The Mask of Zorro Film Explained

 As the movie starts we are shown a General, he was hanging some farmers. There were many people gathered. Two boys named Alejandro and Joaquin they were seeing all this while cutting the cloth from a wagon. Suddenly, a man comes there asks them what are you doing here? They say we are waiting for Zorro. He asks them to move from there. Then a man comes and informs the General that Santa's men are 2 miles away from here. The General thanks him. He says the government is thankful to you for your services. He says I know Santa very well. He will know that we are good taxpayers. Then he says to his soldiers to take out all the kids from here. He says to the man these kids shouldn't see all this we do. The soldier was taking out those boys, meanwhile, Zorro comes there. Those kids become happy. Zorro fights with those soldiers. He says thanks to those boys and makes them wear the silver medal. The people there were saying Zorro's name loudly. Then Zorro goes to the general while jumping with his unique stunt. He asks him why did you hold those innocent farmers to capture me? With it, he writes Z with his sword on his neck. The General says I can do anything to kill you. I can kill anyone. After warning him, Zorro goes to his family. He tells his daughter the story of Zorro. There was a corrupt general, to hold a brave prince he holds some innocent farmers. His wife asks what did the brave prince do? He says that the brave prince has killed all of them. Then he came to his beautiful wife and daughter. Zorro's wife says his daughter listens to his story keenly. Zorro says when she will grow elder she will have no time to listen to my story. His wife says even at this age I like to listen to your story. Why she will not feel good? They were talking meanwhile the general comes there to arrest Zorro. Zorro fights with them. The general shoots his wife. His daughter was weeping inside. When Zorro goes to see his daughter he hits him from behind. He says I want to capture you alive. Then he set the house of Zorro on fire and takes his daughter with him. After 20 years we see, Alejandro and Joaquin became robbers. A man was with them. They were running. Joaquin asks Alejandro to run from there. When the captain holds him and asks who are you? Joaquin shoots himself. Now the man of the general asks the soldiers to cut his head. He says to bring his body after cutting his head. The medal that Zorro has given him fell there and Alejandro was seeing all this secretly. He was aggressive. He holds the silver medal. The general returns California and asks the people whom he trapped who is the black mask Zorro among you? A man says I am Zorro. They all say we are Zorro. But Zorro didn't reveal himself and they kill the man considering him Zorro. The man was wearing a black mask. After killing the soldier Zorro leaves from there. The general says to the people I know you are not happy to see me. You are paid to come here. Then he says who helped you always? They all say Zorro has always fought for us. We see there is Zorro also in that crowd. He was coming to kill him but Zorro's daughter comes there. She is now a young pretty girl. Then we see Alejandro who was drunk, to buy more drinks he sells that medal. Zorro comes there and asks him whose medal is this? He tells him this is the medal of my brother who is dead now. Meanwhile, the man of the general comes there. Alejandro goes to kill him. Zorro stops him and says now you are drunk he has soldiers with him if you will fight with him you will be killed. Alejandro fights with Zorro. Zorro hits him. He asks him will you try more? He says If you want to take your brother's revenge we can do it together. He asks Why will you help me? Zorro says because you also helped me. Zorro gives him the tough training. In which he teaches him how to handle the sword. He says lesson no.1 is not to attack in anger. In lesson no. 2 he gives him a shower. In the next scene, we see they were in a market. Alejandro sees Zorro's horse there, it was running from those soldiers. While wearing the black mask Alejandro goes to take the horse. There he finds Zorro's daughter named Elena. Alejandro asks her to be careful. When he releases the horse it starts moving weirdly. It spreads destruction there. When they all come to know they capture Alejandro. Alejandro was fighting with them, a tall man comes there. He lifts him and throws him down. They all say him to kill him. Alejandro breaks his teeth with a metal ball. Then he set the place on fire. It spreads in the building. He escapes and runs towards a church. Going there, he says to Father I am Zorro and he thinks he is the real Zorro. Meanwhile, he wasn't the real Zorro. Alejandro asks him to hide him somewhere. Zorro's daughter was also there. Alejandro hides and Zorro's daughter thinks he is my father. She asks many voices are coming from outside maybe there is some fight outside. Alejandro pretends he is the father. She says to him don't be worry you are safe in the lord's house. The soldier's comether while searching for Alejandro. When the girl goes out the general's man asks her what are you doing here? She tells him I come here to confess something. He says he is