The Swarm (2020) Film Explained

 A lady named "Virginie" is seen. She sells locusts and grasshoppers after growing them up. It is seen that her customer comes to her. She was testing locusts' quality and taste. She likes the taste of locusts too much, But they were in  low numbers. So he becomes furious. And he says, I will not visit you next time. Then "Virginie" calls her friend named "Karim". And she asks for help from him. Because her customers had refused to buy locusts , In the next scene, Virginie's daughter "Laura"  " is seen. Her classmates were teasing her , posting her awkward videos online. Because her mother used to handle the locusts business. "Laura" gets angry too much because of this. And she begins to beat that boy. Who had posted that video. "Virginie" stops her at the right time, coming there. Now she accompanies her to the home. But "Laura" still was very furious. Then "Virginie" tells her, I am going to sell all the locusts. Afterwards, we will also move somewhere else, leaving this city. Then such issues will not aroused in our life. "Laura" is comforted on the words of "Virginie". Next day, it is seen that a customer comes to "Virginie" to buy the locusts. But he was offering very low payment of those locusts. So "Virginie" makes him go from there. Here " she was in rage. Now she was destroying grasshoppers and locusts'  nest , going there. Then she is knocked out after slipping. Restoring her senses, she witnesses that many locusts are sat on her wound. Sh feels so strange, observing it thinking that locusts only take the herbs. And they are the plant eater. So why were they sucking the blood? Locusts had sat on her wound so her injury had more infected. Next day, she moves to "Karim" and asks about the customer. Then "Karim " tells the former visited customer had come here on his asking. Afterwards, she returns to home after being disappointed. Reaching there, she again moves to that locusts' nest, She is left shocked. Because the number of locusts had increased there. And those locusts' size had also increased. After this, she again moves to locusts' nest then she is more astonished. Because their breeding had increased twice. Now "Virginie" had understood that , These all locusts were increasing and growing because of her blood. So she again makes locusts suck her blood after removing her hand bandage. She feels much pain due to this. In spite of it, she does so. Now it is seen that she was trying to take locusts' stings out with the help of her hands. In which she was feeling a bitter pain. Next day, when she again visits that nest, She observes that the numbers of locusts and their size had more increased. "Virginie" was building one more nest because of the locust swarming. Virginie's son peeps into the  window of other locusts's nest to see them. But "Laura" loses her temper. Because she had know now that, They are not going to migrate somewhere else. Now Virginie's son keeps some of the locusts in his rooms locust ,taking it from there. That boy had kept those locust at a place that, New locusts had eaten the old locusts. "Virginie" is again seen who was making the locusts to suck her blood, going into their nest. She moves to "Karimn" ,doing so. She says to her about the customers there. But "Karim" tells him that her customers will offer her very low payment. So she refuses him for this. Now she contacts the former customers. When that man asks about the quality of the locusts, Then she tells that these are better than previous ones. Then that man purchases all locusts. Then "Virginie" returns home and orders a quantity of blood. Through which she may feed the locusts. When that boy reaches, taking the blood, He asks her, What will you do with the large quantity of blood? "Virginie" tells him that I will serve it to the locusts as their food. Then that boy laughs at this fact and ignores it here. Afterwards, it is seen that "Virginie" was serving the blood to the locusts one by one. Then the scene moves to "Laura" where her friend comes to meet her. He tells her that I have recently visited your house, Where the locusts in their nest  were sounding very much. Do you not disturb from this noise? "Laura" does not utter a word on it, But "Laura" flies into rage. After this, she moves to the locusts' nest. And she ruins the whole nest of the locusts. Consequently, all locusts get from that nest out. Those locusts attack her brother here. But her brother was in car so he remained secured. All those locusts attack on her brother's goat . As a result, it runs away. Virginie's son tells her about the locusts as she comes to home. Afterwards, she advised "Laura" and his brother to stay at home. And she also asks Laura's friend to return to his home. "Virginie" had gone in search of her son's goat after doing so. Crossing a distance, "Virginie" catches the sight of that goat. Which had turned into a worst condition by the  swarm of locusts. Virginie's son asks her mother as he returns to home, Did you find that goat? "Virginie" replies, No! It may have fled somewhere. Meantime , she glimpses "Laura" who was behaving mysteriously. She was very frightened. So "Virginie" understands that nest has been ruined by "Laura". Now she locks "Laura" into a room in anger. She also says with it, She will have to stay at home