Staunton Hill + Girls Against Boys (2012) Film Explained i

 Today, two films will be explored together The first movie's name is "Staunton Hill". The shown era in this movie is old one. It is the year of 1969. Five friends are on their way somewhere. But they don't have a vehicle. On the way, they begin to request lifts from others. But no one is ready to pick them up. And they were deadly tired while walking. Noticing a nearby garage, they move there. There was also man named "Quintin" standing there with his car which was broken down. And he soon repairs his car. On the other side, the group of all friends asks for help from that auto-mechanic. Being rigid, that auto-mechanic ignores them. Meanwhile, "Quintin" says to them, my car has been repaired. You may travel with me if you want. They take his ride happily. But the car breaks down even not passing a large distance. So they decide, we will move ahead on foot. They notice a farm there while walking. There was not a sign of human being in its surroundings. Now it was going to fall night. It was the only place where they could stay. There was lying hay on which they fall asleep. They hear the sound of cutting wood as they are sleeping. As one of the boys wakes up, he goes outside to investigate. That a bulky boy was cutting the woods. He directly begins to beat him, going there. Saying  you are making noise while all are sleeping. That boy also begins to beat him in return. Then all friends come outside and there is a great fight among them. Then a fatty woman appears there who calls her son. Buddy! Stop it. That bulky boy named "Buddy" was his son . Then that boy stops but he is not uttering a single word. Then she turns to those friends and says, "I apologise to you on his behalf!" He is afraid of the unknown people. Because he lives with me and his grandmother here. They say, Its okay! One of the boys catches the sight of their truck. He asks, May we ride on it? We need to go somewhere. That woman says, I may surely give you, But it has not been driven for many years. Then they ask, You may hae a cell phone! That woman says, No my son! It is also powered off. Then it is seen that "Buddy" is preparing breakfast for all of them. A girl named "Jordan" among all those friends is the leading figure of this movie. He says to "Buddy", going to him. What are you making? Then "Buddy" gives her a little toy but he was still silent. Male friends begin to repair that truck which was out of order after the breakfast. One of the girls goes to that lady who was the mother of "Buddy". She asks, I need to go to the lavatory! That woman says , Dear, our lavatory has also problem. You may go to the lavatory situated at the opposite direction. I guide you to that place. She tells about a place. And that girl reaches a place , searching for lavatory. It was a weird room where the filthy weapons had been placed. There were knives. There was the blood splashed there. She is noticing it as the silent "Buddy" appears from the backside. He targets that girl's head forcefully. That poor girl is knocked out. Then "Buddy" places her body on the nearby stretcher . And he binds his hands and feet. Then he begins to slash his legs. Consequently, much blood is wasted of that innocent girl. Then he dissects her hands and feet and he peels her skin. In the end , he decapitates her. The guiltless and the silent looking "Buddy", he was cruel and the evil minded person. Now a couple among friends  is walking across the fields. Then Buddy's mother fires her gun on the boy between them, coming there. The girl begins to weep, witnessing it. But Buddy's mother does also not let her escape. Now "Jordan" is in the room of which window had a clear sight of the fields which were outside. She notices that "Buddy" has come outside. And he is serving his animals with the body parts of her friend. Seeing it, she is very scared. And she moves to her friend  to reveal it. They both don't understand as what is going on ! So they quickly informs to "Quintin" who was still taking rest. The couple who was being knocked out by Buddy's mother, She brings that couple into the same room where "Buddy" used to slash. They both had restored their consciousness now. First of all, female friend is placed on the stretcher. And "Buddy" begins to slash her body. In the beginning,  he cuts her head. Then he brings out all her internal organs, tearing her abdomen. Her friend was weeping bitterly, observing it. Because he knew that he is going to face the same consequences in a few minutes. He could not take any action because of being tied. Now "Buddy" peeps through the window that, There is Jordan" and her friend are outside. "Quintin" leaves them saying, I am not in mood to put my life at risk! I am leaving from here. Meantime, Buddy's mother captures "Jordan", coming outside. But Jordan's friend runs away , rescuing his friend. But a knife is dropped from his hand. Then Jordan's friend returns to lift that knife. But Buddy's murderer grandmother kills that boy, giving her electric shocks. The guiltless "Jordan" alone escapes from there. "Jordan" falls into a pit while walking. From where a pointed wood stabs into her shoulder. she is aching enough. And she is also very frightened. Thinking that I may not be victimized by "Buddy" or his family members. So she hides herself somewhere. Her shoulder was bleeding so there were the blood drops around her where she had hidden herself. Noticing it, Buddy's grandmother detects that she is here. She was shrewd even though she was disable. She pulls "Jordan" out and a great fight begin to hold between them. "Jordan"  was safeguarding herself. "Jordan" eventually kills Buddy's grandmother here. But she also loses her consciousness because of the fear and pain. "Buddy" liked "Jordan" so he gifted her a toy. He notices ,coming there that "Jordan" is lying senseless. He takes her into that room , lifting her. First of all, he thinks that he may slash her to please his mother. Because it was their mission. Then he thinks, No! I cannot carry it out. Whether he was silent but his actions were revealing it clearly. That he does not want to end "Jordan". "Buddy" takes her into the same garage, lifting her. Which had been shown at the beginning of the movie. And "Quintin" is also running towards it. And he hits with "Buddy". As a result, they receive an electric shock and collide with the railing. The whole night is spent as it is. "Jordan" was lying there. It is seen as it dawns that, The same auto-mechanic opens the gate of garage, coming there. Lifting "Jordan", he pus her in his vehicle. While "Quintin" is seated at the back seat of the vehicle. That auto-mechanic asks him, My son! Have you not received