I am number four (2011) full movie explained

We are told about good and evil aliens in this film. The good Aliens will be referred as Aliens, while the evil Aliens will be referred as Mogadorian. Let us now proceed to the movie's explanation. At the beginning of the film, someone is shown in space moving forward to Earth, and then he arrives in a deep forest. Two men were sleeping in the woods. Someone's voice can be heard by one of them. He awakes and goes to check. Then an alien pulls him towards it, seeing it, his other companion runs immediately, A dangerous alien also chases the girl. This boy was also not a human but an alien. This is the reason he can run speedily. Even running speedily the alien who was chasing captures him. He was the dangerous alien means Mogadorian. This alien was looking like humans. We also notice a strange mark on that boy's leg. The dangerous alien means Mogadorian ends him. A boy named John is shown who was swimming with his friend. There was the same mark on his leg then something happens with the mark. His leg starts burning inside the water with the sharp light. He feels pain because of it, he also sees his friend's vision where Mogadorian has finished his friend. Meanwhile, the light on his leg becomes sharper. His friend becomes scared and runs. John also gets faint while coming to the shore. Then we discover they all are aliens. They are the good aliens who come from Lorien planet to live on earth. Because Mogadorian has attacked their planet. Mogadorians are the aliens who want to remove all the planets. Only the aliens of the Lorien planet can finish Mogadorian. This was the reason the aliens come on the earth they were a total of 8. They will remain on Earth until their abilities develop. These aliens will finish Mogadorians once they have fully developed. But they have to live secretly before the development of their powers. Otherwise, Mogadorians will end them. Mogadorians were chasing them because they were a danger to them. These eight aliens have many abilities, including the ability to not burn in fire or drown in water. There is still time for them to develop their abilities. A man who was John's protector comes to him. It is shown the Mogadorians were aware of the arrival of the 8 aliens. It was the reason they were ending them one by one. Those aliens can't be finished until they were ended in a series. Because those 8 aliens were connected to each other. The mark on their legs tells about the presence of each alien. When the mark burns it means an alien has been dead. That's why Jhon's marks burn when his companion was dead. Mogadorian has killed 3 aliens yet. Now it was John's turn because John was actually the number 4, John's protector was preparing for leaving this place. The Mogadorians were aware of their location. The protector removes all the proves of John. They were leaving but John doesn't want to do this. It wasn't the first time this had happened. That they were leaving a location, even though this happens frequently. They usually move from one location to another. After adjusting, he must relocate to a new city. John was fed up with changing cities on a regular basis. After it, they reach a new city. John gets a new identity there. So none will recognize him. A lizard is also shown it was watching John all the time. Then the lizard converts into a dog and reaches John's house. Here, the dog was staring at everything. John's old house is shown. The number 6 alien arrives and sets John's house on fire. Then John goes to the college to lead his normal life. So none will get to know about him. He meets a girl named Sarah in this college. There was a rude boy who doesn't like John, because of it, they get into an argument. On another side, Mogadorians arrived at John's old house but they didn't find John there. John is shown that his abilities have grown and expanded. His powers were out of control. When John's protector relaxes him, he appears in his true state. Then John goes to his friend's home for dinner. There he meets with Sarah's family. Now because John has no family he was feeling good with them. Meanwhile, his protector was taking out the details of the city. He comes to know about a scientist. He was an alien hunter and his son Sam becomes John's friend. The protector takes out all the details. He reaches a factory while searching for them. He finds a basement there. He finds Alien's marks there. He thinks alien number 3 has arrived here but Mogodorian has ended him. The protector also finds a weird stone there. There was something blue in it. The protector reaches home and checks it. He discovers that actually, it is a special map. It joins all the planets. On the other hand, John was in the park with Sarah. But the rude boy also arrives He attacks John with his companions. This time, John uses his powers and competes with them. Seeing Sarah in the trouble he gets out of control. His friend the alien hunter also discovers his powers. Sam becomes furious because of it. He says to John ''My father has spent his whole life searching for the aliens''. All people call him insane because of it. He was right at his place because the aliens exist in reality. Look, you