Rupture (2016)full movie explained

 A lady comes on the scene as the movie starts. Her name is "Renee". She had no intimacy with her husband. So they used to live separately. They had also a son who used to live with "Renee". Sometimes he also moves to stay with his father. Next morning, when "Renee" was getting ready to go somewhere, Then a spider appears there, Seeing it, "Renee" is very frightened so she begins to shout. It is supposed on this scene that, "Renee" has intense fear of the spider. Her son approaches there, hearing her shouting. And he moves away, capturing the spider from there. 

And he throws it outside. Afterwards, It is observed that "Renee" keeps a knife aside him. It means that "Renee" always used to keep that knife in her possession. Then it is seen that a man sets a device on Renee's car tire. It is such a device which causes to puncture the tire. Acting so, that man leaves that place. After it, "Renee" is going to drop her son to her husband. Because she is leaving for the skydiving for a few days. When "Renee" is returning back after dropping her son, Then it is noticed that a car is chasing "Renee". And a bald man and a lady are in that car. Then bald man says to that lady, Let's do it! Hearing it, that lady activates the set device on Renee's car tire through her remote control. When that device is activated, Then Renee's car tire is punctured so it is stopped now. After this, "Renee" checks the tire of car , getting off. When she notices the set device on the car's tire, Then she gets worried. Then a truck stops there, A man gets off the truck and he helps "Renee" to change her car's tire. That bald man and that lady are observing them, sitting in their car. After it, another man appears from the same truck. And he makes "Renee" senseless , giving her electric shock. After this, that bald man and that lady also come out of their car. It indicated that they all were linked with one another. Later, they take "Renee" after tying her. There is lady doctor. Then they abduct "Renee" from there. When "Renee" restores her senses in the truck, Then he hides the knife in her shoe, taking it out. Afterward, they bring "Renee" into an underground secret lab . 

Where she is tied with a stretcher after bringing her here. "Renee" observes a man there who had also been tied with a stretcher. And that bound man tells "Renee" about "G10 12X." But "Renee" does not understand his point. They take "Renee" into a room and the door is locked. Now "Renee" tries her best to release her. But she remains unsuccessful. Because she had been tied firmly. She tries to catch her knife , taking it out of her shoe. Then she hears a voice of a man there. That man tells "Renee" about himself. Actually that man was a captive in the adjoining room of "Renee". Who was talking with "Renee" through a window. That man tells "Renee" that these people are conducting an experiment on us. Where they forcefully make people face their intense fear . It means the things from which the people are afraid in their life, They ask them to face those things, appearing them before their subjects. After a time, a bald man and lady named "Dianne". And they also start their experiment on "Renee" here. After sometime, a doctor also approaches there. In fact the doctors and their present assistants there, They were leading this experiment. After this, they inject "Renee" with a syringe filled with the orange drug. "Renee" begins to lose her senses after being injected. After this, they bring "Renee" into a secret room. They leave a spider on "Renee" there.

 Now the intense fear of "Renee" was from spider so, So she is very scared. And she is saying to them while shouting , Kindly, let me go! In spite of it, they don't let her go. And that spider continues to bite "Renee". After sometimes, that spider is taken away from "Renee". Then that bald man says that I think "Renee" will rupture it. What is rapture now? It will be known , moving ahead of the movie. After this, thy go away, leaving "Renee" there. "Renee" makes herself free with a knife as they go. And she moves ahead while crawling through the ventilation system. After this, she steps forward at a little distance , Where she also observes other captives. An experiment was being conducted on them. And they were also being able to face their phobia. After it, "Renee" reaches the room of that man with a great difficulty, Who was talking her through a window. And when "Renee" is talking with that man. Then she observes that a snake is beside that man. It means, that man had intense fear from the snakes. So this was the cause that they had put a snake beside that man. After this, they come to that place and take that snake away. And "Renee" hides at the same place. Before those people move to Renee's room, "Renee" comes to her room hurriedly. And she ties herself with a stretcher.

