Real Steel (2011) Film Explained

The film begins showing a negligent man. His name is 'Charlie'. He is unemployed. And he earns his bread and butter , taking the part in the robot boxing fight. But he is defeated in a robot fight just now. So there is nothing left for him. So he leads his life, asking from others. He comes to know that a grand competition is going to be held. So he makes his biggest robot. Now the day of that competition had arrived. He begins to drive towards there , taking his robot. Actually, his huge robot had the fighting match with a big bull. It was not an ordinary bull but it had won many competitions. It was black , gigantic and aggressive bull. "Charlie" eventually reaches there. And he finalizes the amount of money with its owner. You will have to pay me 20,000$ if I win the match. Owner replies, Of course! You will have to pay me the same amount of money if you lose the fight. So the fight begins. "Charlie" has a remote control. Through which he was controlling his robot. On the other side, there was no need to control the bull. It was enough to cope with that robot. In the beginning, "Charlie" is controlling his robot perfectly. But his robot falls down because of his little  diversion of attention. Bull had badly damaged his robot. Now "Charlie" begins to worry. How will my robot fight? So he says to that man that, Let's start this match again! No! Your robot will become the part of junkyard. And it happens the same. That gigantic bull damages that robot entirely. It turns the robot into the small pieces. It is obvious that "Charlie" had lost the fight. Now he had to pay 20,000$ to the owner of bull according to the deal. He had not a single penny. Being worried, he starts escaping from there. He hides at a place . Then two persons appear there. They tell him, that lady is no more with whom you used to live 10 years ago. Now you have also a son who is 10 years old. He is lonesome now because his mother has passed away. His aunt wants to take his custody. This decision cannot be taken without your permission. Now tell us! Do you want to take the custody of your son or will allow his aunt to hold his charge? "Charlie" was already  wanted to escape from there. So he immediately moves to the court from there. Where that child's aunt is saying in the court that, I am wealthiest so I can take care of this child properly. I will fulfill what he demands. Then he requests to "Charlie", going there. "Charlie" was free from care whose hands take the charge of his son. Because he had never encountered him. And he was going to permit, But he hits upon a plan. He thinks that he will pretend, As he does not want to give his son in the custody  of his aunt. He is undoubtedly enough wealthy that she will offer me money, Give the custody of this child in place of this amount of money. Getting much money, I will let her to take the charge of my child! And he does the same! The aunt and uncle of that child make a deal with "Charlie", Alright! You may take the amount of 100,000 $. But let us to take the charge of your son! "Charlie" is very excited on it. That he got 100,000 $ without any effort. The aunt of that child says to "Charlie" that, But do a favour for us! Actually, we have to go somewhere for 3 months. So you will have to take the charge of your son for 3 months. Afterwards, we will take him along with us forever. So "Charlie" has to agree with them. Now "Charlie" directly moves to a place, taking his son and the amount of money. Meeting a man, he hands him over 50,000$. He says to him, Just make a marvelous robot for me! That man says, Don't worry! It will be carried out in this payment. Charlie's son hears this conversation. So he feels bad. "Charlie" says to him,  A marvelous robot is going to be got in place of this payment. They get that robot within a few days. They both name him "Noisy Boy". It was too solid and huge. "Charlie" thinks , Why is there not the fight of robot as I have got this excellent robot. Charlie's son says, I will also accompany you! Now they move to a place. And the robot fight is begun. Using this robot, "Charlie" could win this fight if he wanted. But he was negligent so he badly  loses this fight again. Because the opponent man's robot separates the hand of "Noisy Boy" at first, Then it segregates its head from its robotic body. "Charlie" is very disappointed on this defeat. He says to him, I will repair this robot at any cost! Then they go to the scrapyard from there. So that they may find such material which is useful to repair their robot. It is heavily raining there. And they are searching for their spare parts. At the same time, that child begins to fall down  while slipping. "Charlie" immediately saves him. Then the child notices , which thing did cause his slipping? So he observes a weird thing. It was the old robotic hand. He says to his father, Let's take it out! But "Charlie" declares, we have no time for this! It is also raining. But that child says, Okay! I  myself will take it out! Afterwards, they both approach  Charlie's friend. Who had a little information about