RoboCop (2014) Film Explained

 The film starts from the scene, where a news reporter was telling about a droid on TV. Droid are the kind of a robot that walks and its and its structure are alike real humans. But it is a huge robot. That robot is now completely prepared. For its final experiment and to show people that how it works. It is brought to the city. With it, it is also showing live on TV. The reporter tells that if we will wear a bracelet we can control our droid. Means this robot. It will obey our orders. Then we see that the walking robots are scanning the humans of the city. The people of that place were irritated by them. Because they don't want to give their place to robots. Because those robots were looking advanced. They have every function. There were some people who start shooting those robots. Because they think that those robots can harm them. But now the problem is that there was also the detection system in those robots. That who can harm them. It can also detect any metal thing. And if a human is having a weapon they can also detect it. Now when the humans attack the robots so the robots also attack them to defend themselves. Due to which many humans die. A man who was dead in them his son comes in front of them. He was having a knife in his hand. A robot detects it. And it kills that innocent boy. But it doesn't affect the news reporter of the Tv. He was just given the money from the CEO of that company. To play his ads. To admire his robots. So he says that it is a good thing that these robots are sensible to defend themselves. And to detect the things like metal. It will help us. Now we can see live that the whole city is destroying. Because of those robots. With it, that news reporter tells that the CEO of this company who has made those robots. He wants to send these robots to other cities or countries also. Means these robots and with it he also favors him. But then we see that the senator of this place refuses for it. Now the scene changes towards a police station. We see a detective, Murphy. Her team was getting aggressive with her. Actually, the thing is that one night before Murphy and her companion went to meet a man. That man has stolen some pieces of evidence. The strange thing is that those pieces of evidence were stolen from their police station. This Murphy comes to know that he is a person from her department. That person is deceiving them. But on the other side, that person also comes to know that Murphy and his companion are detectives. And they fight a lot. Due to which the companion of Murphy was injured. That's why that criminal also runs from there. Murphy couldn't catch him. On the other side, the CEO of the company was sitting worried. That I will deploy my robots at any cost. They have just this problem that they don't have emotions. That they don't have feelings like humans. So why don't we mix humans and robots? Then they both will have emotions and it will happen the same they want. That CEO meets his special doctor. He says that we want a human whose body parts can be replaced with robots. For this, you have to help me. The companion of Murphy meets with that criminal. And he tells him that the police department is now behind him. Here we come to know that he was the man. He was deceiving everyone in the department. And he was with that criminal. That man says to the criminal that for this we have to move Murphy from our way. I will support you. So they plan to fix a bomb in Murphy's car. And as he will come to his car this bomb will explode. He will die. In the next scene, we see that Murphy was in his home with his wife and son. He had a lovely family. And they love each other. Meanwhile, Murphy hears the voice of his car from outside. When he goes to check it the bomb of his car explodes. Due to which the condition of Murphy gets worse. He was badly injured. His all body parts were injured. His hands, feet, and even his eyes everything was damaged. When that CEO comes to know about it he talks to his doctor immediately. He is that human. He is the one that will prove good for us. We can't find a better human than him in our project. Whom we can convert into a robot. So we will adjust the robotic parts in his body. Like this, he can remain alive. They tell everything to Murphy's wife. They make her agree. That this is the only way to keep your husband alive. Murphy's wife was weeping a lot. And she doesn't want to see her husband in this condition. But she doesn't have any other solution. So while putting stone on her heart she hardly allows for this. She gives them permission. Then we see that the time of 3 months has passed. The doctor was doing hard work on Murphy's body. Then finally robotic Murphy comes in front of us. When the doctor turns on the robot of Murphy, Murphy couldn't believe his condition. Murphy says to the doctor that what have you people done with me? Then the doctor tells him everything. Do you remember that you went near your car? That bomb was exploded. There was nothing left fine in your body. That was the only way to keep you alive. Then Murphy says that to die was better than this. Is this a life to stay connected with a machine? When Murphy's body was shown from inside it was looking strange. Means his lungs, his head, and his heart was fine. His other body was just a machine. The doctor makes him understand. Then Murphy understands. That there was no solution except this. And he accepts this reality. Then he was told that you have to learn to fight. You were a detective before. It will beneficial for you. Just improve your shooting skills. For this, he was given much training. After it, the CEO says to everyone that now we will do a real experiment. We will see that till now what Murphy has learned. They called his wife there. Then Murphy was taken to a place where there were many other droids. This means there were many robots. Now their fight starts. Many droids attack Murphy. But Murphy was so strong and he has many skills. That he defeats all the droids. While seeing this the CEO becomes happy. After this successful operation, Murphy was allowed for the first time to meet his family. Now when for the first time Murphy comes in front of his wife and his son. They were sad. Because Murphy was not like before. But that was enough for them that Murphy was alive at least. And he was with them. Then we see that an event was arranged. In which they will introduce the droid of Murphy to everyone. And they have to tell all that how good robot is he. He also has emotions. Same like humans. Everyone was questioning the robot of Murphy one by one. He was answering well and impressing everyone. But then that footage comes in front of his eyes. Means the footage of his car explosion, seeing it, his mind loses its control. And he feels hurt. Due to which his system shows error. The doctor immediately shuts him down. Now the doctors make a plan to do his emotion level zero. This means if he will not have feelings, he will not get hurt while remembering his past. He will not have any problem. Then they do the same. They take out his emotions and feelings from his body. Due to it, now he has turned into a complete robot. When