 After this, that lady "Dianne" tells "Renee" about a code. She tells that "G10 12X" is actually a genetic code. It is found in the chromosomes of human body. And they change the DNA of people through activation of this code with the help of their fear. And this process is called "rupture". And the people can give a new look to them with the transition of this DNA. It indicates that they can also change their skin. Like the snakes which shed their layer of skin and regenerate a new one. It means that they can regenerate their new skin while shedding the old one. "Dianne" turns her eyes like the snake to ensure her said words. And she begins to Change her appearance. It means that she completely changes her skin or face . 

When "Dianne" is engaged in this process, Then "Renee" holds a syringe in her hand covertly. "Renee" stabs "Dianne" with a syringe as she proceeds her. And she runs from there. After it, she enters one more lab. Where she finds the DNA samples of many subjects like her. And the names of those subjects had also been stated there. It means , these were names of those subjects who were being tested. There was also stated the name of "Renee". But her DNA sample was not there because it was still left. At the same time, a doctor and a bald man appear there. Then "Renee" hides herself there quickly. Now those people were talking about the DNA of "Renee" . On the other side, "Renee" tries to escape through the pipeline . When "Renee" is fleeing that place, Then that bald man detects about her. That she escaped from there. 

So that bald man chases "Renee" to catch her. He releases the toxic gas at a place after entrapping "Renee" there. Consequently , "Renee" immediately becomes unconscious there. After it, "Renee" is locked in a room as she restores her consciousness. Meantime, that bald man and doctors reach there. And they are whispering with one another here. And "Renee" hears their conversation. They also test "Renee" here. It is revealed here that Renee's sense of hearing and sight have become stronger. It refers that she has cleared her test. Then doctor's assistant is telling "Renee", We were also human being at the beginning, Later, we controlled our fear and also brought changing in ourselves. And we believe that we will convert the humans like us. Due to this, their population will continue to grow. And they will wholly change the human beings while changing their DNA. And they consider it a treatment. Because they will be able to change their skin through it. And their senses of hearing and sight will also turn stronger. And that assistant also says , We are the future of humanity! After this, they forcefully make "Renee" put on the transparent helmet. 

And they also release many spiders along with it. Afterwards, those spiders begin to bite "Renee". Due to this, "Renee" is very frightened and she begins shouting. So she hits her head on the glass wall, time and again to damage that helmet. But that helmet was so solid that, That it is not damaged even after trying it many times. And standing at the oppisite side of that place, those people They were also noticing "Renee" . "Renee's fear is gone all of a sudden. It means that she had known how to control her fear. After this, she transforms her face shape and skin in the same way, As "Dianne" had done. And when it happens, Then that helmet is broken and the spiders are also gone from there. After it, this scene shifts here. And the sight is shown after a few days. Where "Renee" is at her home. Renee's son is very anxious because of his studies here. "Renee" tries to explain him here that some people are in my knowledge, Who can make you control your fear! And I think that they can surely assists you. It was realizing here as she wants to turn her son like her. And his son's fear is related with the subject of "Mathematics". He does not understand the queries of Math. Now Renee's son feels her mother's changed behaviour. So he was not willing to be assisted by anyone. After this, the same people visit Renee's house. Now they had visited here to take Renee's son along with them. But "Renee" asks her son to escape from there. So her son escapes from there, while jumping over the window and ridding on his bicycle. Then that assistant says to "Renee", That we will not go after your son. Because you yourself will give your son in our custody on a day. We had wait for this time for a long time ago. Now that time has approached. Because "Renee"! You are also along with us now. 

Because you are going to support us to expand our coming generation. Now the basic points of this movie are told now. In fact , these people were the human beings at the beginning. They had also intense fear from any type of thing in their lives. Later, they controlled their fear , changing their DNA. Due to this, they got ability to change themselves. And they wanted to convert the others like them, Because they had a notion that , They will cure humanity fear , building a group of their traits. So the people may turn stronger while controlling their fear. And that assistant had revealed the whole facts to "Renee" for this cause, Now "Renee" had also become like them after being a member of their group. So she will also turn her son as she is And the movie completes on this scene. 

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