The Leatherface (2017) Film Explained

 The movie starts , showing a family. It includes mother, her three sons and their grandfather. It is the birthday of the younger son named "Jed". And the cake is brought before him by them. But there was an awkward man sitting there unexpectedly. That innocent one was imprisoned by them. Because Jed's mother was saying that he is here to steal our goats and animals. Now "Jed" is given a chainsaw on his birthday. What a surprise gift this is! They were tormenting that man who was being considered thief by them, Now they ask "Jed" to kill this man with chainsaw. Jed's brother immediately turns on the chainsaw for him immediately. He says to him, Kill him quickly! Kill quickly! They were appearing joyous but "Jed" was a guiltless child right now. So he is unable to kill that man even though lifting that chainsaw. So he loses the grip of chainsaw then his mother says, What has happened to you? You are not getting courage to fulfill this petty task. Are you unaware that your grandfather was the cruel killer. Learn something from him! Then it is revealed here that Jed's grandfather was the serial killer. And his hobby of murdering had not ended even though his old age. Then they say, we have to surely kill this man at any cost! So they lift a big hammer. They target that man's neck with that hammer forcefully. As a result, that poor man is ended. Afterward, the current time is shown. Where a couple is seen who is driving somewhere. They were looking excited. Suddenly, an animal comes before their car. They immediately stop their car. Then they know, it is not an animal. He is rather a kid, wearing a cow mask. That child says to them, I need your help! Saying it, he instantly runs to forest. Wife is extremely shocked thinking, How he had appeared before us all of a sudden  and also he has run to forest, asking for help. She clears, I will have to check while going! Her husband forbids her saying, It is not out of danger to go there! In spite of this, she goes there. That lady is following that kid who enters an old farm. Entering there, that lady discovers the lying bones in the surroundings. And there are many set traps. She falls down , entrapping in one of them. She was badly injured and her nose and mouth were bleeding. Then that kid is unmasked. It will leave you surprised , hearing this, Who was that child.  That kid was "Jed". Actually, his family had sent him to the gangster. Who used to train him murdering. That trainer says to him , Throw on this lady a car engine! And "Jed" does the same. As a result, that girl is died immediately. Then the Police Deputy reaches there and becomes aggressive towards them. He says , That girl was my daughter whom you victimized! I will kill all of you! Neither he had any arrest warrant nor any proof, Which could detect that they are responsible of her murdering. Because they had disappeared all the proofs. In spite of it, that Sheriff had this authority that he could arrest that kid for investigation. Being a good human being, he recruits "Jed" into the psychiatric hospital. So he may be counselled to remove all the crime thoughts in him. And he may be turned into an educated child. Then chief executive officer moves to Jed's mother and says, You are responsible for the death of my daughter. I will never return your son! Saying it, he leaves from there. Then it is seen that 10 years are passed. The same psychiatric hospital is shown where "Jed" was recruited by Sheriff. There came a caretaker named "Lizzy". It was her first day in this mental institution "German House". There a man tells her that the identity of all kids had been altered with their arrival here. So they may not remember as they are related with the crime family. And they may get new identity. Now "Lizzy" glances at a man named "Bud". She sits,  going beside him but he ignores. Then another boy tells "Lizzy" that he  mostly keeps quiet. Here it is revealed that "Jed" used to keep quiet in her childhood. So it is possible as this bulky kid may be "Jack". Then "Lizzy" notices some kids quarreling with one another. "Lizzy" goes to reconcile them but one of the  ill mannered kid begins to misbehave with "Lizzy". Then the bulky kid comes to save "Lizzy". Meanwhile, senior doctor also approaches there. Who says to the caretaker, Inform me if any kid in indulged in dispute! And we are taking these both kids who were quarreling with each other. Then "Lizzy" declares that this bulky kid "Bud" is guiltless. He was just saving me! Then doctor tells her, You know nothing! He has killed his old family member. Because he has