The Bugs (2014) Film Explained

 We see a scientist at the beginning of the film. who was developing a superbug in his ship's laboratory He will get protein from it. The reason for this is that the demand for protein will rise in the future. He will produce high-quality protein using superbug. He is successful in creating the bug. During this process, there was a problem in the system. The superbug comes out while breaking the tube. The scientist examines the superbug by holding it in his hand. But the superbug attacks and kills him. We were shown that the superbug's size was growing. Even it produces the small bugs there are a lot of them. The massive bugs are released into the sea from the ship. After it, we are shown a couple. Zilin was the girl's name, and Zitong was the boy's. They were getting married. They do photography to make their magazines. After some time, they reach a hotel. They meet a producer's assistant. Actually, there was a party at the beach after some time. They come here to take pictures for their magazines. Then we see a girl named Manji who is working in the kitchen. Meanwhile, a swarm of bugs emerges from the drainage pipe. Seeing them, Manji gets scared. She calls her grandfather there immediately. While spraying, he causes the bugs to flee. He holds one of the bugs to take it with him. He wants to examine it because he was a science professor. The bug bites his finger while he is inspecting it and flees. It again moves to the drainage pipe. Manji makes a move while driving them to the party because she is the main guest. We see a disturbance in the sea due to the bugs. On the other hand, we see Zitong pursuing Zilin for marriage. He also has purchased a diamond ring for this. After some time, the part starts at the beach. The producer has also arrived there. Zitong places the diamond ring in his room and they appear at a party to take photographs for their magazine. Two robbers enter the hotel while it is empty and starts robbing the things of others. Their boss goes to the machine room to turn off the WiFi. Manji arrives at the party a short time later, accompanied by her grandfather. The bugs reach the swimming pool that was in the sea. There were a lot of people swimming there. While robbing, a thief goes to Zitong's room. He steals his diamond ring. When they are doing the WiFi down, their boss appears. But the lights turn off at the same time. Many bugs come there. While attacking him, those bugs kill him. When Zitong goes to meet with the producer, Manji also comes there and she recognizes Zitong. Because they were friends before. Zilin comes there while they were talking. Seeing Zitong with another girl, she becomes upset. She storms out, furious with him. To make her agree Zitong also goes behind her. Meanwhile, we see a lady cleaning the lift of the hotel. Many bugs come there and take the lady with them. While reading the magazine, the operator was preoccupied. That's why he was unaware of everything. A guard arrives and sends the operator to the machine room. To set the WiFi. As I told you the boss of thieves turns it off. Then another thief was cleaning his face. Many bugs attack him and stab him all over. Seeing all this, the condition of the thief gets worse. He is also powerless to save himself. That's why the bugs start eating his body from within. The thief dies there because of it. While walking to her, Zitong was attempting to reach an agreement with Zilin. He says ''look she was my friend before''. But now I don't have any relation with her. Then he goes to take the ring to purpose Zilin. He becomes concerned because he hasn't found his ring. The operator is then seen as he walks to the lift to go to the machine room many bugs congregate there. They start eating the body of the operator. They ate his body until only his skeleton remained. After that, another thief enters the lift, while a walkie-talkie falls to the ground. He goes upstairs to check. He sees many bugs there. He couldn't understand the situation. The operator's dead body, in poor condition, then hangs there. Seeing this, the operator gets scared and runs. However, a security guard has seen him. Then we're shown what's going on inside the sea. We see a swarm of bugs in the thousands and continue forward. There was a wave made in the sea because of their crowd. Like a tsunami. When they see it, the people flee in terror. But many of them were wrapped in it and the bugs hunt them while preying on them The crowd of the bugs also arrives in the hotel. When they see it, they become terrified and run around in a panicked state. While they hide in a lift, Zitong meets the professor. He was searching for his granddaughter Manji. However, the bugs enter a man's body in front of him. They start eating his body. They kill him seeing it, they get more scared. Their condition get worse. The security guard seizes the thief and begins questioning him. The thief only says today the world will be finished. But the security guards didn't understand him. They see the CCTV footage. People were fleeing here and there, terrified and panicked. The security guard moves out to see this. The thief gets a chance and makes himself free. Many bugs enter the lift as well. they start killing those bugs with fire. Suddenly, all bugs move from there. Zitong didn't understand anything until the professor explained bugs are similar