The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (2018) Film Explained

 At the beginning of the film, we see a girl. Who is most beautiful and her name is "Clara". Her mother was no longer alive, but she had a wonderful family. Including her father, younger brother and elder sister. And they used to live merrily together. It is Christmas day and Clara's father gifts all his kids. There is an egg shaped box when "Clara" opens her gift pack. It is made of metal and it is looking very different. "Clara" tries to open it but of no use. Because a key is required for it. She finds a note in the same egg shaped box which belongs to her mother. And she has written in that letter, You can find in this egg shaped box what you wish. Then Clara's father arrives there. They say to "Clara", Be ready ! we are going to attend a party. So Clara's elder sister helps her to get ready. And they leave to party. "Clara"  was not interested to attend the parties. But she was very happy with thought of going to this party. Because that man had made that egg shaped box whose house they were going. "Clara" goes to that man, reaching there. That he may reveal something about this egg. Or he may  give him the key of egg shaped box. Now "Clara" searches that egg maker. And she says , going to her, Can you give me the key of this egg? Then he says, My daughter!  I did not make the key of this egg! I had made it for your mother without any cause. She was a perfect lady; I had never seen such an intelligent woman before. Hearing "Clara" then feels very good. Following that, that man moves onto the stage. He tells that I have arranged some games for the kids. Are you willing to know! Then all kids are very excited. That man tells them that I have set the strings at every place. Each string has the name of each kid. You just have to follow a string with your name. What will be your award in the end? It is your Christmas gift! Being excited, all kids begin to search for the string with their name. "Clara" also finds her string soon. She begins to move ahead while following it. That string is longer. And "Clara" reaches a frozen forest, walking with it. It was looking an enchanted World. The string ends at the tree which was brightening. It fascinates "Clara" too much. Then "Clara" notices , moving ahead. There is hanging the key of that egg shaped box. Which she wanted. But a naughty rat appears there before she got that key. And it ran away, grabbing that key. "Clara" also begins to move behind it. It is looking like game of "Tom" and "Jerry". "Clara" observes a dummy on the way as she is running after that rat. That dummy is giving a real look.  "Clara"starts to touch it to check either it is dummy or a real human. Then that man who is a real man opens his eyes. He begins to move in another direction. "Clara" also starts to chase him. He says to her furiously, You will stop here! You are not allowed to step here. But "Clara" says, I have to go. A rat has grabbed my key! The man wearing the security guard uniform asks her, Key! What is your name? "Clara" replies, My name is "Clara". Security guard bends himself before "Clara" calling her , Oh Princess! He says, You have eventually arrived here. "Clara" says, What are you doing? I am not that one about whom you are thinking! I am not your princess! That guard says, You are our princess! Your mother is Queen here. it is obvious that her daughter will be called our princess. And I am the captain of this land, having a deep relation with this place. Then "Clara" feels very happy. First of all, she thinks that it may be the part of the game. She is also getting angry saying, Okay! I am your princess. Will you carry out it what I order you? The captain says, Yes princess! Why not. Princess says, Come with me and assist me to search for that rat. I need a key! Then "Clara" and that captain begin to find out that rate together. Now "Clara" glimpses rat while walking. As "Clara" chases it after getting off the horse. Then a monstrous rat appears. And he flees, abducting "Clara". Then the life of "Clara" is rescued by captain. Captain brings "Clara" with him into the castle passing through the forest. Where her mother Queen ruled. As the people notice that "Clara" princess has approached, Then they all people bend themselves before her. And they greet her pleasurably. "Clara" also  glimpses the photo of her mother. It was also appearing as she is the Queen of this kingdom. Captain also introduces "Clara" with other people . There is also lady named "Sugar Plum Fairy". Sh talks with "Clara" mannerfully. She tells , A long time has passed that our Queen moved from here. She is your mother! Where is she? "Clara" clears that she has been died for the several years ago. All present people are saddened there. "Clara" is astonishing with the thought of where she has come. Then "Sugar Plum" says to her, Don't be shocked! Your mother relation had also with this enchanted land. We also greet you in our enchanted realm. But "Clara" says to her, No! I will have to leave. Father will be waiting for me. "Sugar plum" says, How innocent and pretty you are! Let me reveal you a truth! Your own World's  time is passing slowest until you are in this realm. That no one will feel as you have gone far from that place. Come with me! I make you ready like my Queen. You will look so beautiful. She brings "Clara" along with her. She gives her  complete look of princess. When the monstrous like rat is mentioned between them, Then "Sugar Plum" tells "Clara", This kingdom is divided into four parts! Our head and your mother was our Queen! I am also the head one of the four parts. But one of the four parts parted. And they build their own kingdom. This is the same kingdom where you saw the rat like monster. The fourth part of the kingdom which has been parted. And no one visits there from here. Now "Clara" is feeling very joyfully here. Because "Sugar Plum" is very good hearted. She says to "Clara", Come! I show you  different places. How do each part of this kingdom look? The thing to represent one part was the snow burg. Another part was represented by the flowers. Third part was represented by the "Sweets" And the runner of that land was "Sugar Plum". Now there is the fourth part which is represented by the mouse monster. There are the wicked which harm the remaining three  parts of the kingdom. And we keep ourselves away from them. Then the story of everyone is shown there one by one. When there is turn of that land which is represented by the rats. It appears the horrible scene. It seems as the nation of that land is evil minded. "Sugar Plum" takes "Clara" along with her. She tells while showing a machine that it has been made by your mother or our Queen. So that we may be protected from that land's part, But  we have not that key with which it is turned on. So we cannot turn it on. When "Clara" notices that same key will be used in this machine which is for her egg box, Then she reveals to "Sugar Plum". It is the same key which was snatched  from me by a mouse. And I pursued it. Then "sugar Plum" tells, It is fantastic! Your mother or our Queen also protected us too much. She is put on a dress and said ,Now it is your task! Protect us while grabbing that key from the rat! "Clara" goes to that part of the kingdom with the captain. But she is fallen into a pit on the way. Captain tries his best to take her out of the pit. She goes into the depth of that pit. She finds herself in camp. There are many clowns there which are teasing her while making her fun. "Clara" notices that the key is hanging there which she wants. She wants to grab it but a mother ginger comes there and she has worn the make up like the clowns.. She takes that key. Then "Clara" pushes a wall. And that mother ginger falls into a pit. The key had left on the upside. Then Captain arrives there, avoiding those clown. They both leave that place, taking that key. mother Ginger orders the rat, Bring that key immediately from her! But "Clara" had handed over the key to "Sugar Plum" , reaching the palace. And they had also unlocked that machine, using that key. It begins to emit the ultra light. Then machine enlivens the toy soldiers which begin to appear. They move to "Sugar Plum" and say, "Queen"! "Clara" is left astonished why they are calling her Queen. "Sugar Plum" says to "Clara", You are still young! You don't know when your mother left this kingdom, Then the whole burden of the kingdom transferred on my shoulders! How did I guard my kingdom? Is it not my right now? I may hold the seat of the Queen! Then she imprisons "Clara" , captain and other two leaders of the  lands. When "Clara" is in imprisonment then she reminds, That she had unlocked the egg box, using the key. There is only a music box when she unlocks the egg box. "Clara" looks into that music box glass and also notes. There is stated, "It will in the box which is your requirement". "Clara" understands ,looking at her face. This is all in myself! I can do anything what I want! Afterwards, she become enthusiastic and she tries to escape from there. "Clara" and captain have come outside. They notice that "sugar Plum" is moving to the same part of the land, accompanying her soldiers. The state which is represented by a rat. Then a small rat appears there and it tells everything to "Clara" and captain unpredictably. Because it had also known that the facts of "Sugar Plum" are in front of them. And they will stand with us. And its "Clara" to move to that machine. Because "Clara" could take any action, using that machine. Now captain goes to that realm where "Sugar Plum" is also gone. Captain reveals the fact to the mother Ginger, going there. That "Sugar Plum" is coming top attack us. Then she makes her clowns ready which is fighting with Sugar Plum's soldiers nicely. On the other side, "Clara" had also turned off the machine there. So the energy of "Sugar Plum" may be got down. Now "Sugar Plum" binds that "Mother Ginger". She says to her, I will also turn you like your clowns! And she had to throw the laser light on that lady, emitting from the machine. Afterwards, she may be turned into a clown. But "Clara" has changed its direction to "Sugar Plum". As "Sugar Plum" turns on the machine so it may made  turn an old lady . Then those lights directly moves towards her. And she also turned into a clown . As you sow so shall you reap! Sugar Plum's all soldiers begin to  end with her transformation into clown. "Clara" had rescued all other kingdoms. So all people encourage her more. That you revealed the true face of "Sugar Plum" before us! And the land was not harmful which was being considered an enemy by us, In fact, it was not bad! She  becomes the Queen of them. They all love her a lot. They all begin to say her, We all are happy that you are our princess! Will you stay with us forever? "Clara" says, No, I will have to go! There is my good family in that World which has been waiting for me! So all say her valediction in dejection. Captain goes to the same place to drop "Clara" from where she came. It means , Passing through the same tree. Then "Clara" comes back to her own World within a short time of period. Then she meets the same egg box maker who had designed this game. He has made so "Clara" may visit to that realm. The interesting fact is this, Egg box maker wanted the same! So "Clara" may become victorious in that realm which was made by her mother. It means that enchanted realm had been made by Clara's mother. And this is the honorable time for "Clara". Then "Clara" goes to his father. They are very excited and also dance. And this movie completes on this scene joyfully. Thanks for watching.

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