The Avengers 1+2 (2015) Film Explained i

 At the start of the movie, we see Loki who is talking to someone about the Cosmic Cube. Because he is going to open a portal while taking the cosmic Cube on earth. So the Army of Thanos could come here. This deal was done. Now we see the scene of the SHIELD agency. The Cosmic Cube was placed there. A helicopter lands there and Nick Fury was inside it. Coming inside he meets a scientist. He was told some strange radiations were emitting from the Cosmic cube. None knows why is this happening? Then Loki comes there to take the cosmic cube. They all immediately guard the cosmic cube. While using his powers Loki makes them fall at a far distance. He lifts up Cosmic cube and starts running. Nick Fury was shooting him from behind. Some people go behind him in the cars but he successfully escaped. Nick Fury asks the people there we have to make a team of The Avengers. We have to get the Cosmic cube again. Here we come to now one more thing. That SHIELD agency has made a powerful weapon to fight with Thanos and his people, It was made with the energy of the Cosmic Cube. Now Nick Fury goes to Captain America. He is the first Avenger, Nick Fury tells him all story. That the cosmic cube has been stolen. To bring it back we need your help. On another side, we see Natasha brings Hulk from India. She says to Hulk that he has much knowledge about the cosmic cube. So we need your help. To get it back again. On another side, we see an agent he talks about it to Tony Stark. Now he also comes in the team of Avengers. We see the agent with Captain America on a plane, he says to him your work is nice. I admire it. Now the plane lands and Captain America meets with Hulk and Natasha. They become happy after meeting each other. They sit on a ship. But after some time the ship starts flying. It means it was a flying craft. After it, Nick Fury while creating a hologram makes it invisible. There we see Loki with the two people of SHIELD. They were talking that the Cosmic cube is most powerful. We can't control it until its radiations decreased. There is an element named Iridium and we will get it from Germany. So Loki and a man of SHIELD decide that they will go to Germany. They go there. Nick Fury comes to know the other man and Loki have arrived in Germany. He says to Captain America get ready your suit immediately. Now Captain America comes in his new outfit. There we see the scene of Germany and a party was going on there. The commander was also there. Then Loki enters there and hits everyone with his stick. He lay down commander at a place while holding him from his neck. He scans his eye hologram. And sends it to his companion. He has done this so while scanning Commander's eye his companion will get Iridium. His companion has done it soon and leaves from there. But Loki was there. Because he wants to show his power in front of all. They all will consider in strong. After it, he will rule on them. Loki asks them to bend in front of him. But then an old man says from the crowd we will not bend in front of you ever. Loki throws some energy from his magic stick on him. But before it touches the bad man and he dies captain America reaches there and brings his shield in front. With it, the old man was saved. Here Captain America says to Loki it is your wrong thinking they will bend in front of you. They all know you. You don't deserve to rule this world. Hearing it, Loki comes in anger. Here again, he uses his magical stick. But then Captain America again brings his shield in front. He again sends the shield to Loki. But Loki again attacks him Captain America moves behind while rolling. Loki was hitting Captain America a lot with his stick. Captain America was also defending himself. Then Irom Man comes there and seeing him, Loki gets panicked. That now they are two how will I fight with them? He immediately gets ready to go with them and they take him with them. Iron Man was talking to his companions they come to Germany to get Iridium. Because it is not an easy task to control the cosmic cube. To activate it and use it they need a high temperature. That temperature they will get from a tower in Germany. On another side, we see Loki he didn't come here in aircraft after the surrender there is huge planing of him behind it. In fact, he came here to destroy their aircraft. So Avengers will have nothing. He will safely escape from here. He orders his companion and he also comes with his companions in a plane near this aircraft. Then he shoots an arrow in the engine of the aircraft due to it, it sets on fire. Due to it, the aircraft starts falling down but Ironman goes and controls the engine. He tries to lift it again. It was a hard task. Now Loki's companions go to the place where he was imprisoned. They open the door and release him. Meanwhile, Thor also comes there and he goes inside while breaking the door, Loki immediately comes there and he locks Thor inside while getting out. When the agent comes to know this he takes out the advanced weapon which they had made with the energy of the cosmic cube. With it, he