to ants. They are taking food for their queen means the superbug. But if they will come again to bring food or their superbug will come, they will cause destruction. The producer, Manji, and some people were enjoying on a ship. Meanwhile, they see a ship coming from a far distance. But they weren't aware of the danger on the ship. The producer thinks maybe he will get bear from the ship. The producer sends his assistant to the ship to check. This was, in fact, the scientist's ship, which we saw at the beginning of the film. The superbug who is now huge and powerful was on the ship. It was the queen of those bugs. It has come out while breaking the lift. When the professor's assistant arrives on a ship he doesn't find anyone there. It was a strange thing for the assistant. A huge crowd of Bugs returns to the hotel. A thief sees the crowd and opens some gas cylinders there. He tries to escape. Many bugs were coming from upstairs so he understands that now he will not be saved. He turns on the lighter and throws it down. The location catches fire there is a massive explosion as a result of the gas that was spread there. In this fire, the thief also burns and dies with bugs. Then we are shown the scene of the beach, Many bugs were entering and eating the dead bodies. inflicting a heinous death on them. This is a dreadful scene, believe me. Zitong and others come out of the lift. Zitong gets his diamond ring from the thief. The producer's assistant didn't return after a long time, to know that the producer himself enters the ship The assistant is shown who feels a weird smell from the basement, to check he goes downstairs. The producer, Manji, and their other assistant also reach another ship. Meanwhile, the assistant finds some wine bottles there. He was returning with them. Meanwhile, the superbug holds him and pulls him inside. The producer enters the basement while looking for his assistant. We see the bug's crowd they were bringing the food for their queen. They move forward to the lab that is in the basement When he sees them, the producer becomes terrified and hangs upside down. The Superbug arrives there. To escape from it the producer runs from there but the superbug holds his foot. It drags him into its mouth, The producer shouts for help. Manji feels something weird so she goes inside to check. Before her arrival, the superbug takes the producer with it. While searching for the producer Manji also comes into the basement. She sees the superbug there and it has eaten the producer. The superbug was now chasing her. But Manji locks herself in a cabin while running from there. The superbug tries to break the glass and tries to hold Manji. Zitong, Zilin, and the professor also come on the other ship to search for Manji. Zilin is terrified when he sees the dead bodies. Then they go to the basement to search for Manji. The superbug was still breaking the cabin to capture Manji. But they arrive there. Seeing them, Superbug starts following them. Zitong and Zilin also hide in a cabin. The producer's assistant accompanied them runs from there. He was searching for a weapon to attack the superbug. Meanwhile, Superbug attacks Zitong and Zilin. The cabin's door swings open. The superbug holds Zilin's foot, meanwhile, to save her Zitong attacks superbug with a sharp weapon. The superbug leaves Zilin's foot because of it. Zitong hurriedly shuts the door. Because the superbug was injured, it flew away. While looking for his Granddaughter Manji, the professor also visits there. He finds Manji and tries to take her out. But the superbug arrives there. The professor attacks Superbug with an ax. During this, Superbug knocks the professor to the ground. And it starts attacking him. Seeing this, Manji becomes worried. She smashes the door open in order to save her grandfather. The superbug was about to kill the professor meanwhile, the assistant comes there and shoots at it. Zilin also arrives with a chainsaw. Zitong tries to take Chainsaw from her. This attempt suffers from a wire cut. They tried to flee, but the superbug was still chasing them. While distracting it, they try to run from there. But the superbug holds the assistant of the producer. It kills him. They are terrified when they see it. Superbug moves forward to kill them. Then the cut wire collapses with the superbug's body. It suffers from a high voltage shock because of it. When Zitong notices this, he decides to give it electric shocks. Obviously, a wire is required for this. Manji comes there with a wire to help them. The wire wasn't still approaching the superbug. Zitong somehow takes out a wire from there. Manji connects the wire with a plug. Zitong gives electric shocks to the superbug. The superbug is injured as a result and flees the area. But the wire was short in length so it separated from the plug, the superbug attacks Zitong getting a chance from it. Seeing it, Zilin also attacks the superbug with the chainsaw. The Superbug's body divides into two parts. When they see this, they become happy. At last, they were saved from a huge danger. They emerge, and Zitong proposes marriage to Ziling. Zilin accepts the proposal happily. Zitong insists on her wearing the diamond ring. Meanwhile, the superbug comes. It attacks them. The film concludes with the attack. Thank you for taking the time to watch.

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