grabbed his dog from him. He is very wild kid. Don't misunderstand him! We will just conduct a therapy for them otherwise nothing else. Bud's friend arrives there as doctor leaves from there. And he tells "Lizzy", They tell lie! They torment kids , tagging it therapy. Today, they will torment "Bud" for no cause. Kindly do something! Then it is seen that Jed's mother comes to the psychiatric hospital. She had grown riches . And she had the permission of jurisdiction. As she can meet "Jack" at any time. She says to the senior doctor, coming there, I want to meet my son! That doctor clears, Behold Mam! The kids identity is altered as they are brought here! We don't know any kid with "Jed" name. And you will have to take the permission from another court to know it. It is not our duty! But this senior doctor was making a story. He knew everything, he did not want those kids to meet their family. He used to feel pleasure while tormenting the kids. Because he believed that these kids cannot be amended as being the part of crime family. He just wanted to torment them. Now it is seen that "Bud" was being punished violently. Jed's mother loses her temper, witnessing it. She snatches the keys of that place, hurting a caretaker. And she releases all clients. All clients begin to run outside. And that senior doctor gets Bud's mother out of that place. Now "Bud" beats the guards there much as being released. The challenger boy with whom "Bud" quarreled requests him, Release me! Being a kind hearted, "Bud" also releases him. But doctor begins to hit "Bud" as he goes before him. "Bud" is grieved and infuriated, facing it. So he begins to hit senior doctor's head with a window. That window glass is pricked into the head of that senior doctor after breakage. Consequently, he is also died. Now " Lizzy" was also scared, witnessing the situation of the hospital. So she runs to the cellar along with another caretaker. But a psychotic patient cuts the throat of another caretaker, coming there. "Lizzy" is too scared because that patient was proceeding towards her to kill. Then the sincere friend of "Bud" comes there. And he saves "Lizzy". Then he ends that psychotic patient. Then he rescues "Lizzy" , bringing her outside. But there is the same evil boy outside who was quarreling with "Bud". But there is also another weird girl along with him, Who was the most ill mannered and cranky girl in the psychiatric hospital. Binding them, they make them sit in their car. Then that evil boy glimpses, "Bud" is also there. So he also makes him sit in his car. Now that evil boy says to all that, My parents are wealthiest and live in another country. I have been wishing to visit them for a long time. You may accompany me if you want. But be careful! If some called police or tried to escape! "Bud" and his friend had no knowledge about their family. They were living in this psychiatric hospital from the very beginning. So they were also wishing to see how families look like. So they agree and poor "Lizzy" is also accompanied them. On the other side, Sheriff also comes to know and he assigns the police force to pursue them. He had also known that "Jed"  the other name is "Bud", is also with them. He says to  police officer Shoot "Bud" where you find him! And it is also heard by Jed's mother. Then it is seen that all 5 grown children are moving there, Feeling appetite on the way, they stop at a restaurant. And that evil boy and his friend begin to loot the people, snatching the gun. And that evil boy ends their waitress. "Lizzy" starts to flee, getting a chance. But "Bud" stops her saying, Don't move anywhere! Meantime, that evil boy returns and they 5 grown kids begin to drive ahead, grabbing a car . But someone targets Bud's stomach. They stop in the forest when their car runs out the fuel. There is also a container which was looking like a tram. There is the dead body of someone when they enter it. But they had no other option besides it. They have to spend night in it. Here "Lizzy" tries to recover Bud's wound. That evil boy says to "Bud", Inform me if your friend or "Lizzy" try to escape! "Lizzy" again starts escaping as the night falls. Evil boy witnesses her and says, I had forbidden you! Meantime, he tries to seduce her. But there arrives Bud's that good friend. He again saves "Lizzy". That evil boy directly moves to "Bud". He says him rigidly, I had said you to keep an eye on them! Were you blindfolded? Where were you? "Bud" was feeling bad, hearing it all. And he attacks him and moves ahead while dragging that evil boy. And he crumbles his head. So he ends. The friend of that evil