Penelope (2007) Film Explained

 The Film starts showing the past time. Where a wealthy family with a comfortable lifestyle can be seen. This family's son has fallen in love with a servant girl. He started to like her and wanted to marry her. His family members give the negative response when he tells it to them. They start to make fun saying, Which thing have you liked? Do you not know that we will  make a bond of your marriage in the rich family. That boy feels worst. He cannot marry a maidservant because of his family. And he marries with another aristocratic girl under family's coercion. The maidservant is grieved on this. Her heart is broken. She is thinking Why do the upper class not marry the lower class? Are we not human beings? Thinking it, she commits suicide on a day. Because she was not getting courage to forget it. On the other side, that rich family was happy in their family. They were not getting any problem. That maidservant's mother is feeling very bad, seeing it. She wanted to take revenge for her daughter's death. She is a witch who knows how to enchant. And she could curse anyone. Now she goes out of that aristocratic mansion. She begins to speak, I curse all of you! The new born daughter in your family will be pig-faced. No one will marry her. All people give their disapproval to her. In the same way, she will be irritated from her life. She will not be healed at that time until someone accepts her. And it is incredible! Cursing it, that witch leaves from there with broken heart. Now it is seen that time continues to pass. Many years are passed. And there is always the birth of a boy five times according to the generation in that wealthy family. It is clear that wealthy  family used to select the brides out of their family. Now the recent boy's marriage is also held. And all are expecting that they will begot a boy. But a daughter is born in their house. And she is exactly the same as witch had cursed. Her ears and nose are like pig. Her mother is scared, seeing it. But her husband explains her, We will  find the remedy soon! They name her "Penelope".The baby girl is pretty but her face used to look mysterious as such. They also attempt it that they may have the plastic surgery of their daughter. So her face may be reshaped. But doctors say, It is critical! It means , this plastic surgery cannot be proceeded! There is life threat of "Penelope" in it. Being saddened, Penelope's parents return back from there. This fact begins to spread gradually. And it also becomes "Breaking news". That a pig-faced girl  has born. All people begin to remind that curse, That is given to the aristocratic family by a witch. Today, it has proved truthful. One day, Penelope's mother has lifted her. Then media reporter enters the house . Actually he wanted to take some of the photos of that little baby. So he may broadcast in the news and people may have a look of her. And it was not the want of Penelope's mother. She hits in the eye of the media reporter. so he flees  after being afraid. Now Penelope's mother is indulged in a deep thought. That there has not been any secrecy in our house. The media is also in this pursuit that, They may enter the house in any way. And they quickly spread the photos of her daughter , taking it. She was badly hurt. So she makes a plane. The plan was that she will pretend before the people, her daughter "Penelope" has died! After that, no one will irritate him. So they perform a funeral ceremony and also lament. So all are assured that their daughter is no more! Afterwards, Penelope's mother started to keep her daughter at home. She used to love her deeply! She used to educate her at home. She taught her each and everything. Penelope" used to get every type of facility in spite of not going outside. "Penelope" grows up with the passage of time. She had grown up to 18 years old. Her mother was very upset for her as, Who will marry her? But she never mentioned it with her daughter. That she may not be disheartened! Now she contacts the marriage bureau for her daughter's marriage. That agency person sends the good match for her. Alas! Each boy used to be afraid and flee who came to see her. No boy had liked her till now. In the same way, many years passed and "Penelope" was now 25 years old. Penelope's mother requested each suitor,  If  you may not marry but, Kindly, don't mention before the public that our daughter is alive! And she lives here. So they sign the agreement. But Penelope's mother used to be sad because of this issue. What will happen with their daughter? One more boy comes to see "Penelope" on a day. But he is very rude. He does not sign on the agreement and threatens them, I will surely tell the fact to the people outside! Now that boy begins to tell everyone, going outside. That there is pig-faced girl who lives in this house. He also reports to police, going there. And police officers seize that boy saying you are talking non sense. Don't waste our time! Next morning, that boy checks the newspaper , coming outside. There is a printed a news against him. That boy is talking non sense about a pig-faced girl. Who does not exist. That boy goes to the press and says to the news printer, Are you in your senses! Which news that you have printed. Do you think that I am telling a lie! You have no knowledge about my father. He will  treat you badly. That media reporter calls the security officer and says, Throw him outside! When security officers are taking him outside, Then he says, I will take my revenge! There is also one more reporter. He is one eyed so his one eye is veiled. In fact, he was the same media reporter whose eye was attacked by Penelope's mother. Now he becomes the partner of that wealthy and mannerless boy. Thinking, they will together reveal that pig-faced girl. Now one eyed reporter goes to a gambling place where he meets a boy named "Max". That reporter says to "Max", I need your help! I need your help in a task and I will also pay amount for it! "Max" agrees! He is told a whole story. That the boys go to see her. So there might be someone who wants to marry "Penelope." In the same way, go to her residence! Your jacket will have a spy camera placed inside. Continue to go around and take pictures of her! This is something that "Max" concurs with. And that day also comes when he