Patchwork (2016)full movie explained

It is not required, but try to like or dislike the video. The film begins with a surgeon conducting an unusual experiment with his team. The experiment was dangerous, and the outcome revealed, A girl awakes on a stretcher. She comes to her senses. The senses of the girl were gradually improving. She was also attempting to move her fingers and toes. She had no idea what had happened to her. What became of her body? She takes a step forward and picks her clothes. She is taken aback when she sees herself in the mirror after turning on the light. She bursts out screaming. he collapses on the ground and begins to experience excruciating pain. Because she didn't understand what was going on. What is hapening to her? Here, let me tell you the story. It was an experiment in which three girls' body parts were joined together. It is obvious this experiment was dangerous. Because the body parts of three girls, brains and even their faces were also joined. The three girls introduce each other in that girl's brain. One of them was a short-haired girl. One of them was a beautiful girl. The third girl was named Madeleine. They were claiming that our minds had been linked. With it, our body parts also have been joined together. They together named the experiment girl V. That was created by combining three of them. Here, the experiment girl V awakes and moves forward slowly. Her body was weak, their body parts were not coordinating with each other, that's why girl V was facing a problem in walking. Then she lays on a stretcher and two men arrive for checking her. V stands up from where she was when they were checking her. She tries to run from there. While running she comes near the main door and tries to go out. But a member of staff notices her. He stops her to move out. V finally comes out after ending him. She runs and comes to the short-haired girl. Coming there she sits on the sofa then the girls were taking in V's mind. What should they have to do further? Should they go back to the hospital? Or should we go to the cops and complain? No one will believe the girls because they have been the V experiment. Someone will rarely believe them. It is obvious none will believe on this weird experiment. The reason is they have no particularity and no identity of their own. The short-haired girl sees her hand, there was a man's finger attached to V's hand. She doesn't like it as she touches it the finger falls while breaking. Then she somehow joins the finger with her hand. Those girls were again talking in their minds. We didn't feel pain while doing this. Maybe we couldn't feel the pain after this experiment. They were checking this thing they will feel pain or not. They hit themselves in various places and try to injure themselves with a hammer. But they weren't feeling the pain in real. Here, they were telling their story what has happened to them? The short-haired girl says I was in my home when this happened to me. Suddenly, someone attacked me from behind. I didn't remember anything after it. Then the beautiful girl tells her story, I was in the garden with my friends, when I was leaving for my house a car hit me. When I awake we were together it means we were combined. They were talking meanwhile, the beautiful girl says we need a doctor for all this. On it, the short-haired girl says I have a friend who is a medical student. He may help us. My friend is named Jerry. Now the girls make themselves ready. They go to Jerry and tell him everything. V tells Jerry I have been made while joining the three girls. Actually, a surgeon has done an experiment on me. But Jerry doesn't believe her. Being upset, she leaves. The next day, after getting ready she moves in search of the person who has done this experiment. It means the person who was responsible for all this. They were leaving after searching for him for an entire day and not finding him. The two men in the van arrive, they were the men who came for checking V. They were checking the short-Haired Girl's house with a torch. V was furious. She was beating one of the men badly. The other man stops her from doing this. He says ''We were not the part of this experiment we were just performing our jobs''. After it, the man tries to make V faint but he couldn't. The man runs from there seeing it. Meanwhile, the police arrive, and hearing the police siren V escapes from there, but while leaving she takes a file from the van, She reaches Jerry's house while running. Jerry notices her stitches and her injury. Then he bandages her. The next day, Jerry sees the file but couldn't understand anything. V watches the news on the Tv The police are looking into who she murdered yesterday. Suddenly, she feels an odor. She goes to check and notices Jerry was burning her file. The file she stole from the car. The police are looking into who she murdered yesterday. V extinguishes the fire in the file and notices an address V was abrasive with Jerry, so she ties him to a bed and drives to the address. She reaches the place with an ax. She was furious so she hits a doctor going inside, she divides his body into many parts. She ends him brutally. After ending him when she comes inside and notices the surgeon he becomes happy after seeing V. V becomes aggressive and tells the surgeon, "You did something wrong." she attacks him with an ax but the surgeon somehow escapes. He was happy seeing V because finally, his experiment was successful. The surgeon says you wanted this. Now, why are you hitting me? Maybe this is happening because of your three brains. Being aggressive, V again attacks him. This time, Madeleine stops them two from ending the doctor in V's mind. Madeleine tells them we can't end this doctor. Because our experiment is not complete yet. The short-haired and the beautiful girl were shocked. Because they have no idea what is going on here? Here, Madeleine tells them the truth. She claims that I was the only one who came to see this surgeon. I wanted to be beautiful, so I decided to have surgery. This surgeon showed me a dead body that he bought on the black market, but it was an old dead body, so I told the surgeon I would handle the dead bodies. You just have to perform my surgery, Madeleine was telling the lovely lady that she had seen her in a bar. I found you so pretty. I wanted to steal your beauty. That's why I hit you willingly from my van. He also tells me about the short-haired girl I ended up within her house. Following that, I turn over your dead bodies to the surgeon. So that he will perform the surgery soon. Knowing the truth, the short-haired girl and the beautiful girl attack Madeleine in rage. Because she has used their body parts for making herself beautiful. It means she has ruined their life. She has also ended them with her. They fight in V's mind. Here Madeleine damages the eye of the short-Haired girl. Due to it, an eye of V comes out. Jerry also frees himself somehow. On another side, the surgeon has tied V in the hospital. Now he was about to perform a new experiment with her. But then Jerry arrives at his clinic. The surgeon also makes him faint. He drags him inside because it is obvious that he will experiment on him. Till then V somehow releases herself. Here, she has destroyed the surgeon's lab completely. The surgeon becomes aggressive after seeing it. That's why he shoots at V. But that bullet is aimed at Jerry. and he couldn't finish V because the gun was out of bullets. V moves forward in anger while taking a drill machine. Now she was about to end the surgeon but the girls were fighting in V's mind. Madeleine was still forbidding them from ending the surgeon. The beautiful girl was in anger so she stabs the drill machine inside her. Seeing their fight the surgeon thinks now everything will be fine. V will also end with those three girls. But there is nothing like this, Only Madeleine was dead inside V. the other two were alive so V is also alive yet. The scene then shifts and is shown after a few days. There was a man who looked like V who had awoken and was walking. turning on the lights he becomes astonished seeing himself in the mirror. That was none other than Jerry and the surgeon's concoction. Now V has combined them through surgery. V was also standing nearby, and she laughed when she saw her experiment. This film concludes with her smile. 

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