Us (2019) + Dead Silence (2007) Film Explained

 Today, the two movies are being explained. Now let start the first film named "Us". The past time is shown. There is a little girl named "Adelaide" at the beach. There is also a funhouse near the beach. The written statement on it is "Find yourself". "Adelaide" goes inside it.  And she feels , going inside. As there is some mirror image with her which is like her. She thinks as the mirrors are set in the each corner. And I am just seeing my own reflection. But it was not truth. She was like a child like "Adelaide", seeming replica of her. "Adelaide" is terrified as she feels it. And she walks out the door without saying anything. Then many years are passed of this incident. Now "Adelaide" was married, having two kids. But it was still in her mind so she discusses it with her husband. What she saw in that funhouse situated at the beach. She says to him, I am not ever going to visit there! Her husband says to her, No! We will visit there. I want to have a look of that place why  did you not forget it till now? Now they all Four drive to that beach in their car including "Adelaide", her husband and her both kids. Reaching the beach, they glimpses the awkward sight. That someone has killed an old man there. Adelaide's son moves to that place when she is engaged in some task. Where that funhouse was situated and "Adelaide" had visited there in her childhood. Adelaide's son is nearly to go there then he encounters a man. That man was stood in turning position. That man is there with spread hand when Adelaide's son looks at him. And his hands are bleeding. When the face of that man is shown, Strikingly, that man exactly looks like the same old man killed at the beach. And he was also sent somewhere in the ambulance. Seeing it, Adelaide's son is very scared. And he begins to run in fear. He runs to his mother "Adelaide". His mother continues to ask him, What happened! Speak out something! But he is unable to utter a single word. In this way, no one knows about that man. Then they all come to the house situated near the beach. "Adelaide" begins to say to her husband, We should not have come here! I had told you that I dislike this place. I had seen my identical with same dressing and style , in my childhood. Trust me ! I still think as she is after me. Then Adelaide's husband says to her, Don't worry! I am along with you. Why will it chase you as such! Then they feel as someone is out of their house. They glimpse the four shadows on the rope as they peep outside. It included a big, middle sized and 2 little shadows. They had caught the hands of one another. Adelaide's husband says to them , Go away ! Why are you looking at our house. But they keep standing their in stagnant position. "Adelaide" calls police as being worried. But police cannot arrive there. And these four people intrude their house one by one. Here their faces are revealed for the first time. Strikingly, their faces were all alike their family. It was appearing as they are their counterparts as "Adelaide" , her husband and her both kids. Now "Adelaide" sits at a place and also its identical. "Adelaide" identical was only one in their family who could communicate. Others could not communicate. The identical of "Adelaide" says to her, Now you are thinking why I came here. She is looking sad also weeping. She says, Do you know that our both lives are connected? What you did throughout your life, it also happened with me. It means, what you do then I also have to do the same here. When you married this man when I had to marry with man looked like him in my World. Even though I had no liking for him. I had to carry out all tasks which were performed by you. Hearing it, "Adelaide" is enough surprised. She understands that she is the same little girl. That identical who had met her in that funhouse. "Adelaide" asks her, Why have you come here? Then identical says , So that we may kill you. Because it is not carried out any more by me. As we have to do the same task what you do. Our life is different. We want to live according to our will. We will be able to live life according to will as we kill you. We will be able to do what we love to do. At first sight, all identicals take their counterparts along with them. So that they put them into death. As  her husband identical takes her husband along with it, Adelaide's husband kills him after attacking. And Adelaide's both kids also escape from there with it. "Adelaide" also gets herself free and they all four move to the boat Getting in it, they begin to sail away. They had to go to their car which was parked at that beach. News is being broadcast there. That such doppelgangers are wandering throughout the cities. Who want to kill their counterpart. And they are also acting upon it. They know, reaching there that their car had also been set on fire. So that they may not escape from here. Then that kid appears before them. Who is the identical of Adelaide's son but his face is masked. His face may be spoiled. He begins to advance them to kill. Then Adelaide's real son hits upon a plan. He says, what we do is carried out by our identicals. Why do I not walk backward? And he will also do the same. Getting off, he begins to move backward. His identical also moves backward. But there is  a fire behind him. In which he burns to death. Then Adelaide's identical appears their in furry. And she moves away, taking the real son of "Adelaide". She goes in the same funhouse where the mirrors are set. Now "Adelaide" reaches there. She goes there for the second time. Because she had to rescue her son. She has a rod in her hand. She notices electric sitars as she moves inside. She begin to descend on it and reaches  the underground tunnel. Where she observes a number of the rabbits. She begins to move ahead so she may search for her identical and her son. Moving ahead, there is place like a classroom. Her identical is standing there. "Adelaide" advances