was about to shoot at Loki. Before him, Loki comes behind him. From behind he stabs his magical stick in him and makes him injured. On another side, we see Natasha and she punches hard Loki's companion. Due to it, he falls on the land. Then we see Loki escaping from here. He reaches the tower. With it, he has also placed the cosmic cube in a machine there. Then we see all Avengers together. Nick Fury tells them we have lost our agent. He was injured some time ago with the stick. They become sad. The Iron man says we should go to my industry in California. Then, they all reach California. But the bad thing is the portal was opened because of the cosmic cube. Thanos's army reaches there. Here all Avengers were together. Hulk also comes in his real getup in anger. After it, he punches the bus of the army and destroys it. They were worried that how to close the portal? Meanwhile, Nick Fury receives the call of the directors. They say if you can't close this portal then we have the last option to blast this while city with a missile. The missile will be coming here soon. So take care of yourselves. Nick Fury tells this to Iron man. We have only 2.5 minutes. We have to close the portal or we have to stop the missile. Natasha gets panicked. She reaches the portal with the magical stick of Loki. She tries to close the portal while taking out a lot of energy from it. But then Iron man says her to stop and he says I have one more idea. I have a missile and I will throw it at the place where Thanos's army is. He reaches the place with the missile and destroys the place. But he didn't return from there after a long time. Captain America says to Natasha we don't have more time. We have to close this portal. Otherwise, we will also be destroyed. Natasha was closing the portal, Ironman was also in the portal. They were sad because they don't know what will happen further? If they will not close the portal they will be a blast with a missile, if they close the portal the Ironman will stay inside. But then Iron man comes down from the portal it means he falls on the land. They all become happy. They have destroyed the army of Thanos and their friend also returned. So the people there appreciate them. Meanwhile, all Avengers go to the door and there Loki was caught. Then we see Thor holds Loki and the Cosmic cube also taking them with him he reaches Asgard. That we have seen in the movie Thor. So in this movie, it means the ending scene of the Avengers part 1 we see that a man was saying to Thanos the people of the earth are powerful. We have to become more strong to fight with them. Here Thanos passes a smile it means he is ready for this also. Now I will explain Avengers Part 2. At the start of the movie, we see all Avengers they were going to attack the base of Hydra. Because the leader of Hydra was doing strange experiments. He has a scepter, a stick in which there is a gem. You must have seen it in the previous parts. The experiments were like he inserts some energies in humans while using this scepter. So they can fight with others and Avengers for him. His next target was Avengers. He chooses two siblings and they were twins. The leader of Hydra has done experiments on them so now they have energies. Now the girl on which the experiment was done. She goes to the Iron man and starts hypnotizing him while taking out some energies from her hands. Her brother goes to Captain America to attack him. Here the scene changes we see when they move to Hydra base, they defeated them and they went to bring a scepter. Iron man has got the Scepter and comes to his lab. Here Hulk was also with him. They plan to do an experiment on this scepter. They will find that how is it so dangerous? Here Iron man and Hulk come to know a special thing, that the gem in the stick can think itself, it has the ability to think. It means it can generate power and energy itself. Iron man and Hulk make a defensive layer around it. So it can scan the things there or can't damage them. But their plan fails and its energy has already reached the other electronics. It starts scanning them. There was another personal computer of Ironman. It has its own intelligence and it starts emitting rays and starts fighting with the Scepter. So it can't damage or read the other electronics But the scepter also emits rays and destroys the computer. After it, Scepter shifts to another electronic and escapes from there. Moving from there, the Scepter destroys the tower. After it, it goes to Hydra base to recover itself or enhance its energies. Here we see Scepter has transformed its body. It comes into a robotic form. Its name is Ultron. Ultron goes to the twins. They ask them to be a part of its army. We will fight against the Iron man and the other Avengers. Those twins immediately get agree. Because they say Iron man has taken our parent's lives. They go to a weapon dealer and he makes advanced weapons. Ultron asks him to make weapons for it. But he demands it a lot of money. Ultron has the power it can transfer money in his account from any account. It also does this and the name of the thing