Mayhem (2017) Film Explained

 So at the start of the film, we come to know about a virus. It was named the Red virus. And it is spreading speedily. And infecting people. When a person is infected by this virus, one of their eyes turns red. That's why its name is a red virus. It was a dangerous virus. The infected person's body turns weird. This indicates that the person's body underwent internal modifications. When a person is stressed or hostile, they become aggressive. And behaves like insane people. The human lost his control over himself. Now the place where this virus is been spreading the people there was becoming insane. That's why they are a danger to their surroundings. So the government seals that place. And gradually they try to overcome this virus. But this virus was not still finished completely. The infected man turns into a cruel and bad man. He starts hitting the others. He always wants to beat the people. And to spread destruction. From here, the real story of the movie starts. We are shown a man who was totally infected. Because of that virus that man also done a murder. Now that man's case goes in the court. His lawyer's name was Derek. He says to everyone that there is no fault of this man in this murder. He didn't murder willingly. The virus had made him done this murder. Everyone accepts this. They release that man. Derek was poor before. He always wants to do a job in which money is more and efforts are less. Derek was happy after winning that case. Now he has a good lifestyle. Because he was promoted. Now one morning, we are shown that Derek was going to his office. Then a lady arrives there and she was talking about a loan with him. She says that I want a loan for my house. But the bank is saying that they can't give me more loans. Because we are going to sell this house. Now you tell me what to do? She was looking worried. Her name was Melanie. Derek says to Melanie that I couldn't help her. This is not in my control. When Melanie requests him that please give me a loan. So Derek calls security and throws her out from there. After it, he drinks water. There was that red virus in that water. How would Derek know it? That he said to Melanie that there is not my control to give you a loan. Now, in reality, he will lose every control. Meanwhile, Derek hears one more piece of news. He was told that there is a problem in the case of a company. And Derek was responsible for this. Derek gets shocked. He says that I don't know this company. Then why are they making me responsible? In fact, the boss of that company was not a good man. As well as phis personal assistant. The personal assistant of that company's owner has put this blame on Derek. Derek feels bad. He immediately goes to meet that girl. She has short hair. He says to her that didn't you feel ashamed while putting blame on me? That girl ignores him. Because there are still those people in the world who don't admit their mistakes. And they clearly put blame on others. That assistant says to Derek that you have to meet with my boss. He is calling you. This means the owner of that company. Now Derek and that assistant go to Boss's floor in the elevator. But to go there a key card is needed. That was just the assistant of the boss had. They go to the boss of that assistant. Then that boss says ill to Derek. He was not believing Derek. Because he thinks that what his assistant told him is right. When Derek's boss comes to know it, Derek was terminated. Now Derek asks for help from many peoples. That there is not my mistake, help me. But none helps him. He also asks for help from some senior people. But they also say that there is no mistake of the company in it. You are responsible for it. And like this Derek was terminated from the job for always. This means in the company in which he was doing a job he couldn't do the job here again. Meanwhile, a man comes to Derek. He says that everyone is saying that it is your mistake. Why don't you admit your mistake? Derek says that the work I don't know about it, why do I say that I have done it? That man says to him that look if you admit it they will also give you money. And if you will not admit it they will throw you out of the company. Derek becomes worried. He says that I will never say that I have done it. Because I am not on the mistake. Now Derek has pushed out of that building as well as the company also. Meanwhile, some people arrive there. There were some doctors and policemen. They say to everyone to stay in their building. Because they get the news that the virus is spread in this building. They were there to seal the building. The people who were inside the building left them inside. They say that you can't come outside for 8 hours. Because if someone is infected that person should stay inside. Don't spread the infection in others while coming out. The inside people were nervous. They were scared that if someone is infected among us that person will attack us. Because the infected people lose control over themselves. As we see at the start of the movie that the water Derek drunk there was the red virus in it. Now Derek was definitely infected. And within a few times, Derek's eye gets red. He loses control. He starts behaving like insane people. A man was standing in front of him. He starts attacking him. But his hand was stopped. It was seeming that Derek has a lot of power. He doesn't forbid when everyone was forbidding him. He says that the company who put this blame on me. I want to meet the boss of that company. When that boss comes to know it, he doesn't allow Derek to come upside. He makes him lock in the basement. He also leaves his man there. Now the friends of that boss start hitting Derek. They make him injured badly. But then Derek's friend comes to save him. But they killed him. This means they killed Derek's friend. Derek becomes sad. He starts shouting. Because he was his good friend. He also had a family. When this news spread the boss said that he is killed by the virus. There is not our mistake. Derek becomes aggressive. He says to him that you are a bad human. Derek wants to kill him. But he was locked in a room. He was badly injured. Then he notices that Melanie was also there in that room. The same girl who went to took a loan from him. He asks her that what are you doing here? She says that I am also sealed in this building. And they don't let me go outside. Melanie starts hitting Derek. Derek says that if I didn't give you a loan there is not my fault. I get orders from the company. There is a female head who wants to seal your house. So stop hitting me. First, listen to me carefully. I also have a problem with a head here. Can we do something about them instead of fighting each other? This time this building is sealed none can come inside or go outside. And if we entrapped them they can't go outside. And if we kill them the police can't come inside. Everyone will think that murders are being done by the virus. So we have a good chance. They have done this plan. But now the big issue was that how will they come out of this room? Meanwhile, that boss sends his two men. To kill Derek. And Derek wants a chance. He killed those men. Because he had become aggressive and powerful. Now while sitting they start planning. That how will we reach the boss? Because to reach the