the robots. "Charlie" tells his friend, My son has brought a robot! I don't know which old robot he has taken from the junkyard. Charlie's son says his father, Have a look on it at once! It is perfect! Now Charlie's friend also  more repaired it . Consequently, it is activated. That robot 's name was "Atom". It was strongest robot. And no one knew it. "Charlie" is pleased , seeing it. He says to his son, We will take it in the grand competition! Most powerful robot boxer of the World  is there. And no one defeated it till today. "Atom" had a trait that it used to store the information into its memory. It means that he learnt everything what was taught to it, Either teach it the fighting skill or show another thing. It used to mimic it. Now "Charlie" and his son train this robot, So that it may fight with that robot boxer. At last, that time approaches, When "Atom" becomes a most skillful robot. It partakes in many competitions. The interesting fact was this that, "Charlie" and his robot "Atom" had started to win many competitions. And "Charlie" is offered for many time for this that, Sell us your robot either take from us 200,000$! But Charlie's son was not consented for this. He used to say that we let it take part in more fights. And we will compete in a grand competition after training our robots. "Atom" is being trained because of the competition which are going on. There was again  Atom's fight  with a strongest robot. Now this fight begins. Charlie's son had also trained it dancing. And he participates the competition while dancing. He confronts a two headed robot. It puts a heavy hand on it as it approaches. And they both start fighting. "Atom"  and that robot were also hitting each other again and again. And they punch each other many times. It was realizing that strong robot boxer will win the match. But "Atom" is eventually wins the match. As a result, "Charlie" is contented. "Charlie" takes a heavy amount of money from those people. He is nearly to leave from there then his old enemy appears there. The same opponent man whose bull had defeated Charlie's robot. And "Charlie" had to pay him 20,000$. They grab all money from "Charlie". And Charlie's son is witnessing everything. "Charlie" becomes disappointed. He says to his son, There is no benefit for coming days! I cannot foster you. I have not a single penny now! that child's aunt and uncle had also come back. "Charlie" says to his son, Come!  I may leave you to your aunt. That child says, No! I want to live with you. He forcefully takes the charge of his son to his aunt. And he comes back. His friend asks her, Where is your son? He tells that I have given him in the custody of his aunt. I had to do it! Otherwise, I was not getting courage to take care of him. His friend says to him, Charlie! Are you in your senses? He is your son! What is your issue if he wants to live with you. Immediately go to him! Then "Charlie" has to carry it out. "Charlie" had felt that he was his son who taught "Atom" these skills. He says to his son, going to him. My son, our fight is going to be held with "Zeus Robot". It was the same powerful robot. Which had never been defeated till today by anyone. And we have also needed to train "Atom". So his son happily accompanies him. And his aunt does also not forbid him. Rather, she permits her blissfully. Now that day has arrived when there is fight between "Atom" and "Zeus robot". All are very rejoiced. Because "Atom" had been winning many previous matches. And his opponent robot was "Zeus" today. It means, the strongest robot of the World. Many people makes a bet on it. Here that man had also come who was the owner of bull. He says, "Atom" will lose the fight! So he also makes a bet of a heavy amount. Which was going to come back according to him. But who knows what happens next! Now "Zeus Robot" appears there. Which was the horrific arrival. The competition was going to start. "Charlie" and his son are confused , seeing that "Zeus Robot". But "Charlie" says to his son, We will have to win the match at any cost. We can do it! They are told that, There will be the 5 rounds of their boxing match. The first round starts. "Zeus Robot"  instantly punches "Atom" as it begins. "Atom" falls down but "Zeus Robot" continues to hit it with its fists. "Zeus Robot" was not giving a chance that it may take any action. "Atom" loses its much energy here. Now "Zeus Robot" hits on its head. Consequently, "Atom" becomes motionless, falling down. Here the timing of 1st round knockout starts. But Charlie's son shouts, Get up "Atom"! You will have to win the match! And "Atom" begins to move here. Getting up immediately, "Atom" punches hardly to "Zeus Robot". All spectators are left shocked. Because no robot had ever punched "Zeus Robot" so hardly. Feeling victorious, "Atom" begins to punch more to "Zeus Robot". But "Zeus Robot" flies into rage, feeling someone hit me. "Zeus Robot" hits "Atom" many times that it does not get a chance to punch it back. Both are hitting each other. And "Atom" is also protecting itself. Here the timing of Ist round is ended. "Charlie" repairs "Atom" and calms it down, coming there. Now round 2 begins. Both are fighting with each other in the second round. But "Zeus Robot" was enough strong that, It was not getting any harm by the punches of "Atom". Now "Zeus Robot" begins to attack "Atom" and it knocks down. Fortunately, it gets up again as the timing of second round was going to over. 3rd round has the same situation. Now 4th round is started. "Atom" was badly beaten. But "Charlie" was continuously motivating it, And Charlie's son was more motivating it saying, You can do it! "Atom" does not lose its courage and continues its fight with "Zeus Robot". "Zeus Robot" takes "Atom" to the corner of boxing stage that its body begins to extract the fume. And "Atom" loses its energy. The round bell rings before Atom's vocal-respond controls are damaged. And the round four is ended here. "Charlie" immediately comes there, And he brings some changes to mend it. Now the 5th round was going to start but Atom's condition was not as such, That it may fight! So Charlie's son presents an idea to his father. We know that "Atom" mimics  our actions. Now he has not much courage to fight itself. Why do you not show your boxing skills standing beside it? It will begin to mimic you! "Charlie asks, How is it possible? There are number of people and they will observe me! Charlie's son suggest him, Be out of ring! You may show your excitement as audience is doing. No one will suspect you! Now the round starts which was final one. And "Charlie" begins to act like this. "Atom" begins to mimic it through its shadow function according to their plan. "Zeus Robot" begins to attack it as the round begins. And it is punching it. "Atom" is defending itself at the beginning. Getting the chance, he also begins to punch it in return. Now Zeus Robot's charging was lowering. So it starts to stop. Witnessing it , "Charlie" is extremely happy. He says, I will defeat it easily now! So it begins to hit with his fists. "Atom" also begins to hit "Zeus Robot" with its fist, mimicking "Charlie". Seeing "Zeus Robot", Its owner begins to control it. He was not tolerating it as "Zeus Robot" is being defeated. Contrarily, "Charlie" was also self assured. He is highly jumping. Mimicking him, "Atom" also attacks "Zeus Robot" for many times. It is revealed here that "Charlie" was a trained boxer. But boxers' jobs  spoiled when the robots were made. People gave the priority to the robot boxing fight. Boxers had been ignored by everyone. Charlie's friend starts to weep when he is skillfully boxing. And his son also becomes the sentimental. Because he was feeling proud on his father. That his father is  trained boxer. He always wished to see his father like this. Spectators begin to encourage "Charlie" and "Atom". "Charlie" has started to remember his old memories of his profession. So he is fighting passionately. "Charlie" eventually attacks Zeus Robot's chin through "Atom". Such skill had never been  shown. Zeus Robot' system detects error due to this. And it prostrates. Now the amount of seconds counting is started. Because it was the final round. "Atom" had been won if "Zeus Robot" did not get up during this seconds' counting. But the owner of "Zeus Robot" could not let it be. He makes it get up in anyway. Now "Atom" had to win. And he had developed much confidence. He begins to punch him as "Zeus Robot" gets up. He attacks it for many times. As a result, "Zeus Robot" knocks down again. The owner of "Zeus Robot" damages the remote control. Now "Zeus Robot's charging was also low so, There was no any chance that, "Zeus Robot" may get up again . "Charlie" was clearly witnessing that he and "Atom" have won the match. He feels excitement and his friend and son also compliment him. Now it was going to be declared who is actually the winner. But all are left stunned when it is announced, Because they had declared "Zeus Robot" a winner. It was right because "Zeus Robot" had fought better in every round. It was only the final round where "Atom" defeated it. But no one feels happiness on this result. Spectators express, it was the final round which was enjoyed! It was remarkable fight! And you declared "Zeus Robot" the winner. Spectators begin to make a noise. And the judges who had announced "Zeus Robot" a winner, They say , Just stop! Listen the complete announcement! "Zeus Robot" wins on the result of scores. But the champion of this fight is "Atom". Here "Atom" is titled " Champion". "Charlie" receives many compliments and a heavy amount of money. "Zeus Robot" was damaged so it was in vain to declare it winner. And all begin to feel excitement and "Charlie" embraces his son blissfully. Charlie's son says to his father, I am proud of you! And Charlie also says to his son, I have also great affections for you! The money which has been awarded to me, I will take you back, returning this money to your aunt. Now I will not let you go far! Charlie's son also says, I want to be like you! And this movie completes with upbeat ending. Thanks for watching. Keep Supporting.

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