What happened to Bill gates? What is the Bill gates controversy?

Back in the 1980s and 1990s when bill was actively involved in the day-to-day operations of microsoft he was a pretty controversial figure. he was known for being a cutthroat monopolistic arrogant businessman. modern-day comparisons include billionaires like mark zuckerberg and jeff bezos. since he stepped away from being microsoft's ceo in 2000 though. it seems like he wanted to put all of his money and the power-hungry days behind him and focus on using his wealth for the betterment of humanity.

Over the past 20 years bill gates has donated over 45 billion dollars to charity .

 Making him one of the most generous people of all time. considering this it's not surprising that the media and the public has celebrated bill's actions labeling him as the billionaire to look up to. recently though the perception of bill has shifted once again . a quick look at a recent interview with bill would make it clear that bill is no longer perceived to be the good billionaire. so what happened to bill gates? well when it comes to the criticism against bill gates all of the arguments boil down to two major categories . which are vaccines and its relationship with a man named jeff. one of the first papers questioning bill's actions regarding vaccines was published in 2008. the core argument of this paper is that bill's choice of donations are misguided. the researchers took a look at how the three largest donors aside from bill gates allocated their money. the world bank the us government and the global fund all spent more than 98 of their money on delivering the services themselves . for instance if we were talking about vaccinations in africa 98 % of their money went towards acquiring the vaccines building vaccination facilities and administrative vaccines. 

With bill gates however the majority of his donations went towards research and development.

 This means that most of the money he gave away went to private universities, pharmaceutical companies and research institutions . the problem with this is that these companies and organizations are often for-profit . take a look at pfizer for instance over the past 15 years they've been able to maintain a net margin of 20 to 25 percent . critics have argued that due to bill's odd allocation of funds his philanthropic efforts may actually enrich western countries more than they help third world countries. another key attribute that has drawn criticism towards bill is his approach on intellectual property. if you're running a tech or media company protecting your intellectual property makes perfect sense . these companies spent a lot of time effort and money on creating their products with the intention of generating profits. so they don't want competitors ripping them off and reaping the benefits.

 When it comes to charity though securing intellectual property rights is a lot more questionable

I mean the entire point of charity is to give products or services away to better humanity . however bill gates has historically been extremely tight with his vaccines , cures and treatments when it comes to intellectual property. and i don't just mean taking legal action against companies and organizations that impede on his intellectual property. no, bill has reportedly bent the rules of intellectual property to benefit his foundation through various lobbying efforts. in the 1990s microsoft aggressively lobbied for the acceptance of the trips agreement . trips which stands for trade related aspects of intellectual property rights set international standards for intellectual property rights. some of its guidelines are that patents must be given for a minimum of 20 years and that pharmaceutical test data must be protected against unfair commercial use. similarly in 2007 microsoft lobbied the g8 to reinforce global intellectual property rights. by refusing to let competitors recreate various vaccines and treatments. experts suggest that bill is limiting the reach and effectiveness of their effort . now again these vaccines and treatments are indeed the property of bill's foundation so it's not like they're overstepping their rights .

 However bill's refusal to share has made many question his true intentions

The final major source of criticism for bill's foundation has come from potential unethical medical practices. now let me be clear here this is a super recent development and nothing has been confirmed. as of right now this story is simply an allegation. with that being said those foundation is facing allegations that they violated medical ethics with their vaccine testing. in 2009 bill's foundation funded a clinical trial that administered an hpv vaccine to 14 000 tribal girls between the ages of 10 and 14 in india. however it is alleged that they conducted the trial without informed consent of their parents without making the risk clear and without even telling the participants or parents that it was a clinical trial. many of the children not only became sick but seven of them passed away. now bill's foundation are not actually the ones that conducted the trial. they simply funded it . so even if the allegations are true it's unclear if bill's foundation was aware of the situation. nonetheless much of india was outraged by this report. as you can see bill's charitable allocations , his tents on intellectual property and his potential violations of medical ethics have played the foundation for decades. 

However it was not until the pandemic that these concerns replaced all the light of day. 