is Vibranium. The metal from which the shield of Captain America is made. It is very strong. Now the twins reach Avengers. Because now they are strong and have Telekinetic powers. from which they can control the mind of others. So they control Hulk's mind. They feed in his mind that his team wants to kill him. He comes in anger. He starts feeling insecure. He moves forward to kill his own team. Now because Hulk was so powerful so Iron man also wears his new suit. He had made it ready before. It was just to control Hulk. Because he has already known this. That Hulk will do this one day. Because this thing will be feed in his mind. Here the fight begins between them. Hulk throws a car towards Iron man. It hits him. Iron man falls behind then he immediately moves forward. He lifts up Hulk and throws him on another side. Because Hulk was so aggressive so he stabs a rod in Ironman's arm. Due to it, his suit was damaged. His hand breaks and falls down. But then Ironman gives a signal to a satellite. His new hand comes from there and joins with him. Now the fire was coming out of his hands and he throws it to Hulk. Hulk immediately moves to him and was about to punch him but Ironman holds his hand here, both were trying to stop each other. Then Ironman hits Hulk with the earth with power. Here they all get scared. That Avengers are fighting themselves how can they protect us? All Avengers and their leader decided that we will change our base. Because the people here didn't consider them good. They go to Hawkeye's house he was their member but Loki made him his companion. Here Thor meets a man who was their companion but has become Loki's companion. He tells him about the attack that happened to him. It was done by a girl among the twins. In the next scene, we see Korea Ultron goes there and meets a girl. Because Ultron was made with the powers of the gem, it wants to use and merge the gem with Vibranium to make it more strong. It asks the lady to help it with this task. But then the girl from the twins reads her mind. She comes to know that it wants to make a powerful weapon for it while using the Scepter with Vibranium. With it, it can kill all the humans and can rule here. So she doesn't like this. Because she was also a human being. She weeps and says to Ultron we think that you are against the Iron man. But you want to destroy the whole world. We are sorry we will not help you with this task. Then Captain America, Natasha, and Hawkeye enter there. They were there to take a synthetic body. Natasha opens the door of the plane and gets the synthetic body. They come to the Base and while using it Ironman tries to bring his computer back. Thor also brings his hammer and takes out electricity and energy from it. To activate this gem and he comes to know this is not an ordinary gem. It is a stone among the 6 infinity stones. Then a character generates here. Its name is Vision and it is made of this stone. Now the twins were also with Avengers. They want to save humanity and don't want to let everyone die as their parents died. Now they all together go to the base of Ultron which it produces from Vibranium a few times ago. So they can destroy it. Ultron wants to lift the city in the sky the city where its base was. After it, it will hit it witth the world with power. There will be a blast and all humanity will destroy. And it will rule here and will make everything with a new method. But Avengers know it before. They get ready and reach there. As they reach there the army of Ultron attacks them. They try to stop them. Meanwhile, Nick Fury comes there and starts firing on them. During this fight, the brother from the twins dies. His sister becomes sad because of it. She starts weeping and hse decides that she will kill Ultron and will finish it. The girl goes to Ultron while using her powers she takes out its heart from its chest. As she has used any force of attraction. She has many powers. Here Ultron was finished and who had thought this girl will finish it? But then one more robot comes there and its structure was like Ultron. It activates the machine from it the part of the city will lift up. Now the part of the city lifts up in the sky. It was about to fall down speedily but Iron man and Thor go there to stop it. Ironman takes out some energy from his chest due to it, the city destroys there. Here Ultron was destroyed and its plan was also finished. It means now there will be no destruction anywhere. In the last scene of the movie, we see one more base of Avengers is made. Now Thor says to them I have to return to Asgard. Because the 6 infinity stones I have seen in my vision I have to do some research on them. Then Captain America and Natasha start giving training to the people to add them to the Avengers team. They start teaching them the new methods. The movie ends here but in the post-credit scenes, we see Thanos he says now I will not trust anybody. I will go to the world myself and will destroy it. With it, both parts of Avengers completely end here. Thank you for watching.

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