in fear. And she asks her, What do you want from me? Who are you? Her identical tells her, I am nothing but a project started by the government. You human beings remained unaware what government continued in the cellar. They make many duplicates of the human beings. Who used to act like all of you. Then they realized after making us that they did not make our soul. We will do the same as you all carry out. We begin to depend all of you. We had no our own life. These experiments were soon stopped . But our lives had spoiled who had become the identicals. We identicals cannot even talk. Because I am their leader so I am only one to hold this power. And I had presented this idea to everyone that we may kill our identicals. It means that the human beings living on the surface. So we may live according to our will. Adelaide's identical says to her, You are also surprising why the rabbits are here. Why are the other animals not here? Listen! The experiments were conducted on the rabbits first. Then they make a number of the clones from them. But their experiment failed when they conducted on the human beings. Now we can eat only the rabbits living in the tunnel. Our life is not like all of you. Here Adelaide's identical wanted to kill her. Now "Adelaide" also wanted the same as she also killed her identical. That identical had also her son whom she had to rescue. Adelaide's identical attacks her badly because she is stronger. In the end, "Adelaide" also kills her during the fight. Because she had to save her son.  And a mother can take any step! Now "Adelaide" begins to search for her son who is hidden in a locker. She starts to leave that place, bringing him out. Then "Adelaide" leaves in the ambulance, taking her family from there. Then the flashback is shown here where "Adelaide" had gone in that funhouse which was set with mirrors. Where she saw her counterpart. Here a great secret is exposed. Which is incredible. Adelaide's identical had knocked her out as she had entered the room. She had taken her in the cellar. Taking her , she had tied her there. Then she put on her dress. Then Adelaide's identical came on the surface of the World. And Adelaide" remained underground along with all clones. It is cleared why that "Adelaide" had ability to speak because she was the real "Adelaide" And her identical had come on the surface who was unable to speak, coming outside. But she had learnt to speak out with the passage of time. Now the scene moves into the current time. The same identical is shown in the ambulance. Who played the whole trick. Her son is also sitting along with her. Who was the real son of "Adelaide" in reality. He is staring at her in such a way as he had known as she is not his mother. She is rather that identical. But he is unable to say something. That identical smirks but does not utter a single word. The movie completes on this scene. Now the next movie "Dead Silence" will be explained. A couple comes on the scene as the movie starts. The name of one person is "Jamie" while other is his wife. They receive a big parcel box once they are at home. There is a ventriloquist dummy   in that parcel as they open it. Its name is "Billy" . It remains secret who sends this doll. And they place the ventriloquist dummy  out of the box. But the the wife in couple is died as the night falls. It means, the wife of "Jamie"! It is the heart broken for "Jamie". When police arrives there , they check that Jamie wife's tongue has been cut out. Police officer begins to say "Jamie", You have murdered your wife! "Jamie" is already dejected. And he feels worst , hearing the words of police officer. He claims, Why will I murder her? He returns to his home and starts to check the parcel box. Where he had got the puppet dummy. He finds some written statements as he checks the parcel box. There is also another name with the name of that puppet dummy. It was "Marry Show". She was great ventriloquist. She used to speak out like the puppet , And everyone used to think as the puppet is speaking out. There was written the town name at the below side where "Jamie" used to live. Where his family dwelt. "Jamie" decides , I will resolve the whole case, going there. At last, who sent this puppet dummy! Now "Jamie" reaches there. Where his father used to reside. He knows that his father has wedded for the second time. And his wife is a young lady. Overlooking everything, "Jamie" asks his father, Do you know" about a lady "Mary Shaw who was ventriloquist? His father replies , No!  There is not such a lady resides here. Then "Jamie" says, Alright father! I leave. Then he goes to an old mortician. "Jamie" needs a coffin for his wife. So he begins to talk with him. That old man tells "Jamie" while conversing. I have a wife whom I love deeply. But she has gone insane. She does not know what she is talking and which action that she is taking. Then "Jamie" leaves that place. He stays in a hotel. Where he has a nightmare. He glimpses "Mary Shaw" in his dream. But he does not have a look of her face clearly. "Jamie" starts preparation as the morning arrives. Because there is a funeral ceremony of his wife. He buries her. Then he encounters with the wife of that old man. Who is saying to him that I know who has murdered your wife. If you want to be safe then bury that puppet dummy that has been sent at your house. It may be too late before it. "Jamie" gives importance to the wording of that old lady. And he begins to search the grave of "Billy dummy", going to the graveyard. Then he buries that puppet Dummy into the same grave. Which belonged to a boy name "Billy". This dummy could have been created after being impressed by that "Billy" boy. When "Jamie" returns in his car after the burial of "Billy", He realizes as "Billy" is in his surroundings. And it has come out of the grave again. But "Jamie" comes back to his house. There is the same dummy before "Jamie" when he comes out after taking bath. He is