The Primal (2010) Film Explained

 A man is seen at the start of the Film. Who was drawing some painting on the cave. At the same time, another man kills that artist, reaching there. Now this scene ends here. Then a group of friends come on the scene. Who used to study the antique things. And they were moving on the mountains to study some painting. These were same rock paintings which were being drawn by that person who died. They reach that mountain where those rock paintings had been drawn on its cave. Now they had to go upside the cave while passing through tunnel. One of the group members "Emma" was feeling suffocation while moving through that cave. So she was feeling dizzy. And she fell down, striking the rock. She is wounded because of striking  the rock. Her blood drops fall down, releasing from the wound. As a result, the mysterious movement had started there even in the pond. It might be the ultimatum of any danger. But they cannot sense those movements so "Emma" is knocked out here. Her friends had brought her outside from the cave, lifting her up. Then they bandage "Emma" , After this, they decide that they will move up to the cave passing through the tunnel. While "Emma" drives upside in the car. Then it is seen that all friends had started camping, reaching upside. Because they were wanting to study those rock painting, staying there. "Emma" and one of her friends had excited, seeing the pond. So they move beside the pond. They observe the mysterious insects there. Which were eating the plastic. They were all enjoying the sights of that place, Which were attractive. At last, they cast a glance on that cave, Where drawn paintings were on it. Some of the friends were keenly observing those paintings. And one of the girls was taking the photos of those rock paintings. Now all leave this place. And "Kris" who was taking photos from there, She keeps standing there. She is attacked by a strange animal. All friends were rejoicing there at night. One of their friends moves into the pond to take bath. As she comes out of it after taking bath, There were strange insects as " leeches." on her body. She had frightening , seeing them. All friends remove the  leeches from Mel's body . Afterwards, "Mel" moves into her camp for taking rest. "Mel" had got a high fever at night. And  her mouth was also bleeding and her teeth had also broken. Now "Emma" comes for the help of "Mel". And they also awaken the leader named "Dace" of their group . But "Dace" tells them that  leeches are not poisonous at all. And he says that "Mel" had got an ordinary fever because of coming here. But he also feels something wrong when he himself observes the condition of  "Mel" Now, "Dace" suggests to all his friends that they may move to the town, taking "Mel". He will accompany them after accomplishing his research. When they move to the car, taking "Mel", They notice that the same insects had eaten the Tyres of the car, The insects which had been seen near the pond. After this, they leave "Mel" in her camp for her rest. It is seen here that mysterious teeth were grown in the place of broken teeth of "Mel". Next morning, all were getting ready to move from here. Meanwhile, "Kris" observes, the unexpected changing in the behavior of "Me". Now "Kris" was gradually moving to "Mel". She was also feeling much fear . "Mel" turns her face to "Kris" as she touches her. "Kris" is afraid, seeing her. Because her mouth was full of blood. And she was eating an animal. "Mel" keeps "Kris" away here. And she attacks all of her friends. It is also noticed with it that her teeth had also turned into the teeth like the vampires. All were frightened from "Mel" here. But "Dace" begins to scare her , lifting a fire stick. Because "Dace" had the knowledge that such creatures feel much fear from the fire. Because "Mel" had changed into the superhuman. Now she had not left human but had turned into another creature. "Mel" is afraid from the fire with the trick of "Dace". And she escapes from there. But "Mel" had injured her one of the friends. Now "Kris" was watching the rock paintings in her camera. She tells , These rock paintings are not showing any history, But these  rock paintings are rather a warning of any type. "Dace" says to "Kris", Have a look on these rock paintings keenly! We may get any help which may lead us to recover "Mel". On the other side, "Mel" is seen, Who was throwing the animals into the cave after hunting  animals. That cave was penetrating all the animals. Now they all friends decide a trap for "Mel". "Dace" plans after making the trap, "Dace" says to "Syd" that you will stand near that trap. He guides, You may move backward from there as "Mel" will advance you! I will be on the tree, holding a rope. I will jump over the tree as "Mel" will come near the trap. In this