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 A story is told about a dragon at the start of the film, where a girl takes birth after each 500 years. When that girl will reach at her age of 20 years, Then she will be awarded with the divine power. Through it she can also transform a snake into a giant dragon. The pious snake will use that power to protect Universe and humanity. But the wicked snake will use this power to ruin this World. Now that time had come after 500 years. 

After this, it is seen that there was a great destruction in a city. It was seeming as spaceship has crashed here. Many reporters and police officers had also arrived there. Then a man is seen who was talking about a prophesy that it is going to prove true. Afterwards, a boy named "Ethan" is shown and he was also a reporter. He records a clip of that place.

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 But he feels while taking footage, That he has already seen that mark which is at this place. But it is not in his memory where he had witnessed it. After this, "Ethan" moves go his office. 

He was also noticing the same mark there, And he was thinking about this. Then he casts his glance at his locket, Before 5 years, a man named "Jack" had given to him when "Ethan" was a kid. Who was "Jack" now? We will know about him further. Now "Ethan" was thinking it that this story has such type of the connection with that story. Which had been told to "Ethan" before 15 years by "Jack". After this, the story moves to the flashback 15 years ago. When "Ethan" was young and he had gone to a shop along with his father. And the owner of that shop was the same man named "Jack". When "Ethan" is exploring that shop, Suddenly, a box opens before "Ethan". And light emits from that box. "Ethan" also notices a mark in that box. Which was similar to the mark which he witnessed recently. So "Ethan" was thinking that he has also witnessed this mark before. Afterwards, the shop owner "Jack" reacts as such, As he is suffering from heart attack. Doing so, he sends Ethan's father outside. 

Because he wanted to talk with "Ethan" on important topic in loneliness. "Jack" tells "Ethan", the light that you have witnessed, It is belongs to the legendary creature . And it has emitted from the heaven. Then "Ethan" asks "Jack", Who is "Imoogi". Then "Jack" tells him that "Imoogi" is a legendary creature. About which, It has been told in the ancient stories of "Korea". Which is transformed into a giant dragon after getting power. There were found many snakes named "Imoogies" in the heaven. Which used to live with their great groups in heaven. Each good "Imoogi" was used to award for its good deed after each 500 years. That snake used to get a chance to transform into a giant dragon. But "Imoogi" had to get the heavenly power before it. Because he could transform from snake into a giant dragon through this power. 

There was also an evil snake among those good snakes. Its name was "Buraki" and he also expected to get that heavenly power. Buraki's army was also very powerful with it. And they could also get the heavenly power. But no one wished it in the heaven that evil snake "Buraki" may get this power. And it was the cause that heavenly power had been concealed. Then the scene shifts to Korea. Where the time of 1507 is shown. Where heavenly power is dropped into a house. And it is the house of the head of that village.

 Afterwards, that leader has the birth of his daughter. Who possessed that heavenly power. As a result, that little girl had also a red dragon mark on her shoulder. But his father or leader was unaware about this power. Where a bold warrior and a master are also sent with the leader's daughter. So she may protect that heavenly power from that evil snake "Buraki".

 But "Buraki" had got awareness about it. Where has the heavenly power eventually been hidden? Then that master meets the leader of the village. And he tells him, Your daughter possesses the heavenly powers! After this, that leader's daughter and that warrior are shown. Now that warrior and leader's daughter had started to develop the affections for each other. After it, that master accompanies that warrior to make him meet with the good "Imoogi". Where that master hands over that warrior a locket. Which was for the security of the good "Imoogi" which had been created in heaven. Now that master tells that warrior here, After a few days, leader's daughter will reach at the age of 20 years old. Then "Buraki" with its army will also come to get the powers. You will have to be ready for this! Now that day had arrived. When leader's daughter had reached at her age of 20. Where "Buraki" attacks village with its group. He also searches for the daughter of leader's daughter.

 When he is taking the leader's daughter with him, Then that master and warrior attack "Buraki" and its group. After this, that warrior flees , taking leader's daughter. Where master alone is fighting with the soldiers of "Buraki". Now that warrior goes away, taking leader's daughter and leaving that locket there. That warrior had violated the rules and regulation of heaven after doing so. After this, "Buraki" also chases them. But they both as leader's daughter and that warrior commit suicide, jumping from a mountain. Later, it is seen that "Jack" gives the same locket to "Ethan". 

Which had been given to his warrior before 500 years by his master. Because "Ethan" is the warrior who belonged to 500 years ago. And "jack" is master. "Jack" is telling to little "Ethan", At this time, the heavenly power will descend to the girl , Her name will be "Sara". And there will be a red dragon mark on her shoulder like leader's daughter. 

Then "Jack" instructs to "Ethan", You will have to search for "Sara". After this, the scene is shifted to the current time. Where "Ethan" asks his friend to get information about "Sara". Then a girl is seen in the gym center whose name is "Sarah". Then "Sarah" watches a footage on TV created by "Ethan". And she leaves that place, witnessing the same mark on Earth. Afterwards, Sarah's friend comes on the scene who was going to her house. Sarah's friend notices, going to her house. That "Sarah" has stuck the mysterious posters on her house walls. There was the Korean statement written on it. "Sarah" was also depressed at this moment. And she was also confused. Sarah's friend takes her to the club to relax her. After sometimes, "Sarah" also leaves that place. Where some gangsters try to disturb her on the way. Where an old man rescues "Sarah", coming there. And that old man was not anyone else but "Jack".