frightened, noticing it. Now he was sure that there is something wrong in it. And it is connected with the soul. Then he again observes the same police officer there. He says to him, Jamie! Investigation is going on. You are not permitted to touch any thing of the house. Because we have to investigate everything. And you are also not allowed to go outside. Otherwise, everyone will doubt you. Then "Jamie" says to the police officer, Are you not understanding? I have no connection with this puppet. We will have to just bury it, Otherwise, there will be aroused a great problem. Police officer says, Oh! You are again making plan to bury this puppet dummy. I may take it  along with me. "Jamie" does not understand what he should do. Then he is in wait when police officer may go out of his house, And he may bring that puppet dummy from there. "Jamie" does the same and he brings that dummy with him. He directly goes to that mortician. And he says to him, kindly, tell me! What is going on this! What is the relation between "Mary Shaw" and the dummy. That old man reveals that "Mary Shaw" was ventriloquist. One day, she was performing a grand show in a large audience. The onlookers used to appreciate her. Then there was a kid. He said to "Mary Shaw", I have witnessed that you are making your voice like the dummy. Puppet Dummy cannot speak itself. "Mary Shaw" became aggressive on it. And it began to appear as she will murder that kid. And that kid really disappeared after a few days. His sign was got nowhere. So that kid's family members cut out the tongue of "Mary Shaw". So she may not speak out. "Mary" had no offspring if I reveal the past of her. She used to live with 100 puppet dummy. She had giving her testament that my body should be converted into a dummy as I die. And I may be buried with my other dummies. And it was carried out. If anyone is connected with his story now, She ends that person. Her soul is wandering here and there. "Jamie" does not get anything. He goes to that theater as being bewildered, Where "Mary Shaw" used to perform her puppet show. There is diary belonged to that kid who had said to "Mary Shaw", You make the voice of the puppet dummy. It is revealed here that "Jamie" belongs to that kid's family. His roots are in that kid's bloodline. Then he understands why "Mary Shaw" is after her. She might have sent that puppet dummy in our house. She might have killed my wife. He becomes afraid. On the other side, it is shown that wife of that mortician is talking with the  dummy "Billy". But her husband catches her sight. He asks, What are you doing? Now "Billy" will not stay here. I myself go to bury it. Then the demon of "Mary Shaw" appears there. It cuts out the tongue of that old man. Contrarily, being worried, "Jamie" thinks to visit his father. He may get the information about that kid from him. He asks his father, going there. His father says, yeah! His heritage belonged to him. And a person in our forefather had cut out the tongue of "Mary Shaw". She will kill our whole bloodline  to take revenge of it. The same police officer reaches there as he goes out of his father's house. He says, I had forbidden that you will not come out of your house. And you stole the dummy again. Come with me! But "Jamie" receives a call before it and the caller is that old mortician. How awkward this is! Because "Mary Shaw" had put him into death before a moment , cutting his tongue. So who was calling this? Of course, Not that old man! But "Jamie" has no knowledge about it. The caller makes the voice of that old man. And he says to "Jamie", Come to theater! You will come to know there who killed your wife. Now "Jamie" begins to move to that theater while  pushing that police officer. police officer starts to follow him. there they see a display cabinet. There are 100 unique dummies. Then a joker ventriloquist dummy appears before them. It tells , We killed you wife because you were expecting child. Your heritage belonged to that kid who misbehaved with "Mary Shaw". So we killed that baby before he came into being. "Jamie" becomes aggressive, knowing it. And he sets all dummies on fire. Police officer becomes the companion of "Jamie" because he had witnessed, That dummies can talk. then the demon of "Mary Shaw" appears there, And she kills the police office while cutting out his tongue. "Jamie" is satisfied on this that he has burnt all dummies. So there is no issue. And he comes outside. Suddenly, it comes in his mind , No!  "Billy" is still alive. He immediately moves to that old man. He observes that his insane wife has made him lay on his lap. Because he has died. So that old lady is very dejected. "Jamie" talks to her. He asks her, have you seen puppet dummy? That old lady tells, your father took it away. "Jamie" quickly moves to his father's house. But he knows here that his father has been died before a long time. And the person was "Mary Shaw" who was pretending to be his father on call . Then "Mary Shaw" also comes there. But "Jamie" immediately throws "Billy" into the fire , picking it up. "Mary Shaw" is irritated as "Billy" begins to burn. And she flees while breaking the window. Then that lady arrives there who is the second wife of Jamie's father. She was looking like devilish. And her face begins to change into "Mary Shaw". She was not anyone else but the dummy of "Mary Shaw". It was her dream to make it. "Jamie" starts to scream, seeing her. Because he knew that she will also kill him, because he was left the last survivor of that bloodline. Now "Mary Shaw" starts to talk and says to "Jamie", That your family kid had said it that puppet dummies cannot speak, I am futile! Now tell me that I am talking ! Saying it, she moves ahead and cuts out the tongue of "Jamie". She kills him in a very brutal way . And the story of that bloodline is ended here. "Mary Shaw" had taken her revenge. And the film ends on this scene as well.

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