a sword with it. Which belongs to "Bride". But his brother forbids him saying, I have sold it so it is not in my possession now. In the next scene , it is seen that Bill's brother is sitting somewhere, Then he feels the presence of someone. It means , he thinks that someone is in his surroundings. He is smoking. At  the same time, "Bride" approaches there. Who had come here to to kill him. She comes inside the room while breaking the door. As Bill's brother had already detected that, So he was ready, holding his gun. He fires his gun on "Bride" as she enters. Fortunately, there are the fake bullets in the gun. There are a few fragments of the sword which had hit "Bride" badly. Now the current time moves to the flashback, When "Bride" and "Bill" were together. "Bill" is informing her about a man. That he has many capabilities. We will be able to kill any man immediately if we get training from him. "Bill" takes her to that man. That beard man trains "Bride". And that day approaches when "Bride" was fully skilled. Now she knew many things.. Going far, Bill's brother injects her with tranquilizer. And he possesses her  rare and costly sword. He also contacts his last female assassination squad member except "Bill" and his brother. And "Bride" wanted to kill her along with her. Because she was also listed. Now Bill's brother says to her through a call. I have a great sword. Just visit my location if you want to purchase it. Where the  concern is of "Bride, Bill'e brother drives to  location, tying her feet and hands in his truck. And that place was the graveyard. There was also Bill's brother friend along with him. And they had come here to bury "Bride". They bury "Bride", placing her into coffin. A torch light has also been placed in the coffin. "Bride"  is not able to come out of this coffin even after a great struggle. She had a caught in the tough circumstances at the current time. So, in this difficult situation, she utilises her abilities. To begin, she cuts the ropes in her hands with a knife. After this, she begins to break the coffin. Fortunately, she was outside. On the other side, that girl had also reached Bill's brother. Who had been called by Bill's brother. So that she may take the sword. As Bill's brother demands money from her. Then that girl asks him about "Bride", giving her bag. Then she comes to know that man has buried him. Anyhow, when Bill's brother is opening the bag stuffed with money, A snake stings it , coming out of the bag. And he is killed there. Taking the advantage of it, that girl begins to leave from there. And she also calls "Bill" along with it. Your brother did not accomplish that task what I performed. I have buried "Bride". She was coming to kill all of us after killing your brother. Here the"Bride" reaches in reality. And she beats that girl violently. so she falls away. Then "Bride" says to her, going there, You lost your one of your eyes because of such actions. Take it! I deprive you from your other eye. Here the flashback is shown. Where did this girl deprive her eye? The old man from whom "Bride" had learnt some skills. That girl had also learnt the skills from the same man. When this lady called him, Insane old man! So that man pulled one of her eyes out! When "Bride" pulls her other eye, Doing so, that girl loses her sight completely. And she begins to use her sword aimlessly. She is not able to harm "Bride". She is just shouting with pain. "Bride" leaves, taking not care of her. And that girl is left there. And that girl leaves behind. And she may die . Now "Bride" goes to Bill's one of his friends. And she asks, Where is "Bill" living now a days? Because "Bride "wanted to kill him, going there. Because the last person was left who was involved in her attackers. Now Bill's that friend reveals to "Bride" about the location of "Bill". After sometimes, "Bride" is out of the house of "Bill". Coming inside, she is left astonished. There is a little girls before. Who is calling her , Mother! Mother! Actually she is the daughter of "Bride" and "Bill". This little baby was nearly to come into life when "Bride" was targeted. "Bride" loves her a lot and tells that, My daughter! I was in coma . Otherwise, I could never let you part from me. I have been in critical condition. Look! I have come back to you! She was very excited with her daughter. And she makes her sleep with her. She takes care of her. And she also tells her stories. Because she was meeting  with her daughter for the first time. "Bill" shoots her a dart as she comes before him. It is covered with "Truth Serum" which brings some changes, dissolving a man's body, That man begins to speak truth. Now "Bill" starts to ask "Bride", Why did you break me up? "Bride" says, you were a devilish man! I could not perform the evil works for you. I could not hurt anyone. From the moment forth, when I begot my daughter. I have known what is humanity. And I had decided that I will leave all worst doings along with you. "Bill" becomes aggressive, hearing it. And "Bride" also wanted to get a chance, When did she target "Bill? A great fight starts between them. And "Bride" also uses same techniques which had been taught to her by her mentor. The person on whom these techniques are applied, He remains alive for a few seconds not more than this time duration. There was also smirk on Bill's face at the time of his death. But that evil man had died. He meets his end, going at a distance. "Bride" was very satisfied now. Because she had taken revenge. she lifts her daughter with love , going to  her. And she thinks they'll have a great life together after she leaves that location. In the end, it is seen that "Bride" and her daughter are watching  TV. "Bride" had killed all of those people. And it was here that she exacted her full vengeance. She and her daughter will now live a happy life. The movie completes on this scene. Thanks for watching.

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