he was taken for the demo his son sees him while passing a smile. But he was serious. He doesn't pass any smile to his son. And after going to the stage he starts scanning everyone. He was scanning everyone with a serious face. Meanwhile, he also scans a criminal. He immediately shoots him. Everyone knows that he is a criminal. Then he was appreciated. Here finally he was passed and given the name Robocop. Means a robotic cop. Now the CEO and the doctor plan that we will keep this RoboCop means the boot of Murphy for our work. We will not let her family know. That he has no emotions. They were oppressing him and his family while doing this. But they don't care. They were bad. On the other side, we see that Murphy means RoboCop. He was detecting all the criminals while using his technology. After compiling all the CCTV footage and while seeing everything. He starts shooting the criminals after searching for them. And in then few days all the criminals from the city were killed. The crime was removed from the city. Seeing it, the people become happy with Murphy. They make him their hero. Murphy means Robocop does these all works on his heavy bike. He goes everywhere. Once he was passing from the way meanwhile his wife comes in front of him. She says to him that Murphy our son is missing you. You didn't come home for many days. I am worried about you. She was very worried there. But when Murphy detects her he couldn't know that she is worried. He leaves from there while ignoring her. Obviously, he has no emotions. This thing hurts Murphy's wife a lot. But naturally, he was a human. So he starts capturing related to his wife and son. And starts joining. He comes to know that he has changed into a robot and from that day his son is in trouble. When he detects his face he comes to know that he is scared. And also worried. Then he brings the image of that place where that bomb exploded in his mind. He comes to know that his son was also watching all this from the window upside. That's why he was scared. Murphy goes to his house. His emotions were returning. When the doctor comes to know this he couldn't understand that how his emotions are returning? But now the fire of revenge was burning in Murphy's heart for that criminal. The criminal who had fixed the bomb in his car and his son had seen this from the window. He goes to catch that criminal. On his way, he meets with that companion who helped that criminal. He tracks him and takes his address. But that criminal already knows it. He makes his weapons ready there. He turns off the lights. But Murphy has the special ability that he can see at night. Means he has night vision. Getting a chance from it, he goes inside while breaking their warehouse. He starts detecting them while using his night vision ability. He shoots them one by one. But they were also using their weapons. Due to it, Murphy also gets injured. His robotic body was also damaged. But Murphy was still powerful. He finally kills that criminal here. Then he picks up their weapons and takes their fingerprints from them. After it, he comes to know that there are two peoples in his police station whom fingerprints are there. Means the deceivers who were supporting that criminal. He immediately goes to the police station. Those men speak out everything. That we are not behind this. We have a senior who has said to do this while scary. Murphy gets aggressive after hearing this. That she was scolding me that day and she is responsible for this. So he goes to shoot her. But the people present there shut him down. Now the company that makes droids tells everyone. That there was weakness in Murphy. We can't turn him on before searching out a solution. Now CEO was saying to his company people that if makes Murphy alive so his emotions are already returning. And if his all emotions will return his love for his family will revive. And he will go to his family far from us. There is one solution for it. That we shut down him for always. Kill him. And we will say to people that he is crashed. Then everyone will give us sympathy. Everyone will favor us. That we have lost a lot of money after this loss. The CEO spreads this thing everywhere. Now everyone was showing sympathy with him. That he was a good robot. Now in sympathy, he was allowed to send his droids and robots to the other countries. It was beneficial for that CEO. He already wants this. The CEO in reality wants to remove Murphy's plug to finished him forever. But his special doctor comes to know it. Now we come to know that he was a good-hearted doctor. He immediately goes to Murphy's robot. He immediately activates him and tells him everything. That CEO is going to do this with you. You immediately run from here. Murphy doesn't listen to anything and goes from there while taking his bike. He was going to the place of the CEO of the company. That CEO also comes to know that Murphy is coming towards him. That CEO places his droids around that place. This means the robots which will fight with Murphy. Here is the entry of the robot of Murphy means RoboCop. He comes inside that building with his bike. But the other droids start attacking him. Murphy wasn't less than them. He also fights back with them. There were many droids and they were attacking him continously. Due to it, one hand of Murphy was damaged. Here the friend of Murphy arrives. He saves Murphy's life. While coming in front of other robots. Those droids didn't harm humans till humans harm them. He stops them. Meanwhile, the companion of the CEO arrives there. He has the bracelet in his hand due to which he can control this droid means Robocop. Because of this control, Murphy means Robocop couldn't shoot him. He couldn't attack him. But then Murphy's friend comes and shoots that man. And he saves Murphy's life. Otherwise, that man could soon shut down Murphy. Then Murphy detects that where is that CEO? He comes to know that he is at the rooftop of that building. He immediately goes there to attack him. But he comes to know that CEO was also having that bracelet in his arm. Due to it, that Robocop means Murphy couldn't harm him. Murphy collects his all emotions and after collecting he was about to shoot him. But his system wasn't allowing him for this. He was crashing. His system was shutting down. But during this, the CEO says that I am going to shoot your family. He does this so that he will hurt and will crash soon. But from this Murphy gets benefits. The emotions wake up in him. He hurriedly reboots his system. Then he shoots that CEO. But that CEO also shoots him. Due to it, his body was damaged. He falls down his family comes to him while running. Then he was taken to the doctor. That special doctor. He prepares a new robotic suit for him. And when he becomes alright his wife and his son come to him. They say to him that now we will live with you always. We will not leave you alone. You are our life we are proud of you. Now if we talk about sending the robots to other countries. So seeing everything government doesn't allow for this. Because droids were proving dangerous. This movie also ends here. Thank you for watching.

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