more wounds? Here it is exposed that "Quitin" was no one else but the son of the auto-mechanic. And auto-mechanic was also the father of "Buddy". It means that  "Buddy" and "Quintin" were the real siblings of each other. "Buddy" used to be envied from "Quintin" because he had got a great success. As a result, he began this job. He used to make a living by selling human body parts. And he used to please his mother, giving her his earning. After this, auto-mechanic begins to drive his car. It is not told that where were they taking "Jordan" now? She was still alive. And the movie also completes on this scene. Now the second movie named "Girls Against Boys" will be explained. This movie is also slasher like the previous film. And there are many murders. A college student " Shae" comes on the scene as the movie starts. She is getting ready because she had to meet one of his friends. But he was already wedded, having a daughter. As that man comes to her apartment, he says to "Shae" while apologizing, I cannot cheat on my wife and daughter any more. I really love deeply with them. "Shae" remains in her apartment , saying nothing to him. She is very grieved. She had saddened, living at her apartment. So she goes outside at night, wearing her purse. She was looking very disturbed. No one asks her, "Shae", why are you so sad? What is the matter with you? She directly moves to that pub where she used to serve. There is a new girl who has come there. She comes to her, seeing her weeping. She asks, What has happened with you? She was the first girl who had asked "Shae", How is she feeling? They introduce themselves to each other. And they are befriended. That new employee says to "Shae",  Come! Let's enjoy. Just forget it what happened with you! There are also some friends of that new employee with whom she introduces "Shae". They dance the whole night while enjoying. A boy among them comes to drop "Shae" to her house as the morning arrives. But he does not leave even after dropping her at her house. And he begins to harass her. "Shae" calls her old friend in fear. She says to him, I am in trouble! Come to save me. But he also acts the same with "Shae" as that friend comes to him. She starts scaring and she is also grieved. She locks herself in the room. Then she meets with the new employee as it dawns. She reveals her everything. She says, Come! We report the crime to police. But the police officer is not giving the value of their complains. That new employee says to "Shae", Leave them! We will find our own way! Then "Shae" asks, What are you wanting to say? That new employee says, All boys cheated us who came in our life till now! No one rescued us! We will reveal to them that girls may also be courageous. You need not to feel fear! I have also a gun. We will be able to defend ourselves if they try to harass us. "Shae" was confused. In spite of this, she agrees with her. They together goes to that boy. Who was the friend of new employee's friend. And that new employee asks him about her friend. He tells, he is not here! The new employee says to him, You are telling a lie. You know his location! And you also knows which crime he has committed. That boy starts laughing in response. And it is not tolerated by the new employee. So she targets him with his gun before "Shae". Then Shae's friend also approaches there. She also asks the location of that man from him. But he also says, I know nothing! He also begins to laugh so that new employee also makes him target. Now they both  reach the location of that boy while searching. He is wielding there and both capture him there. And they bind him. They both had become very menacing here. And they were looking boldest. It is not the boldness to kill someone. In spite of it, they were so daring. "Shae" targets his head because she had to take her revenge. She had also become courageous , observing the new employee. This is the cause , it is said company impacts! They also stick a tape on his mouth. Then new employee dismembers his both legs with chainsaw. That boy begs from both of them, Pardon me! I will never do as such in future! I will continue to honour the girls. Let me go! The new employee says while untying him, Go! Where do you want, go? I have dismembered your legs! But "Shae" kills that boy, firing her gun. After this,  those girls come outside from there. There was a  fire of revenge which was burning in their heart. That they were going to take from all boys who committed wrong with her. Then "Shae" meets with her old friend. She abducts him with his car. And she stops the car, driving into the forest. They are going to target him. Then he says to "Shae", I have a little daughter! And I have to take care of my family. I never wanted to leave you. But I had to leave for my daughter. Being sentimental, "Shae" lets him go. She does not target him. New employee says to her, Which stupidity that you are acting? I will never leave him alive! He has pained you. She also targets him along with it. And he meets his end. Now everything had come to its routine in Shae's life. All had met their end who committed wrong with her. And she had  also befriended with a new friend in the college. One night, "Halloween celebration" is held in the college. "Shae" was enjoying in that celebration along with her friend. They were dancing. Then a masked girl arrives there. Now the celebration had been over and everyone departed to their houses. And "Shae" also moved to the lavatory. Then a masked girl appears on the stage. And she begins to call Shae's new friend. He moves to stage to hear her. Then she ends him. it means that masked girl had ended Shae's new friend. Coming outside, "Shae" is left worried , witnessing it. Then it is revealed there that masked girl was the same new employee not anyone else. She tells "Shae", I did it for your profit! What might have you done if this boy had committed the same thing with you. you are my friend! So I did it for you. Then "Shae" thinks, She has gone insane! She killed that boy with whom I was eventually feeling rejoicement. She lifts a sword lying near her. And she stabs it into her abdomen. Because that girl was insane. Here "Shae" gets a message, That boys are not at fault every time. She had to believe in the people after a deliberation. She had not returned to her house alone, nor had she been accompanied by any boy. And she committed a great crime , killing her old friend. What will his daughter and wife react? She begins to live sad with this repentance. Then she promises herself that she will never allow anything bad to happen to another girl. Both movies have been completed here. Thanks for Watching.

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