] Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019) Film Explained

 So the film starts, while showing the time many years ago. It was Halloween night. That night three friends were by the road. Among them the name of the girl is Stella. They plan to tease someone. We will do pranks with someone. There were two male friends of Stella with her. Now they see a boy. They start teasing him. They throw eggs on his car. They torture him in different ways. That boy becomes aggressive. He follows them while taking his other friends. Stella and her friends run from there. While running they see a car standing there. They sit in that car. There was a boy sitting on that car's front seat. His name was Ramon. The boy who was following them reaches there. He stops while seeing that stranger boy. And didn't say anything to them. Nobody has seen that boy here before. Because he was not a resident of this place. They live in a small city. Now Stella and her friends start talking to that boy. Ramon tells them that I am fond of traveling. Stella and her friends say that it is a good thing. So here we will show you a house. It is an old house and nobody goes there. It is said that many years ago a rich family lived there. Don't know why the people abandoned that house. While saying that it is haunted. Now Stella says to Ramon that we are adventurous. We don't fear from anyone. Ramon will you join us if we go there. Ramon says yes why not. I love to explore new places. Now, these four-move towards that house without any fear. That was not a house but it was looking like a palace. It was a huge house. Then they enter that house. Meanwhile, Stella's friend sees a strange thing. He sees a creepy old woman in a room. Her dog was also with her. He gets shocked that this house is closed for many years. How did this old woman come here? Soon he realizes that this place is haunted in reality. Because that old lady was not a human, it was a ghost. A ghost. On the other side, when Stella was exploring that house she sees a mysterious room. That belongs to a woman who lived there. And her name was Sarah. She has written many books. And you will be shocked while hearing that with whom she writes a book. She surrounds many kids near her. Then she tells them the story. After it, she kills those kids and writes stories with their blood. The books which she wrote were also there. When Stella sees those books there were all scary stories in them. This means horrible stories. That was written by Sarah. Meanwhile, the boy who was teased by Stella and her friends also arrive there. The sister of Stella's friend was also with him. Because that boy and that boy's sister were friends. In fact, Stella and her friends tease him because he was a bad boy. And he irritates them. Stella was only taking her revenge. Now when that bad boy comes to know that Stella and her friends are in this house. He immediately locks them in that house. His friend means the sister of Stella's friend forbids him to do this. He says to her okay so you also live with them. He also locks her. Now think yourself if a boy is not a good friend of anyone how can he be a good boy? That bad boy locks them in the darkness of night and leaves from there. Now they were all kids. They get scared. They start knocking at the door. They start screaming. That takes us outside from this house. But nobody comes for their help. Suddenly, the door of that house opens automatically. Like a soul helped them. Stella takes the book of Sarah also with her in which she has written the scary stories. She didn't scared while taking that book. After reaching home Stella opens the book and sees. She gets shocked while seeing this the ink from which that story was written was still fresh. This means it was wet. Like it was written just now. It was written about that bad boy in it. The boy who locked them in that house and left. Stella starts reading it. On the other side, we see that bad boy. He was leaving from there. While leaving, he reaches some farms. There was also a strawman. That boy notices that the strawman is watching him. He gets scared. He starts running from there. But then the strawman follows him. It attacks that boy and also changes him into a strawman. This scene was horrible. The next day, Stella was worried. Because she has read the story about him. She wasn't understanding that how Sarah wrote about that boy in her old book. She goes to see that boy with Ramon. On her way, there was that farm. They see a strawman on that farm. It was wearing the same clothes as that boy. But how would they know that this strawman was none other than that boy? Stella says to Ramon the maybe he is that boy. Ramon says that I don't believe in these things. Now when Stella arrives home the second story start writing in the book. It was about a male friend of Stella. Stella starts tearing the pages of that book. And she immediately calls her friend. She says that do what I ask you to do. Because Stella has read that story. And she knew that how he will die. Stella says that doesn't go near the soup that is in your fridge. But that boy wasn't hearing her. And he starts having soup. There was a toe of any dead body in that soup. Stella's friend couldn't hear her and he takes the soup. That toe also comes in his mouth. Meanwhile, that dead body arrives there. And it says that where's my toe? Where is my toe? That dead body drags Stella's friend and takes him with it. When Stella and Ramon go there to save their friend. They see that there was nobody. Stella understands that her friend is killed. She becomes sad. She says to her other friends that we have to stop to happen all this. The stories