Spider-Man (2002) Film Explained

 High school students are seen at the start of the film. They were going for a school trip to "Columbia University". A boy is shown in the bus whose name is "Peter". "Peter" is the leading character of this story and he is very unfashionable boy. He is interested in his classmate named "Mary". And he also wants to befriend her. But Mary's friends teas "Peter" because of their large numbering. It is known here that "Peter" had only one friend named "Harry". He is an aristocratic boy and his father is the scientist of the Columbia University. On the other side, "Peter" is orphan. He resides with his uncle and aunt. Different  categories of the spiders are shown to them in the genetic lab of university. They are also told about the characteristics of the spiders. "Peter" also takes the photos of "Mary" whom he wanted to befriend . Meanwhile, a particular spider bites him. At that time, that spider  had lost in that genetic lab. Afterwards, it is seen that "Peter" returns home back. Where his condition had started to worsen. "Peter" lies down in unconsciousness. It is observed here that physique and mentality had started to alter. His DNA had evolved the new genes. It indicated that he has not been a human being but has transformed into a superhuman. After this, the father of Peter's friend "Harry"  is seen  who was the great scientist. And he was building a weapon for military force. He takes himself as a subject to conduct that experiment. But that experiment is failed because it was imbalance. Then they conduct one more experiment on himself to make this weapon balanced. Through which he is gone insane. He cannot hold a control on his body in this insanity. And he kills his helper. Next morning, "Peter" is again seen. Some new powers had developed in him. As eyesight glasses were not needed to watch by him. And his physical appearance had also transformed into muscular one. It referred that many powers had developed in him. And he helps "Mary" from falling down in the school, using his powers. And he also catches her food. "Mary" is very impressed from "Peter". Afterwards, when "Peter" had started to take lunch. Then he notices some webs, releasing from his hand. "Peter" was trying to release the webs from his hands. Peter's is also dropped on the wicked boys during this struggle. All people had started to laugh at him, seeing this. "Peter" was going from there, standing up. That tray was being dragged behind it, attaching with its shirt cuff. Seeing it, all are surprised. Now some boys were coming to beat "Peter". Peter's one more power appears here. Peter's six sense had sharpened more. He may detect the danger in his surroundings easily. Otherwise, his other powers had also enhanced. So he defeats the boys easily. When he is returning to the house. Then he feels that he can crawl , sticking with any surface. He could crawl on the wall like the spiders. When "Peter" had known that he has multi powers. He decides to participate in wrestling match. Through which he could win a lot of money. Before it, "Peter" designs a spider man suit for him. Next morning when he is going for the wrestling. Then it is revealed that his uncle and aunt have also known about his all powers. His uncle makes him feel the importance of his responsibilities, sitting in a car. He says, "With Great power comes great responsibility". After this, "Peter's uncle drops "Peter"  to the location of wrestling tournament. He easily confronts the muscular wrestler . Because he had also the superpowers. In this way, he wins the wrestling match. But the wrestling supporter deceives him. It means , he does not award him money. Meanwhile, a thief appears to that wrestling supporter and flees, grabbing all his money. That man says to "Peter", Why did you not catch that thief? "Peter" says that you reaped what you sowed while deceiving me! Afterwards, he comes out of the building and observes a crowd. He is left dejected and sad, reaching there, Because the robber had killed Peter's uncle to grab his car. In this way,  Peter" uncle had also not left to him. Then "Peter" chases that thief, using his intuition and power. He was hitting the thief. But thief himself is slipped , And he is died, falling from the window. Later, "Peter" goes to his aunt. Who was the last support in his life. And they both were heartily dejected for Peter's uncle. After it, Mary's father is seen who was a scientist who had gone insane completely. That scientist had lost the control on himself as being mad. And he had come to end all those who had criticized his invention. Here he steps into his invented machine which had a metallic suit and glider. And he ruins the experiment of scorp's corporate rival, And he kills all who were involved in making this military equipment. It is felt here that he is the main antagonist of the movie. After this, it is observed that Peter's education in school is completed now. Coming to house, he remembers all words of his uncle. He had said, With Great powers come great responsibilities! Then "Peter"  had gone to eradicate the evil, wearing his spider man costume. If there was happening evil and bad in any corner of the World, Visions used to appear in spider man's mind, using his six sense. Then he leaves to end the evil from that place. Then it is observed that spider man has renowned with the passage of time. He used to go at any place with the use of his superpowers while flying and running . People were exaggerating stories about him. Some people used to think as he is a superhuman, Some thought that he is giant spider! After this, it is seen that, "Peter" serves for a job as he used to provide the photos for a newspaper. It was "Peter" himself who was providing the his clear photos  to them. The editor of that newspaper had not liking for spider man at all. But he was also ignorant about this as "Peter" is spider man. He used to pay a good amount of money to "Peter" because it was "Peter" who used to give the clear images. Because it was very difficult to capture the photo of spider man in the cameras of other photographers. Because he was very speedy. Later, scene shifts to harry's father. Who was a scientist and had gone mad. That scientist's