the priest. He understands Alejandro is there. He runs from there. Alejandro again attracts the horse towards himself. He calls it while whistling as Zorro calls it. It comes and when Alejandro jumps on it like Zorro. He falls down but then he sits on the horse. When he takes the horse to Zorro, Zorro ignores him. Alejandro feels bad because he was expecting that he will admire him. Being angry, he says now I will not take any training or lectures from you. He was leaving from there but Zorro stops him. He says If you want to take revenge you have to obey me. He says to him you have to become a gentleman. And enter in the circle of the general. I will be your servant. He agrees. Then they go to the general. A party was going on there the general introduces him to Zorro's daughter. He gives her a rose as a gift. After it, the girl invites him to her table for dinner. The general tells everyone about Alejandro. Then we see Zorro is going as a servant. After coughing, he asks the soldiers to help. He hits them. On another side, they were discussing Zorro. Zorro's daughter says, for people he is a hero. Then every gentleman asks the girl one by one for dance. Zorro goes to General's room. When Alejandro dances with Elena, the people in the hall applause them. The general comes to Alejandro he asks him to join me in the meeting with the other gentlemen in the courtyard. In the meeting, the General says there is still something that we have to achieve. We don't know our destination. Now is the time when we have to search for our destination. The destination we have to reach. The time has come to achieve or claim the thing which belongs to us from always. They introduce them to the independent republic of California. They all applause for him. Then a man says you were saying against Santa. But we can't even defeat his army. The general says I am not saying against him, I am just suggesting buying California from him. He says Santa will do an expensive war. But he has a shortage of money. The man says we do have not enough money to buy California from him. The general says I have done a deal with him already. After it, he opens a box in which there was gold. He says tomorrow everyone will meet me here so your doubts will be clear. It means there will be no suspicion in anyone's heart. He takes them to a place where he has placed much gold of Santa secretly. it means after robbing it. Like this, we can but this country from his gold. We see Zorro's daughter goes with him. She asks him when you are with Alejandro? He tells from a long time. Then she shares her feeling about Alejandro with him. Zorro tells her you to like your mother. He asks how do you know this? Zorro says I have assumed that you didn't look like general. Zorro's daughter says maybe we have met earlier. Because you don't seem unknown to me. It is a pleasant feeling. The general's men offer wine to Alejandro. In which there was his brother's head. in another drink, there was his hand. He says you are not the person you are pretending to be. Alejandro says I expect you are considering me the person that I am. Alejandro was depressed. He says to Zorro we have to hide our hate for the sake of revenge. He gives him the black mask. In the next scene, we see the General and general's man while talking. Meanwhile, the alarm rings. They become alert because Zorro comes there. The general gives orders to double the security. The general's man says to General we have to remove all the evidence. The general secretly pick up those papers. After it, there is a fight between General's man and Alejandro. The general also comes there. While fighting, Alejandro runs from there. Then Zoro's daughter comes there and says whatever you rob from my father return it. He says I can't give you the proper instructions right now. Then they fight. Alejandro leaves form there. In the morning, all the soldiers were chasing Alejandro. With the tecnique of Zorro, Alejandro makes them all fall and moves forward while beating them all. In the next scene, he was telling Zorro his plan. How they will save all workers of mine? Zorro says I will not go with you I have my own personal matters. Alejandro says how can you forget? that we have to save them all. He says I have devoted my whole life to them. He insists him this is not right and leaves from there. In the next scene, we see the general's man, he tells the general every place is sealed and there is security. The general was in the mine he locks the workers because he wants to burn the mine. Meanwhile, Alejandro comes there. On another side, Diego also comes there and fights with the general. Elen comes there. The general places his sword on that girl's neck and asks her to fall down her sword. Elena pushes him and they fight again. Here Diego locks the general with the rope. There was a blast. But fortunately, they all escape from there safely. In the last scene, Diego was taking his last breaths. He gives Alejandro's hand in Elena's hand. After few years, we see Alejandro and Elena have a son. His name is Joaquin. Alejandro was telling him the story of Zorro like Diego. They live their life happily. With it, this movie ends here.

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