The Thaw Parasite (2009) Film Explained

 The film starts while showing a polar bear. Some people were standing there to hunt it. One of the men shoots at the bear. At the first minute, it feels like it doesn't affect it. The bear starts attacking them. Due to it, they all move back being scared now the bear was about to attack, it fell and dies. Here they also see the animal with the bear whom it was eating. Then they lift up the bear and takes it to their research lab. The next scene shifts to a university, we see some students there. They were going to the research lab for research. We see a girl and she is Evelyn. She is the daughter of dr. Kruipen, he is researching a virus in this movie. Dr. Kruipen was making her agree to come to him. But she refuses because she was angry with him. When Dr. Kruipen says that he will name all the property of her mother to her name she agrees. On another side, the companions of Dr. Kruipen tell him the bear is dead. Those were the people we saw at the start of the movie. They were the companions of Dr. Kruipen. They were researching something. The bear was also a part of their research. With it, two days passed in the movie and we see Dr. Kruipen was talking to someone on the call. The name of the man was Bart whom he was talking to. Here Dr. asks Bart to stop his daughter and the other students to come here. But the daughter of Dr. Kruipen doesn't obey this. Now they all reach the research lab by helicopter. In this scene, we also see the people of the research facility. Their condition was worst. They reach the lab but there was dark in the lab. Because the energy source of the lab was just a generator, it wasn't working. Here the daughter of Dr. Kruipen, Evelyn and her companion Atom was seeing the research facility in darkness. Suddenly, they came to a room it was so smelly. At the same time, when the lights turn on they see a huge polar bear there. It was the same polar bear it was brought here by the companions of Dr. Kruipen. Meanwhile, after turning on the generator Bart comes there. Seeing the bear he asks Atom to click a picture of him with it. As he puts his arm on the bear, he feels like an insect has bitten him. But he ignore it. They leave from there. In the next scene, we see Evelyn calls her father. He scolds her that they shouldn't come here when he forbade them. Now he asks them to stop at the research facility. After it, something strange happens in the movie, The female companion of Dr. Kruipen shoots Dr. Kruipen and his companion. Then we see the scene at night, one of the students there at the research facility sees the strange insects in a room. The student gets scared after seeing those insects. He shifts his room. But his fellow stays there. At the midnight, when Evelyn wakes up she sees someone is coming there. As she goes out she sees the female companion of Dr. Kruipen, she was coming out of the helicopter. Her condition was worst. Evelyn takes her inside the research facility. Here they were taking care of her. Meanwhile, a student fellow of her comes there. She has rashes on her full body. Seeing this, they all get shocked. Then the other fellow also tells them about the insects. The insects which he saw inside the room. The boy was still scared and he advises that we should leave from here. After it, they were ready to move from there. But due to some defect in the helicopter, they couldn't move. In this scene, we see that the infected lady was about to die. Her condition was getting worse with it, some kind of strange fluid was also coming from her mouth, Evelyn tries to save her. But Bart understands that it is a bad infection and he forbids Evelyn to do anything. Here they seal the room. Evelyn and Atom move to search for Evelyn's father. Reaching the research spot, they see an animal. Some insects were eating it and it also has the eggs of those insects. They also see a dead body there. The dead body was of the companion of Dr seeing it, they suspect maybe the lady has killed them. When they return to the research facility, they notice the same insects and eggs on that lady's body. They get worried after seeing them. Seeing all this, the student becomes worried. He calls the rescue helicopter so that it will rescue them. Then Evelyn also sees the bear they find the same infection on it. Seeing it, she understands that the situation is critical. It is a kind of infection that can spread like a pandemic. Evelyn makes her companions understand that we shouldn't move out from here in this situation. Because like this, this infection can spread to the whole of the world. She decides that they will also forbid the rescue helicopter to come here. But her companion student forbids her to do this. He destroys the radio system while shooting it. So that it will not stop the helicopter. In the next scene, we see a student who comes with Evelyn, there were the same eggs on her body. Seeing her, Evelyn knows that the girl is also infected. Then they again go to the lab. The place where they place the body of the lady with the bear. Seeing the strange insects coming out of her body they get scared. On another side, due to the bitten by the insect the infection of Bart's hand was spread. In this case, the infection can be spread to the whole body. That's why he decides that to avoid and stop the infection he will cut his hand. At first, the companions of Bart weren't agreed on this. But when he insists Evelyn manages some first aid there with courage, she cuts his hand with a huge knife. His hand was bleeding. Evelyn tries to stop it. Now many insects were coming out of his cut hand but Atom kills them with fire. So those insects will not move further. After it, we see Evelyn wants to research those insects and infections. During this, she finds the diary of her father. In it, there was already a lot of information about those insects and infections. Due to it, we come to know her father knows much about those insects. Seeing all this, Evelyn decides she will take her father's camera from the lady's hand. They all forbid her to do this. When she insists they agree but on one condition, if any insect will come on her they will not let her come out of the room. She accepts it. We see Evelyn covers her body and goes into the room. As she was coming out while taking the camera, suddenly, the insects come out of bear's body and were about to attack her, she immediately comes out. But after this care, an insect was about to move in her body, Atom takes it out of her body. Like this, she was saved from all the insects. In the next scene, we see they all were seeing the videos of Dr. Kruipen. Meanwhile, those insects come there. While seeing those insects they go to the lab, they see the body of the bear had been decomposed by those insects. Those insects are in large quantities in the lab. On another side, we see her infected student fellow was also requesting her to let her come out. With it, she also wants to tell their one fellow is also infected. But before she tells this the fellow shoots her. They all think he shoots her to avoid the spread of infection. In the same scene, we see Evelyn was checking Bart's hand. Seeing the insects in his hand confirms that Bart is also infected. Now Bart decides that he will stay here. He asks them to leave from there. But before going out, Evelyn and Atom decide they will go out after testing themselves. If anyone will be infected will not go out from here. On it, their third fellow comes in anger. Because he was infected. He reveals in front of everyone that I am infected. I will go out from here definitely. Hearing it, they become worried. They stop him but he has a gun. Evelyn and Atom were making him understand that how can he put all the world in danger for his sake? Just for some time to save his life how he will finish the people of the whole of the world? But he ignores them. He was about to shoot them but Dr. Kruipen comes from behind and shoots him. Here the entry of Dr. Kruipen was a lifesaver for them. Dr. Kruipen asks them to destroy this facility. To avoid the spread of this infection. They were about to do this but they think they should see the full recordings first. Seeing the video, they also come to know Evelyn's father is also infected. He infected himself on his own. So that he can know about the infection. Like this, he can save lives while sacrificing his life. Seeing all this, Evelyn becomes sad. She tries to make her father understand it is not the way to save the world. But Dr. ignores them. He locks them in the facility. Meanwhile, the rescue helicopter comes there they were about to leave from there. Meanwhile, Evelyn and Atom after trying a lot they succeed to come out of the facility. They shoot the helicopter with a gun. Due to it, the helicopter loses its balance. It destroys on the facility. Due to it, the facility and helicopter both were removed. Due to the blast of the helicopter, Atom also dies in it. Evelyn was depressed after seeing him. Now in the last scene of the movie, we see a dog is eating a bird. The bird is infected with this infection. With it, we also come to know that it is a pet dog. Seeing it, we can say now this infection will spread in the world. Here the movie ends. Thank you for watching.

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