company decides to dismiss him. Because this company was going down at loss because of him. So he becomes so aggressive. And he moves to a cultural festival in rage. It was the World's unity fair where he could bring much destruction easily. "Peter" had also joined this fair. Because he had to take the photos of this fair. Spider man also witnesses his friend "Harry" and "Marry" here. Meanwhile, he visualizes that something disastrous is going to occur here. Then scientist reaches here on his glider. He wanted to ruin all. Where all were gazing at him. Because he was at a distance. And they think that it is the new invention of the year. Which will be displayed in this fair. Then that scientist company member knows that, It is their glider. All were staring at him along with the spider man. Then he comes near them. And he throws a bomb in a building. As a result, that building is destroyed. All people begin to fall down. There is commotion everywhere. Spider man was observing it keenly. As  he notices that a part of a building is going to fall on the two people, So he pulls them backward with the help of his web. "Peter" immediately turns himself into a spider man , taking off his dress. Here "Peter's both friends "Harry" and "Mary" were also in a great difficulty. Meantime, scientist comes to his company members, And he throws one more detonator, Through which those people are turned into ashes  before changing into skeletons. And "harry" who was coming to rescue "Marry, All of a sudden, One part of the building also falls on him and he is knocked out. While that mad scientist had come to "Mary". Then all notice the spider man there. And he had begun to help everyone, pushing scientist aside. As spider man comes to that scientist, rescuing a child, That scientist falls him away with one attack. Then he was wanting to kill the spider man while attacking him constantly, That spider man suddenly  lifts up . Now that scientist on that glider was also after him. A great fight is held between spider man and that scientist. As spider man comes to rescue "Mary" then the glider was also after him. Spider man makes his eyes close while releasing his web on him. Consequently, he cannot see anything. And he rescues "Mary", deforming his glider. That scientist moves away while saying to the spider man, See you soon! "Mary" asks spider man, Who are you? The spider man replies, I am your friend and you also know about me! "Mary" asks, Who? The spider man tells, Your dearest friend spider man. Afterwards, it is seen that scientist comes to the spider man and he offers him, That we can rule over the World if we are united! Being a good person, spider man refuses him. Spider man only wanted to save this World. Later, it is witnessed that scientist sets a  building on fire, Where spider man comes to rescue everyone. Now that scientist had started to launch one more bomb. When spider man comes to  stop the scientist then he receives a scar  on his hand by scientist's attack . After this,  they all as "Peter" and his friends are seen at dinner party. It was at Peter's house. No one had still knowledge that scientist has gone mad. All prevailing destruction throughout the city is being manipulated by him. But that scientist gets the knowledge that "Peter" is spider man. Because spider man's received scar in a battle before a moment, There was the same scar on the hand of "Peter". Seeing it, he leaves that place after being worried. When scientist had known that "Peter" is the spider man, So he attacks Peter 's aunt in rage, going there. Peter's aunt is hospitalized because of that attack. Now Peter's friend comes here to meet him and his aunt. When "Peter" and "Mary" were talking  then "Harry" thinks as they both like each other. Being dejected , he returns from there. Because he had also affections for "Mary". He shares it with his father, coming there. Due to this, Harry' father or scientist knows one more weak point of "Peter". He instantly abducts "Mary", going on his glider. Scientist plans a trap for the spider man here. He catches "Mary" at one side while the swing of kids on the other side. And he stands on a bridge. If spider man rescues kids here, Then "Mary" will lose her life. In case, kids were died if he rescues "Mary". Seeing the spider man, scientist leaves both "Mary" and kids' island trolley here. Spider man quickly runs. At first, he rescues, "Mary", Later, he also catches the swing of the kids. But the spider man's web which he had linked with bridge, It is weakened and "Mary" and that swing both lose their grips in his hand. He catches that trolley, showing his speed. And "Mary" hangs with that aerial tramway. And he leaves it on the rescue ship as it reaches here. So all kids are rescued. Now scientist attacks spider man violently here. So he falls away, moving far from here. And scientist also explodes a bomb on "Peter" with it. Now the powers of spider man had reduced. He was not getting courage to fight with anyone. That glider man had started to hit it badly, reaching  here. There is a great fight which is held between spider man and that scientist. Spider man also releases his webs but he was continuously facing defeat because of the low energy. At last, that scientist was nearly to kill him. Meanwhile, spider man restores his all powers. He falls a big wall on him with the help of his webs, pushing the scientist away. But that scientist  does not die yet. And it was the turn of the spider man. Who has been beating by the  scientist from a time. Now spider man teaches him a lesson. When spider man was nearly to kill him here, Scientist takes off his green goblin mask. He was saying to the spider man now, Don't kill me! It was the ambition of this invention which controlled my mind! But his words were based on lies because he was going to attack spider man from the backside. Spider man lifts up quickly, visualizing something. Scientist's own glider kills him. Afterwards, spider man leaves scientist body at Harry's house. In the end , it is seen that "Peter" was at the grave of his uncle in sad condition. And "Mary" expresses her love to him, coming there. And the movie completes on this scene.

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