now! Hearing it, "Laura" is more scared. Next day, it is seen, "Virginie" was feeling ill for "Laura". So she talks with her in friendly tone. And she asks her to join the family picnic. In the next scene, they are seen beside the beach. Where "Laura" observes many injuries on her body. "Laura" asks "Virginie" about it but she ignores her question. In fact, the body had wounded because of blood sucking of the locusts. They enjoy a lot on this picnic. As they reach at home, "Virginie" had planned a surprise for "Laura" along with the help of her friend "Karim". Where "Laura" is pleased, witnessing her new scooty. "Virginie" was doing all this to please "Laura". Next day, it is seen that "Virginie" had turned her focus on her business again. As he orders for blood then she is told that, She cannot be supplied the blood because of having no licence. Meanwhile, some people arrive there to build a locusts' nest. "Virginie" had called them. She had to make her house's tree cut because of the limited space. Her son was forbidding her to cut the tree. So she becomes very angry due to this. Afterwards, "Virginie" was extracting her blood to feed the locusts. Her friend "Karim" says to "Virginie", observing all, Your business is very strange. And "Virginie" feels ill for this. And she says to him, Your arrival disturbs me! Call me if you visit next time. "Karim" is disheartened on it. And he leaves from there. "Virginie" was very worried because she was wanting to arrange the blood. But it was not being arranged. Meantime, she hears the barking of a dog. She catches that dog and puts into the locusts ' nest. All locusts eat that dog soon. Next morning, it is seen when "Virginie" is cleaning the blood of the dog from there, Then "Laura" her daughter arrives there. But "Virginie" forbids her to enter there. Then "Laura" tells her, Some customers have arrived outside. It means, Virginie's business was progressing day by day. So she moves to a forest at night. And she hunts a cow from there so she may serve the cow blood to locusts. Next morning, it is known that "Virginie" had gone somewhere for camping . "Laura" wakes "Virginie" up but she says to "Laura" that, Drop your brother at bus stop! "Laura" drops her brother at bust stop, But she  and her brother were both upset. Because they both think that, That mother has surely some issues which she is not sharing! "Laura" searches for her mother as she returns to her house. But she finds her nowhere. So she moves to locusts' nest, Where her mother was serving the blood to the locusts. There were swarm of locust on her. She was frightened , seeing it. She sends the message to karim, entering the house. "Karim" finds "Virginie" in bad condition as he enters the house. And he brings them into his house. "Karim" was asking some questions from , "Laura" , coming to his house. Meanwhile, "Virginie" comes there. He also asks many questions from "Virginie". But "Virginie" does not respond to him. And "Karim" gets angry too much on her. And "Virginie" moves  with him from there even her daughter "Laura" forbids her. Afterwards, it is seen that the dog which had been served  to the locusts, The owner of the dog had come here while searching it. As he enters in that locusts' nest, Then he is frightened , seeing a swarm of the locusts. And he falls down there. Now all locusts had started to eat the flesh of that man. "Karim "  had come to drop " Virginie"  and " Laura" at their home, So he moves inside to see the locusts' nest. And he is  panicked , observing the dead body of that man. As "Laura" comes outside to gratify "Laura" then she knows, seeing him, Now "Karim" has known all the reality. But "Virginie" had no knowledge that, He has witnsesed a dead body. She thinks that it is "Laura" who had told everything to him. She runs to "Laura" there. Here "Karim" takes the fuel tank from the trunk of her car. And sets the nest on fire. As a result, many locusts had fled from the nest because of setting it on fire. Then "Virginie" and " Lautra" reach there, witnessing the fire. And "Virginie" is going to extinguish that fire immediately. Now all "Locusts " were coming after them. "Karim " Immediately enters the house, taking "Laura". He switches off all lights of the house. But "Virginie" was still trying to extinguish that fire. Meanwhile, she hears the sound of her daughter "Laura". When she enters the house, leaving  everything , She is left shocked seeing it that all locusts had eaten the flesh of "Karim". "Laura" had escaped from there. "Laura" reaches a forest while running. But locusts were still after her. She suddenly sees a river there, And she jumps into the water. And she covers her with a bot, lying there. All locusts were still coming over her. Meanwhile, "Virginie" had appeared there , chasing her. Now "Virginie" covers her face with her blood while self injuring. So all locusts may attract towards her. And "Laura" may remain safe. It happens so! All locusts are allured towards "Virginie". All locusts had vanished from here. And "Laura" thinks that her mother is no more. And she instantly begins to search for her mother, throwing the boat far. In the end, she is very excited , seeing her mother alive. She embraces her. And the movie completes on this scene

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