have proved it today. John never wants that anybody will know about him. So he forbids Sam to tell it to anyone because if he will tell anyone all the aliens on the earth will be in danger. Sam says ''okay, Alright I will not tell anyone anything''. After all, you are my friend. The next day, a police officer visits John's house because the rude boy was his son. John has beaten him a lot last night. The police officer warns him "Stay away from my son, or it will not end well." When the police offer leaves the protector scolds John. that why he has done this? the protector again thinks to change the city. Here it is discovered that John's video gets viral at that time. When he was swimming and his leg was burning in the water. This video was running on social media. It was clear that now Mogadorians will discover about them. That's why they have to leave. John doesn't want to leave Sarah. He resolves that he will not flee from now on. On another side, alien number 6 is shown. She was seeing the viral video of John. Due to it, she awares of John's location. John receives a call and comes to know his protector is caught by an alien. After it, John reaches the location with his friend Sam. Before going inside, he sees inside through his x-ray. They go inside. John finds his protector. When they were leaving Mogadorians arrive. They attack them as they arrive. Here, John's protector tries to save John. He succeeds in it. But he dies because of it. Before dying, the protector gives him the stone of the map. He claims that this is the world's map or key. Your mission is to collect all of them and defeat all of the mogadorians. As he walks away, Sam informs John that he has a half-piece of this stone. They move toward Sam's house. The police of the whole city was searching for John because he has been accused in different cases by a police officer With it, the police officer asks Sarah to stay away from John. He tells Sarah that John is a dangerous criminal. Sarah also suspects John. Sarah goes to John and they were on the roof. Before John could tell anything to Sarah the police arrive. Because of escaping hurriedly, Sarah falls from there. With the alien powers of John, he saves Sarah. After it, John and Sarah run immediately. The police have blocked all the ways. To escape from the police John uses his powers. He runs from there while taking Sarah with him. But the rude boy sees them while escaping. He searches for John and Sarah with his father. The Mogadorians come their way. They end the police officer immediately and take that rude boy with them. So John will come there while chasing him. John and Sarh reach their school while escaping. Mogadorians also reach there and they surround the school. Sam already has informed John about it. In the school, John was waiting for mogadorians. There was a blast, the number 6 alien is shown she also belongs to John's planet. She was John's companion and her powers were developed a lot. That's why she fights with Mogadorians. Here, she saves John. Because John's powers were not developed yet. When Mogadorians were losing they release a dangerous alien. John was the target of this alien. Seeing John in danger, his dog also changes into a terrific creature. This dog was actually for the protection of John. The terrific creature and the alien face each other. The dangerous alien chases John for ending him. John tries to finish the alien while using different tricks. When the creature doesn't finish, the dog appears. It was also a creature and it fights with the Mogadorian's alien. Now the Mogadorians were dominant on the number 6 alien. She becomes weak because of it but now John's power were increased. While using his powers he heals the number 6. Now there was a fight between number 6 and Mogadorian. In this fight, they were dominant at times and Mogadorians at others. Meanwhile, the Mogadorians release one more creature. Due to the developed powers, John wasn't scared of this creature now. that's why they finish the creature. They become weak because of it. The Mogadorian holds John's neck but John increases Mogadorian's power with his powers. Due to it, the powers of mogadorian now gets out of control. It was about to burst. If John will remain with him he will also burst. The number 6 alien comes and saves John. They finished the Mogadorian in this manner. There was a huge explosion due to the blast of Mogadorian. They somehow escape from it, After it, John and the number 6 alien join the stone together. Doing this, the stone changes into ashes. It means now they have whatever was inside the stone. Then John says Goodbye to Sarah. Because he needs to travel to various parts of the world using the map. To cut those Mogadorians off at the source. With this, there will be peace in the whole world. While leaving John says to Sarah, I will come back. Then Number 6 Alien and John leave along with Sam. The rude boy also arrived. He arrives with the intention of returning John's box to him. He has stolen this box of John. He also realizes his error as a result of it. As a result, he apologizes to John. With it, the movie comes to an end.

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