written in this book are coming true. So why don't we destroy this book? They come outside and setting that book on fire. But it wasn't affecting that book. That book wasn't destroying with any method. Stella becomes worried. That how this book is linked with us? And who was Sarah? Stella says that we have to find out and she starts researching about Sarah. She comes to know different things. As she belonged to a rich family. There was everything in their house. And they lived happily together. But Sarah adopted bad habits. Someone taught her black magic. And she tried it on her own family members. Du to it, her family members started disappearing. Stella was telling all this to her friends. Meanwhile, a new story was written in that book. Its main character was the sister of Stella's friend. They immediately move to her to save her. That she doesn't do anything. But till then a spider has bitten that girl's cheek. And a huge pimple appears on her skin. After some time small spiders come from that pimple. She gets scared. Then Stella and her friends also arrive there. They take her to the hospital. Now to research more on Sarah, Stella goes to a hospital. She asks that do you have files related to Sarah? She tells them everything. A staff member tells them about a room. One of Stella's friends says that no I don't want to go in that room. I have seen someone in my dream who was forbidding me to go in that room. If I will go there a chubby lady will kill me. I will stay outside and you go there. And as Stella and Ramon go inside that room. The lights of the hospital turn red. And a chubby lady arrives there, she kills Stella's friend. She brings Stella's friend inside her body. When Stella goes inside that room she finds an audio player. On it, she was listening to the conversation between Sarah and her brother. Her brother was forcefully saying her to speak that she has killed the kids. Sarah says that why do I speak that I've killed the kids? I didn't kill them. This is your mistake. Your factories knowingly make the water dirty. And when those kids drunk that water they were killed. But Sarah's brother starts beating her. He says her to speak that you killed them. You have done black magic on them due to which all kids were dead. And Sarah has to say this. Because she was suffering from pain. Everyone was thinking that Sarah is insane and a bad girl. And Sarah died soon. Sarah wanted to take revenge on her family. She has the ability to curse anyone. So she started writing these stories. Her family died because of it. Because Sarah has written stories in that book against her family. Meanwhile, Stella sees that book again. It was the same story in it. The story like which her friend was killed outside. She couldn't save him. They were arrested there. That what are doing here without permission? The police officer takes that book from Stella. He starts seeing it. He sees that the ink is fresh and the story is still writing in that book. He gets shocked. He was thinking then some body parts start falling there. Then suddenly these parts start joining together. And a creepy creature was created. It was walking strangely. That creepy body kills that police officer. And then moves forward to Stella and Ramon. But Stella somehow frees herself. She comes outside while taking Ramon with her. As they come outside it was raining. Ramon says to Stella to go immediately to Sarah's house and does her incomplete work. Maybe they have planned something. On the other side, Ramon was keeping an eye on that creepy body. Means he was stopping it to attack. Now Stella has arrived at Sarah's house. Here we see that the time has reversed. Now she wasn't Stella but she was Sarah. Here the family of Sarah was also alive. Sarah's family understands Stella as Sarah and locks her in the basement. They move while locking that door. Stella was weeping. Meanwhile, she feels Sarah's soul behind her. She starts weeping. She says to Sarah that don't worry I know they oppressed you. Everyone was understanding you wrong. Even I also was thinking that you have killed the kids. Because the story was told like this. But I know your true story. I'll bring this story in front of the world. Stella was feeling sympathy with Sarah. Sarah starts believing in Stella. She gives her a stick and asks her to write a new story with it. And use your blood as ink. Actually, Sarah wanted to get free from this world now. And she has asked Stella to write this. That free my soul now. On the other side, Ramon was also fighting with that creepy body. After many attempts, he also reaches that house. That creepy body was about to kill him after finding him. Then Sarah's soul was released. Her soul was free now means it has left this world. When Sarah went that creepy body disappears. Because it was a character written by Sarah. With it, the souls from everywhere went. And Stella and Ramon were escaped. Stella goes to her home and according to her promise, Stella starts writing a story about Sarah. That was the truth that the real mistake wasn't of Sarah. She publishes those books and divides them among everyone. This means she divides them. Now the people come to know that Sarah was not a bad girl. Stella was happy to do this. On the other side, Ramon joins the army. Because he wants to do something for his country. Now in the last scene of the movie we see that. Stella is going somewhere with her father and the sister of her dead friend. She says to her father that father I'll bring my dead friends back while writing some stories in this book. With this hope, this movie ends here. Thank you for watching.

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