way, she will be caught in their trap. But there was still an issue to bring "Mel" to that trap. So "Dace" instructs all friends that they may shout loudly, holding fire sticks. So "Mel" may proceed them. He also guides them here that, Remember! Everyone should have fire stick! Otherwise, "Mel" can injure all of you. Afterwards, they begin to manipulate their plan. "Dace" climbs up the tree. While remaining moves into the different directions. They move to get attention of "Mel". After this "Emma" is seen, Before whom "Mel" had appeared all of a sudden. "Emma" was trying to stop her through the fire stick. But Emma's fire was also quenching. Meanwhile, their other partner also reaches there. Who had fire stick. And they bring "Mel" near the trap keeping her away with the help of the fire stick, As "Mel" sees "Syd" who had no fire, she attacks him. He immateriality takes his step backward while "Dace" immediately jumps from the tree. So "Mel" is caught in their trap. But they get no benefit to entrap her. Because "Mel" had broken that trap within a moment. "Mel" had injured one of her companions while attacking him. Now she had gone after "Dace" instantly. Who was the head of their group. Noe "Emma" who had stopped for helping her friend. She notices that "Mel" is running from there. "Dace" had rescued himself , jumping into the pond. But they cannot understand that why had "Mel" run  from the pond in fear? There was perhaps something in the water. "Dace" checks himself , coming out from the pond that, Has leeches not attached with his body? But their was nothing as such, He was still secure! After this, the night time is seen, Where Dace's condition had also worsened. Now they had known that there is something very mysterious in that pond and place. Now "Kris" was feeling fear too much here, And she asks, What have to do? "Syd" says that we will have to kill "Dace". Now "Dace" is also going to transform into primal so we cannot fight with two persons at a time. Now no one was ready to kill "Dace". So they play a game in which "Emma" is lost. Now "Emma" had to kill "Dace" according to the rule. "Emma" tries her best to kill "Dace" but in vain. Then she lifts a big rock from there and hits it on Dace's head forcefully. So he loses his consciousness there. After it, it is seen that they all three were moving to their car. So they may search for a weapon. So they may kill "Mel" and "Dace" with its help. But "Mel" appears before them before they reach the car. "Syd" is afraid, seeing her and "Mel" injures him. It is noticed here that "Kris" had approached to that car. And she had locked herself in that car. And "Emma" had entered a cave to rescue herself. "Emma" notices here that "Mel" had stopped out of the cave. As there is some risk in that cave. "Kris" who was searching for weapon here, "Dace" appears to her. As " Kris" comes out of car, taking weapon, Then "Dace" attacks her. Before this that he bites her, "Mel" rescues her , appearing there. But this safty of "Kris" was not for a long time. Because "Mel" throws "Kris" into the cave, grabbing her. Where she had already thrown many animals. In the next scene, "Emma" and "Syd" are shown. Who had lifted that weapon which had been searched from the car by "Kris". They notice there that "dace" and "Mel" were the dead body of one of their friends. "Syd" becomes aggressive, noticing it. And he begins to fight with "Dace", going there. Now the fight had started among them. Where "Emma" was attacking "Mel" while "Syd" was battling with "Dace". "Dace" and "Syd" attack each other in a threatening way and they are ended at the spot. "Emma" and "Mel" were only the survivors. "Emma" moves into a cave lifting her weapon and keeping "Mel" away with the help of fire. Because "Emma" knew it that "Mel" will not enter the cave. It is observed here that there was also another creature in the cave. "Emma" was entering the cave while fearing. Where she meets "Kris" there. At firs, she is frightened after seeing her. Then she begins to move outside, taking "Kris". Meanwhile, "Emma" is caught by that creature. On the other side, "Kris" catches that creature  and she herself attacked by it. Now that creature had also attacked "Emma" here. She asks help from "Kris" . But that creature also kills "Kris". "Emma" instantly attacks that creature as it leaves her for a minute. "Emma" had come out of the cave, wounding that creature. But that creature had left in the cave while chasing her. Because it had not come out of the cave. "Mel" attacks "Emma" as she jumps from  the cave. But "Emma" throws "Mel" to a tree through which her back is fractured. Then she hits a big rock on her head. "Mel" is also died here. The only survivor was "Emma" now. And the movie ends on this scene.

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