was going to go to her house. He had hidden that spy camera in his jacket. When he goes to her house, He observes, going to her house that there are also other suitors who had come to see her. As "Penelope" appears there then all boys flee except "Max" . Because he had intentionally came there. Why did he run? Being hurt, "Penelope" also leaves from there. Now she moves to her room. There is  one way mirror. She could see out of her room but the person standing before that mirror could not see inside. She glimpses through that glass that "Max" has still not gone. She asks him, Why are you here? He says, Do you not know why I came here? Then he begins to check a book,. "Penelope"says to her, You can take this book with you while going. Then she pretends him as she has gone from there. But "Max" again comes there. "Penelope" says , looking at him, Why are you not going? Then "Max" replies, Because I don't want to leave. "Penelope" thinks , he perhaps started to like me! And he is the first guy who did not dislike my look! She says to "Max", Alright! Come tomorrow again. After this, "Max" departs. Penelope's family is very excited. At last, our daughter has been liked by some guy. And they all are very happy for the coming day. On the other side, "Max" is also satisfied because he had taken her photos. Next day, "Max" again gets ready. And he goes to the same place, Where they had conversed with each other through the glass. They converse with each other. Now "Max" plays a musical instrument for her. And he also plays a chess game through the one way mirror. Now "Max" begins to talk with her through the mirror. He asks her, Will you accompany me outside one day? "Penelope" says to him, No! It is not easy. Then "Max" says to her, Okay! I return to home! I will come back tomorrow. Next day arrives. There is still hidden spy camera in Max's coat. Today, he begins to play the piano for "Penelope". He starts to play the piano wrongly. At this time, "Penelope" appears before him. And she teaches him that piano is played  as such. How to use it. Here "Max" glimpses the face of "Penelope" for the first time. At first, he is also scared and puzzled thinking either she is pig or human being. When he raises his hand to touch her nose, Then the photo button is clicked from the hidden spy camera from his coat. But "Max" did not want it because he was taking "Penelope" very innocent. Photo was taken by mistake. As the photo is clicked, "Max" utters the words, What happened this! "Penelope" feels ill. She thinks  he perhaps has said it, seeing her nose. And he is repenting why he came here. "Penelope" leaves from there. "Max" feels it bad. He wanted to explain to "Penelope" but in vain. Because "Penelope" was very disheartened. She was thinking that "Max" is also like other boys. She says to her, She does not want to talk to him. "Max" goes from there. "Penelope" was so broken because no one had yet accepted her. Her mother explains her, Give her one more chance! When "Max" is leaving then Penelope's mother goes to stop him. When she observes that he is talking with the reporter, She gets the whole fact that "Max" had been sent by that reporter. And he had been come here only to take the photos. But "Max" calls her and tells, No, It was not my intention today! I did not feel fear from "Penelope". He says,  If you still suspect me, Then I can damage this camera. Reporter continues to ask him the camera but he does not give it to him. He breaks it. Now he goes inside to "Penelope". He explains to her, You are taking  me wrong! Just try to talk to me! "Penelope" says, Oh! If you are speaking truth, Will you marry me! Because everyone ran from me in fear who visited here. "Max" keeps quiet before her. He says, Marriage! I cannot. Because I am not prepared for it. "Penelope" says, Its OK! It is not your fault. I know it! "Max" leaves after this. "Penelope" is very grieved and begins to cry. It is perhaps my destiny! She decides that I will not stay in this mansion anymore. I will also go outside and leads a life like other girls. Because she is also thinking right. There was not any mistake of her in this. "Penelope" veils her face and she goes outside. She begins to feel fresh, going outside. Because she had viewed it all for the first time. At one side "Penelope" is feeling joy, On the other side, her mother is getting upset. Where has her daughter gone? "Penelope" tells her while calling, I will not return to mansion now! I have spent many years there. Now I need to survive outside and I am satisfied here.S He starts to stay in hotel. Contrarily, "Max" is also seen in sad condition. Because he is feeling bad that he rejects "Penelope". But he is not bad  by heart. Now one eyed reporter also gets this news that, "Penelope" is outside, leaving her house. He says, How good is this If we search out "Penelope". So he along with that wealthy boy gets  her portrait. Because that wealthy boy has witnessed her  in her current age. When sketch is ready then it seems very frightful and strange. Now this portrait is printed in the newspaper with the statement of "Missing". And the reward also mentioned. That the seeker will get a high reward. "Penelope" also gets this news. When she notices that her face has been sketched very horribly, She is depressed. She decides that she will reveal her reality before everyone. She lets her photo click, going there. And she give it to that one eyed reported. That reporter says, seeing that photo, "Penelope" is not bad at all! Her nose is only odd! That sketch is very dreadful which was prepared by that boy. In this way, the public will disgust "Penelope". Now he also shows the photo to "Max", going there. "Max" says, I am already feeling guilty! That I treated her badly. Now my heart is aching, seeing her taken step. I will quit from every devilish deed. Now he begins to learn how to play the piano . He used to miss her while playing piano. On the other side, "Penelope" is feeling joyful in her life. She goes to a pub where she meets a girl. She starts to talk with her and they are befriended nicely. "Penelope" had still masked her face. Now these both friends used to go for recreation, They used to walk together. But her friend still had not suspected her, That she is the same pig-faced girl! One day they are walking that Penelope's