 Later, the security guard of zoo is shown who was sleeping. Then he hears the growling of the elephants. He glimpses as he goes for checking, Where a giant snake was eating an elephant. He was no one else but "Buraki" who had returned with everyone after 500 years. So he may get the heavenly powers. After this, "Sara" is seen at the police station. Where police was suspecting that "Sarah" has ended those gangsters. But "Sarah" tells them about that old man that he had rescued her. But police officers do not believe "Sarah". After it, a reporter comes there to interview "Sarah". And this reporter of "Ethan". After this , "Ethan" goes to meet "Jack". But there was not "Jack" but the cruel general. When "Ethan" asks him about "Jack". Then he says, That "Jack" has gone outside for an important task. Suddenly, all things of that place begin to fly in the air. Then "Ethan" is awakened all of a sudden. 

He understands from this.It was his dream, what he actually witnessed right now. Afterwards, "Ethan" comes to his friend to know about that "Sarah". Then Ethan 's that friend reporter also approaches there, Who had gone to interview "Sarah" at the police station. And he begins to tell about "Sarah", coming here. Then "Ethan" becomes doubtful by his conversation that he is the same "Sarah". Who is being searched. After this, "Sarah" is dreaming, Where she checks that cruel general is attacking him. At the same time, "Sarah" is awakened. Now his dragon mark side begins to pain. Afterwards, "Sarah" calls for ambulance. Then "Sarah" is admitted in the hospital. Sarah's friend also comes at the hospital to meet her. But "Sarah" is not allowed to meet them. 

Then her two friends visit at her house to take her important commodities. But "Buraki" and the evil general kill them, coming there. Later, "Ethan" becomes aware about that incident. But "Ethan" was thinking here that "Sarah" has died. Going there, he knows that Sarah's friends have been killed . "Sarah" is admitted in the hospital. Then "Ethan" goes to the same hospital to meet her. But he is also not allowed to meet "Sarah". "Ethan" meets a doctor there who was the friend of "Ethan". So that doctor allows him to meet "Sarah". "Sarah" says to him when he meets "Sarah". The bad happenings are going to occur in future. Then "Ethan" completes her statement saying, The evil has started . Then it is seen that "Buraki" has come in hospital while searching "Sarah". Coming there, that Ethan's friend doctor helps him and "Sarah" to escape from there. Then it is known here that doctor was not anyone else but "Jack". 

"Buraki" attacks them here on the way. And they are also caught by the evil general. But a lady helps them while coming there. There is again shown here , that lady was not another person but "Jack". Who had approached there to help them , disguising a lady. On the other side, that evil general gathers his army. After this, "Sarah" and "Ethan" come on the scene. Who were sharing their secrets with each other. Then a few agents are shown. Where their head asks one of the agents about the occurred accidents in the city. Where one of the agents tells his head an old story. But their head does not believe in these stories. Later, they get all the details about "Sarah". Because they were thinking that "Sarah" is behind all the incident which is happening. Afterwards, many soldiers are seen who go to attack "Buraki". But he"Buraki" kills all there. Then "Buraki" takes "Sarah" to the hypnotherapist. 

In order to know about the dreams of "Sarah". Where "Sarah" dreams of his father at the very beginning who is no more. Then "Sarah" glimpses of past time before 500 years ago. Through which she is able to recall each and everything. At the same time, "Buraki" reaches there. Then "Ethan" leaves with "Sarah" from there. "Buraki" still follows them but they remain able to escape from there. After this, "Ethan" asks his friend to arrange an helicopter after calling. After this, they meet in a restaurant ."Ethan" meets with "Jack" in its lavatory. "Jack" recalls "Ethan" about that incident, When he had violated the rules and regulation of the heaven. "Jack" says to him, You will have to carry out your mission at this time. Afterwards, it is seen that "Buraki" reaches in that restaurant. But the entire police force attacks "Buraki" before he is able to attack them. Later, "Ethan" moves to the helicopter, taking "Sarah". When the helicopter is going to fly then "Buraki" pulls it downward. Then "Sarah" and "Ethan" immediately jumps from the helicopter. Later, "Buraki" is attacked through the helicopter. 

Then "Sarah" and "Ethan" leave that place, getting the chance of it. On the other side, evil general sends his soldiers to search for "Sarah". Then all dragons and animals begin to devastate the whole city. Where many dragons attack "Ethan" and Sarah's van, coming there. Due to this, their car faces a fatal accident. Then those dragons take them along with them , appearing there. Where they had bound "Ethan" there and they were taking "Sarah" away for sacrifice. At the same time, "Buraki" is also called there. "Ethan" shouts loudly here. So his ropes are untied because of the power of his locket. Due to this, all dragons and the soldiers are turned into dust. And they are lost. Consequently, "Buraki" also loses his consciousness. Afterwards, "Ethan" goes to rescue "Sarah". But evil general attacks them, coming there. But that evil general also meets his end because of the power of Ethan's locket. After this, "Bruaki" falls "Ethan" down, approaching there. And he begins go attack "Sarah". 
Then "Imoogi" also reaches there. And he begins to fight with "Buraki". But "Buraki" defeats "Imoogi" here. After this, "Sarah"awards her heavenly power to "Imoogi". In this way, "Sarah" is knocked out. Because "Imoogi" had attained the heavenly power so "Buraki" is flown into rage. And he attacks "Imoogi" . But "Imoogi" is transformed into a giant dragon after getting the power. Then a great fight is started among them. Where "Imoogi" kills "Buraki" at the end. Afterwards, it is seen that "Sarah" is also ended. Immogi's heavenly powers and "Sarah" are united here, "Sarah" gives her words to "Ethan" before her departure. That we will be united again. Afterwards, "Immogi" returns to heaven after seizing the heavenly powers. "Jack" says to "Ethan", We are lucky that we have been chosen for this mission! Saying it, "Jack" is also flown into the air after turning into dust. "Ethan" farewells "Ethan" here. And the movie completes on this scene.

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