The Martian (2015) Film Explained i

 Some astronauts are seen on the planet "Mars" at the start of the movie. Who are conducting some experiments on its soil. They are collecting the samples of dust. Then they get the news that dust storm is going to break out here. And they will have to move to their spaceship immediately. Now they all astronauts begin to advance to his spaceship. Something strikes with one of the astronauts  who was also botanist among them. So he stops there. And he is lost in the sand storm. All astronauts are trying to contact him from the spaceship but of no use. Nor they get courage to search for him. Now they all think, "Mark" perhaps has not been alive in this World. So they leave that place. It is seen on the planet Mars, "Mark" is still alive. A rod has struck in his abdomen. He is feeling much pain while taking it out. Somehow, he moves to that camp while walking, Which had been set for the shelters by the astronauts. Going there, he takes this rod out. But he is also worried thinking how will he contact with other astronauts. Neither there is spaceship. Will he be here on "Mars" for the whole life? He has no weapon because of this sand storm. He knew that the next landed spaceship will be here after 4 years. Four years time is so much. So he has not enough food for this time period, He may also lose his breaths. So he will have to take some action. He begins to plan here. He has some potatoes. He wanted to grow more potatoes , using them. So all astronauts were conducting experiments on the soil of this planet. "Mark" starts to make his diary notes. And he starts the cultivation , going outside. So he may grow the potatoes. But the main problem was this here, There was no water on  the planet "Mars". The only water which is brought here by the astronauts . It was enough to survive here. As being a botanist, "Mark" had knowledge that, How can the water be produced? And can this cultivation  bring into process? So he tries to produce water after mixing and flaming the hydrogen with oxygen atom. But there is a great explosion on the first trial. But he did not measure that oxygen which he was inhaling from there. In the next attempt, when he again tries  after measuring whole oxygen, Then water starts to produce here. Now "Mark" produces the water where he has grown that plant  i the soil. That plant grows out to an extent while observing a few days. "Mark" feels pleasure, observing it. He gets the hope of life. It is announced in the World that, "Mark" has not survived in this world. His funeral ceremony is also performed. Then a girl planner is seen at "NASA" agency who is observing the satellite images. She knows while observing  the moving equipment, That "Mark" is still alive. Because the placed equipment there have been shifted to another place. And these are solar panels which have been sifted by "Mark". That girl reveals to his seniors and they understand that "Mark" is still alive. But they tell them if they travel to "Mars"to rescue "Mark", He will be dead before we reach there. And it is also a reality. Contrarily, "Mark" is finding the ways instead of being worried. That a new project that will be started here after 4 years, And the place where it will be initiated, He needs 50 days to reach at that place . And he has already spent 70 days here. So it is better to reach that place rather than to waste the time. But that place is far from here with the distance of 2500 km. And the vehicle which he possesses, it works with the solar panel. And it cannot cross the distance more than 35 km. In spite of it, "Mark" has this last option. It is seen on Earth that all members of NASA decide, That they will build a spaceship to send water and food to Mars. It will reach to Mars within a  whole year. But "Mark" had already grown many potatoes there. Fortunately, those potatoes were in large numbering. But "Mark" knew , How much time will he be alive on this meal of potatoes? He will have to contact with them in some way. "Mark" reaches a place  where the camera is available. It is such a camera which can send Mark's photo to NASA on the Earth. And he sets the three boards there. He writes on the board, setting in the middle that "Can you see me"? He writes on the left board "No" and on the right board "Yes". When NASA members observe it then they move the pathfinder camera to "Yes". So "Mark" is extremely excited thinking  it is grateful thing that they know I am alive. Now he begins to talk with NASA members through the symbols. "Mark" is also told here that food is being sent to him there. "Mark" asks them, that astronauts were moving on the Earth right now with whom he landed here. Did you tell them that I am here? So they tell, No! We may inform right now. Mark's crew feel bad when they know about it as they left "Mark" there. There is seen on Mars where "Mark" had grown the potatoes, There is explosion with no cause. And his all grown potatoes are spoiled. "Mark" is