mother catches her sight. She begins to chase her. But "Penelope" runs to a pub. Because she was not willing to return to the house. But "Penelope" loses her consciousness as she comes into the pub. Her friend sees her pig nose as she unmasks her to bring her into the consciousness. She comes to know about everything and Penelope's mother also arrives there, Who brings her back to the house. Waking up, "Penelope" feels many casting light flashes on her face. When she withdraws the curtain from the window, getting up, She comes to know that there are many media reporters outside. And many people have known about her. Now the media reporters begin to pose the questions on her and she starts to tell everything. Outsiders say, "Penelope" is not too bad. She is amiable and we used to think that she is rigid. She will be manner less and the murderer. Now Penelope's mother had no problem with it but they were satisfied, That the public and the media are liking them. Now Penelope's first time permits "Penelope" to go anywhere along with your friend. And "Penelope" starts to walk along with her friend joyfully. "Penelope" had got fame and the public had started  to like her. On the other side, the same boy is shown who had asked to make very horrible portrait of "Penelope", When people asks him, Why did you do it? He replies, Because I was very scared at that time! Now "Penelope" had got popularity so the father of that wealthy boy says to him, My son! You will have to marry with this girl. He was taking this action because of gaining the seat of the mayor of this city. He might get the side of the public if his son married this girl. He puts emphasis on his son but that wealthy boy is not convincing. Father! How can I marry? But he has to agree after being coerced by his father. Then it is seen that "Penelope" is in the pub when "Max" arrives there. He requests her, Listen to me at once! You have mistaken. So I am here to explain it. Then "Penelope" says, No! I don't want to listen anything. I am satisfied in my life. You showed the photo whom you wanted to show. Go away! She leaves without listening him. Now the sight of her house is shown when that wealthy boy returns to her house. She expresses to her mother, I want to marry "Penelope", Penelope's mother feels excitement thinking someone liked her. What did she know that Penelope" was going to be liked by the whole World. She convinces her daughter but "Penelope" says, It is he who treated us badly. Penelope's mother explains her, My daughter! marriage proposal is good. So "Penelope" has to say yes. Now a grand party is fixed. There are the families of "Penelope" and that wealthy boy. It is a family party where the date of marriage is going to be fixed. At the same time, "Max" appears there who had come to explain "Penelope", That this aristocratic boy is so selfish. And marriage is being held for a purpose. But that wealthy boy confronts him before it. He says, No! I am in love with "Penelope". No one will marry her if I don't marry her. Now "Max" leaves that place  without uttering a single word. He wanted to express how much love he has for "Penelope". At first, he was worried, seeing her face, But he was not as such who prefers only charm! Now one eyed reporter reaches there. He says to "Max", I know! You truly love "Penelope". While that wealthy boy is fake. "Max" says, Let it go! She does not love me. What will happen if I am in love! In spite of it, her curse will not remove. Because she thinks that I am not the perfect man for her. That reporter says, Don't worry! I will expose reality before the people. And I will restore you esteem in the heart of "Penelope". Now that reporter goes there where the party is being celebrated. He tells Penelope's mother after meeting her that there is boy, Who truly loves your daughter. He was rejecting her at that day for marriage, That the love on one side may not enough to remove the curse. But Penelope's mother says , No! The marriage of "Penelope" is going to be held. I cannot take any action which causes the depression of my daughter. But who knew it! The daughter was excited. Now the marriage ceremony is started. Everything is ready and "Penelope" had also worn the bridal dress now. But she escapes before starting the wedding ceremony. She says, No! I cannot marry anyone whom I don't love. He had rejected me before and I know there must be his own purpose for it. I will spend my life alone and I don't want to take the support of anyone. I like myself no matter how I look like! It is not my deficiency but a mark which makes me different. She loses her senses with it. Waking up, she observes that her nose is not like the previous one. Her nose is very attractive now like a common human being. Now she began to look prettier. At last, this curse had removed here. Because it was the remedy of this curse , Until someone accepts her, She will not be recovered. Even though she may be herself who accepts. Now "Penelope" had turned into a normal human being with the removal of this curse. Now she looked like more beautiful. And it is known that the servant of that house, It was actually witch who had been living there for the last 25 years. And she was noticing everything. Now it is seen that "Penelope" begins to serve in a school as a teacher. She teaches the kids there perfectly. Then she thinks on a "Halloween celebration". Would that she had listened "Max" at once. She goes to meet "Max". There is a going on a celebration where all kids have worn the mask like Penelope's face. The face of his past. It means , all kids used to like Penelope's previous face and also the recent one. "Penelope" also puts on  mask and goes to meet "Max". She begins to talk with "Max", going there. Then she unmasks herself. "Max" tells her that I was not that person who could remove your curse. "Penelope" tells him that I myself was that person. Now I have no curse. Look! I am alright. I gratify you to love me when no one loved me. Then they both accept each other with it. They start to lead a happy life. Then it is revealed that the plot of this film, which is being heard, is based on a true story. They were both telling the story to the kids at school. And the movie completes on this scene. Thanks for watching!

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