And since then these legitimate concerns have evolved into full-on conspiracy theories. it all started when bill gates had a ted talk in april of 2015 where he described that the next biggest threat for humanity wasn't wars or asteroids but rather a pandemic. when the pandemic actually rolled around most people praised bill for having such a foresight and regretted that society more or less ignored his warnings . but there was also a large group of people that suspected that bill was right not because he predicted it but because he planned it. this theory basically holds no substance as there's really no concrete evidence surrounding the matter. the only reason i'm covering this is because despite its far-fetched nature many actually believe it and this is a major source of the bill gates controversy . the story goes that bill engineered the pandemic in order to benefit financially and track people . but some common sense would make it clear that this doesn't make sense. the vaccine is estimated to cost between 3 and 37 per dose depending on which vaccine you get . let's estimate in the middle and call it 20 per dose or forty dollars to get fully vaccinated. using pfizer's net margin of twenty to twenty five percent you could expect to make about ten dollars from each vaccination. 

Even if bill was somehow able to vaccinate half of the entire world's population he would only make forty billion dollars. that is a large sum of money but you have to look at it from bill's perspective he's literally donated over 45 billion dollars and he's already made 18.3 billion dollars in 2021 alone through public stock ownership. and we're only 8 months into the year. so if anything 40 billion dollars is a couple of years of stock growth for bill and it makes no sense to ruin his reputation over this money. as for the tracking theory well bill did create microsoft. so if he wanted to track everyone i suspect leveraging the billions of windows users around the world would be much easier than vaccinating the world. as you can see in my opinion this theory holds little weight. nonetheless many people have bought into it and it has significantly fueled the bill gets controversy . bill's foundation isn't the only thing smearing his public reputation though. the other black spot on his record is his relationship with jeff . according to the new york times bill met with jeff at least three times since 2011. 

At the time jeff's crimes were already pretty well known.

 He pleaded guilty in 2008 and had already spent extensive time in jail. so the question is why bill gates was willing to meet with such an individual. according to bill jeff was well connected within the business world and bill was looking to raise money for his foundation with the help of jeff. apparently jeff was willing to raise money from all of his wealthy friends in exchange for 0.3 percent of the total money he raised. bill claims that his relationship with jeff was strictly business . bill never went to any parties with jeff and all of their meetings were almost entirely just men. despite this critics argued that bill was at the very least compliant with jeff's actions or else why would he meet with someone with such a history. after all he's bill gates one of the most well-known billionaires alive. what type of connections could jeff possibly provide that bill couldn't just get himself. while that is a big questionable it should be noted that bill gates cut the relationship in 2014 and he never actually received any money from jeff. 

Bill's recent divorce with melinda however has resurfaced concerns about bill and jeff's relationship . 

Billl and melinda have both been pretty obscure about the reasoning behind their separation. and this has sparked speculation that melinda got a divorce because she was uncomfortable with bill. melinda apparently hated bill's relationship with jeff and she strongly disagreed with how bill handled an internal case of harassment . as bill stepped away from microsoft he shifted all of his wealth to a wealth management company called cascade investments. which was managed by a man named michael larson. michael has obviously done a spectacular job when it comes to growing bill's wealth . but his personal life is not as pristine. in 2017 a woman threatened to file a lawsuit against michael for harassment. but instead of addressing the situation bill basically paid her off and michael still manages bill's wealth to this day. this case wasn't revealed to the public for quite some time and many speculate that melinda might know something about bill and jeff's relationship that we don't and that's why she actually left bill. 

So is the controversy surrounding bill legitimate?

 At this point we just don't know. the rule has always been innocent until proven guilty though . so i don't think we should jump to any conclusions . sure he had some weird allocations of funds and he's extremely tired about his intellectual property . but these aren't crimes by any means moreover even with these obstacles bill has done more for humanity than most billionaires at the top. so i think he at least deserves the benefit of the doubt. this does not mean that bill gets a full-on free pass though. the two main sticking points are his foundation's potential violation of medical ethics and bill's relationship with jeff until we have a definitive answer regarding these concerns though i see no reason to paint bill in a negative light.

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