boy is not witnessing him as it dawns. She thinks , where did my friend leave? And she goes in his search. There were "Lizzy" and Bud's good friend  are alone behind. They say, It is golden chance to escape! All of a sudden, Bud's friend says, He is my friend no matter how he is! I cannot leave him! So he starts to search for "Bud". Contrarily, it is seen that evil boy's friend is caught by the police. And she is maltreated. He asks , Tell me where your friend left. She says , I myself don't know! You have gone insane because your daughter is no more! So you will also torment us! Hearing it ,officer comes in the rage. And he kills her while firing on his head."Lizzy" and Bud's friend are observing it. They say, We should keep ourselves away from it! Otherwise, they will also target us! Police knew that rest of the people are also here in surroundings. So they leave their police dogs to detect them. Hearing the barking of dogs, "Lizzy", "Bud" and his friend come to know that, Police officers are searching for them.o they begin to run. Then they glimpse a cow while running. It had been died for many days. There was only its skeleton and skin. They hide themselves under this. So police dogs cannot sniff their human perfume. Police also depart from there, not finding them. Then three of them also come out from the cow. They witness a police car as they are leaving. "Lizzy" takes them the other police officers. So she begins to call for help. Then Bud's friend stops her. Have you gone mad! They may be their comrades. It was true! They were their companions. He begins to call officer then "Bud" goes after him. And he begins to strangle  that police officer. But that police officer fires his gun on the head of "Bud". Consequently, he dies. Seeing it, Bud's friend flies into a rage. And he starts to attack police officer. So that police officer also ends  at the spot. "Lizzy" gets upset seeing it. She thinks, They were all insane  where I have entrapped. She begins to drive away. She had also not said to Bud's friend to accompany her. But Bud's friend also gets in that car while running. And he says to "Lizzy", You are cheater! I took you good but you proved deceptive like others. And it is you who is the responsible of Bud's death. Bud's friend condition begins to worsen. It is seen behind that Deputy is also after them. He is firing at them continuously. A bullet targets Bud's friend mouth because of the sharpshooting of officer. So his mouth is deteriorates due to this. And a bullet targets Lizzy's hand so   her car becomes out of control. And they fall into a ditch. Now "Lizzy" loses her consciousness. She checks that she is in the car of officer as she wakes up. She tries to contact through the radio to many places. She attempts to reveal her location. But officer reaches there. And he takes her to another place.Do you know which was this location? The same place where officer's daughter was killed. And he had also hanged Bud's friend there. Officer tells that "Jed" was not another boy but the same one. Who was Bud's friend. Jed's mother also comes to know about it, Which was delivered to him by officer's man. She reaches there, taking chainsaw. She wanted to recall "Jack" as this is the same gift which we gift you on your birthday. But officer starts attacking her. But she brings "Jed" at her house after releasing him. She treats his face and bandages it. They had also brought "Lizzy" and officer along with them. Coming into the senses, they struggle to flee. But Jed's mother catches both of them. She calls "Jed" there and says to him while giving him chainsaw, Take it! The time has reached today that you will be able use your chainsaw. Take revenge from those who tormented you! "Jack" had also troubled from everything, So he hits the chainsaw directly in the body of officer, lifting it. And here he is murdered pitifully. "Lizzy" starts to escape in fear. But Jacks' mother directs his three sons, Pursue her! "Lizzy" was continuously running. But her foot is caught in a trap while running. And poor "Lizzy" falls down, "Lizzy" says to "Jed", Remember! You are a good human. Your mother wishes to turn you into an evil boy. Kindly don't kill me! Being an evil and insane now, He dismembers the head of "Lizzy" with that chainsaw, ignoring her request. That family dismembers all dead bodies who died there and feeds their animals. Then it is seen that "Jed" prepares a mask, removing Lizzy's face skin. He masks on him while naming it "Leatherface". Here the movie completes on this scene. Thanks for watching.

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