floor of the boss a key card is required. Like I told you before that is only his assistant had. Additionally, a key card is necessary to access the boss's assistant. And Derek's friend had that key card. This means they can reach that boss. Now they come out of that room. When Derek was going to a man. The man who is having the key card to go to the assistant. On his journey, he encounters a slew of foes dispatched by his employer. There were many infected people there. And they wanted to attack them. Derek and Melanie somehow reach the room. Derek picks up that key card from that man's table. To reach that assistant. But that man doesn't let him pick his key card. Here it is revealed to us that man was also not sincere with Derek. As Derek was about to pick that card he stabs it on his hand with scissors. Now Melanie and Derek fight with that man. Finally, Melanie kills that man. Derek picks that key card from there. That boss was also knowing everything. He knew that to take the next card Derek will come to his assistant. So he immediately calls his assistant. He asks her to throw his keycard outside. That girl says okay to her boss. But she doesn't want to throw that keycard. That girl says her assistant to hide this card. I don't want to throw it outside. Derek and Melanie have arrived at that girl. Her boss and that assistant knew that for what purpose they come here. that girl. She already makes many people stand with her. Because Derek and Melanie were about to fight with her. Here a huge fight scene creates. This means Mayhem. The name on which this movie is. They all hit each other. Even they break each other's bones. Derek and Melanie kill everyone. Now Derek goes to that woman. The lady who was the assistant of the boss. He asks her about the keycard. She says that I don't have a keycard. Derek says to her that I will kill her. So the short hair lady means the assistant of the boss says to her assistant to bring the card. And when she brings the card it was melted and small in size. The junior assistant tells her senior assistant that I melted it in the microwave. Then the lady with the short hair asks her assistant that why you have done it? The junior assistant tells her that actually, Boss has told me before. He doesn't believe you. That you will throw the card. He orders me to microwave this card. I am the senior assistant in reality and you are the junior. While saying this, she kills the lady with the short hair. This means that the assistant is killed here but Derek and Melanie couldn't get that card. That's why they couldn't reach the boss. Derek and Melanie were sitting together and there were some documents in Derek's hand. Derek says to Melanie that you want a loan for your house. If any head will sign these documents you this problem will be solved. This means you can get the loan. Then Derek and Melanie make a plan. They plan to hack the data from the computer of that female head. Then we will blackmail her. That she will come down with her keycard. Because there was another keycard to each the boss which is that female head is having. Now following this plan they go to the technician of this company. He was the companion of Derek. He copied all the data of the computer of that female head. And erases it from her computer. After it. Derek says to her to come down with her keycard. And the female head has to do this because that was important data. If that data will be lost they will have the loss of many billions. That female head was sitting in front of Derek and Melanie. Derek takes her keycard while pointing a gun at her. After it, he gives her the documents and says to her that your signs are needed here. That female head says that no I will never sign it. Melanie comes in anger. She breaks that chip in which there was the data of that female head. Seeing it, the female head becomes aggressive. She starts attacking Melanie. She beats her. On the other side, the man with that female head also beats Derek. He injured him badly but finally, Derek kills that man. On the other side, Melanie was about to attack that female head. Meanwhile, that female head says that you can't go upside-only with a keycard. A code is also required for it that I will never tell you. Then Derek arrives there then that female head says to Derek that if you want to know the code. So give this girl Melanie to me. She has done a huge mistake while removing my data. Now I will teach her a lesson. But to make her quiet Melanie starts beating her. Meanwhile, Derek faints Melanie. Because he wants that code and he has to go to that boss. He gives Melanie to that female head and then that female head takes Melanie with her. That female head starts torturing Melanie. She starts giving her the bad punishment. But before it is revealed to us that Melanie was also infected. Her one eye turned red and Derek knows about it. That's why he leaves Melanie to that female head. Because he knew that now Melanie will become aggressive now. And she will not spare that female head. This means Derek has nicely fit here. He reaches the boss after taking that keycard and the code. That boss says that come I was waiting for you. I knew that you will come here. I was just testing you. Now because you have arrived here I will give you an offer. It is outstanding. It is a huge offer that if you want a partnership in my company or you want to be my partner say yes. I can give you a lot of money. You can become rich. Here the boss was offering a lot of money to Derek that if there will somebody will surely accept it. After thinking a lot, Derek refused. Because he doesn't come here for this. He comes here to take his revenge. Then the boss says you reject my offer. Now the last option is left. We will fight means Mayhem a huge fight in which anyone can lose a life. Now their fight starts. The boss beats Derek a lot. Later, Derek makes the condition of the boss worse. They fight badly and punch each other and Derek even breaks his bones. After it, he asks the people which were standing near that tell me who won this Mayhem? Now because the condition of the boss is worse. He couldn't lift up. They say that obviously Derek you are the winner. And if they don't say boss's name Boss can't harm them now. Because he was badly injured. Derek lifts him and throws him down. Now Derek speaks in anger with everyone. I killed your boss and can also kill you. If I will become the boss of this company is there any problem with anyone? They all keep quiet. Because they were scared after seeing Derek's fight. They love their life and here Derek makes himself the boss of this company. This means he is in the most upper position. He takes the documents Melanie after signs she will get the loan. Derek signs those papers. This means now it will happen the same Melanie wants. After doing this, he resigns. This means now his work was completed. And Melanie's work was also done. He has taken his revenge and Melanie also got the loan. After it, he comes down. Derek emerges from the building clutching Melanie's hand. They go on to argue that while we do have this virus, we know how to control it. This indicates that we make good use of it when murdering evil guys. With it, this movie ends here. Thank you for watching.

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