very grieved. All left potatoes were not enough which were in his possession. Because he had been died before the food or water reach him. So he plans the food that he used to eat in a day, He will have to eat it in low quantity so he may survive. NASA  agency is seen on the Earth where they have launched a booster rocket. There were the necessary things and the food for "Mark". But a bad happening occur here. That rocket is exploded as it is launched. All food is also spoiled. Nothing had supplied to "Mark" now. So all are very disappointed. "Mark" is also disheartened, knowing it. But he conveys a message to NASA, I am not among those who lose the courage! I will fight till my last breath! Inform to my parents if possible that your son was very devoted  with his avocation! He is very satisfied if he loses his life. That he fought for this till the last time. And he embraced the honorable death. Now NASA agency asks assistance from China. So China gets ready to support them. Their spaceship which is going to travel after 28 days, They will rescue "Mark" through it. But there is one more man who suggests them an idea. That the spaceship that is coming on Earth may be directed again to Mars. "Marks" may come out of the orbit of Mars through that spaceship which is already on Mars. So all astronauts will receive him. But it was so dangerous. And other astronauts' life was also at risk. Moreover, 19 months had been passed for them of doing so. It means, if they come back, taking "Mark" on Earth, So NASA agency forbids this mission here. On the other side, "Mark" is seen who is engaged on Mars. He is still not losing his courage. He is very courageous. When NASA agency observes that the spaceship which was coming back to Earth, It is again returning to Mars. So they are very shocked. As we did not directed it. The matter of the fact is this, The same boy who had presented this idea, he had requested the five astronauts, That you will have to go back to rescue "Mark", Because he was your crew member. And many years may pass if we find another way, And you can reach their within a few months. So NASA team members get aggressive. But Chinese team teaches them that it is good plan. When "Mark" is not losing his heart and, These astronauts who are going to rescue "Mark", putting their lives at risk, Who are we to say anything? They also supply food to them. Now they struggle hard to make their mission successful with the help of China. When "Mark" knows that his team is coming to take him, But their spaceship's fuel  is not enough  that they may move it on "Mars", So he will have to move to the orbit of Mars , mending his spaceship. So he may accompany his crew there. So he begins to mend his spaceship. But it is too heavy, That he may not travel in it until he takes some parts of it out. So he starts to do it. Now "Mark" travels in this spaceship, He is feeling very suffocation there. This spaceship is not properly repaired so he is finding problem while operating and tacking it. So he loses his consciousness amid of  this time period. And his contact is not made possible with anyone. So all get worried. When he restores his senses after sometimes, So all are relaxed. NASA agency on Earth was also worried, about this mission. And they were praying for "Mark" and other astronauts' protection. But a new problem occurs here. The spaceship on which "Mark" is present, He is finding a great difficulty to control its speed. Sh he is gone upset thinking how will his partner receive him? So he says to his crew, Don't worry! I have been determined! I will soon reach you after handling the speed of it. Other astronauts throw their one part of the spaceship. As a result, Mark's spaceship's speed is  slowed down due to its air pressure. At last, they could pick "Mark" up. On the other side, lady commander of the spaceship is shown , Who is reaching "Mark" through the rope from moving chair. But the length of rope proves short here. "Mark" is left far from them. He says to them that I will drill a hole in my space suit. "Mark" drills a hole in his space suit. So the air begins to enter in his space suit. And his space suit air pressure is increased. He changes his direction i the a,em way. And he begins to move. At last, he reaches that lady commander. He feels very pleasure as his life has saved. And he had been rescued. But the hand of "Mark" is slipped from the hand of lady commander with the little movement. But the commander soon throws a rope towards him. Which is caught by "Mark". At last "Mark" enters that spaceship, And all takes a sigh of relief as their mission remained successful. Now it is seen that they eventually land on Earth. And "Mark" becomes the leader of all astronauts. And he begins to teach them if you are stuck in the space, Then how  you have to rescue yourselves. Never let your hope die! The film completes on this scene here. Thanks for watching.

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